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Found 21 results

  1. Hello everyone, it is urgent. I need to submit my biology lab report on next Monday, if someone is willing to correct it by giving me your Gmail account, it would be so helpful. The lab report is about the yeast respiration (2.8 Cell respiration). Could you please leave comments on my doc? I will share it with you. Thanks for your advance! Yours sincerely
  2. hey guys, so apparently my data consists of both, the x and y uncertainties, and this is becoming a problem as my MS word only has the y error bar. The type of graph I need to make is the line graph. Anyone knows a good app for displaying both error bars, or to overcome this Y only error bar problem of MS word? Worst case scenario, am I allowed to draw the graph on paper and scan it for my IA?
  3. Hi IB Survivors! I need feedback on my IA RQ: "What is the physical workout influence on respiratory system?" . Is it appropirate and can I go with it? I wanted to measure how different intenses influence amount of breath in's , and different kind of sports. Looking for feedback Take Care
  4. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has a fool-proof formula for writing a lab report hypothesis? I have seen different opinions from everywhere, but I am trying to create a detailed and proper hypothesis, that follows whatever the correct format is. thanks!
  5. 50 downloads

    Don't remember the exact grades achieved on this lab, however they were all almost full marks.
  6. Any tips/advice on how to write up the lab reports (IA's) for Chemistry? Like, anything I should/should not do? I'm in IB year 2 and I'm still struggling.. All help is highly appreciated!
  7. Version PDF


    A guide how to write a proper lab report for IB Chemistry.
  8. Hello my fellow IBers, I need help coming up with a topic for my redox design lab. I was thinking of using a voltaic cell, however ideas for electrolytic cells are also more than welcomed. By the way, I don't want to vary the concentration of the solutions because I heard that doesn't produce much change in voltage. Thanks in advance
  9. Hey! So I'm writing a design lab in which I'm testing surface area and rate of reaction. What units would I write down for that? I know for the dependent variable it's seconds, what about the independent?
  10. Version PDF


    The following is a draft/idea for a Biology IA. It has been created along with an IB examiner and focusses on the investigation if Carbon Dioxide is necessary for Photosynthesis.
  11. Hi guys. If one of you (some Biology expert) could have a look at my lab report assessed for DCAP and C&E, and wrote a feedback I would be soooo grateful : ) It's actually my first lab report, so I'm still learning ; ) Substrate concentration (rate) lab report.pdf
  12. Hello, I am doing a lab report from Iodine number. I have both qualitative and quantitative data collected but I cant seem to find the formula for the Aspect 2 from the DCP and Im not sure how to do the graph or the Aspect 3. I ws wondering if anyone who is better at chemistry than me could help. Thanks PS. If you want me to send you the Lab report with the design, data collected and introduction PM me.
  13. I have omitted some data during my data collection, what should I do with the omitted data in terms of 1. Calculating the standard deviation and average. 2. Plotting the data point where all of the trials were omitted. Thanks in advance! New Bitmap Image.bmp
  14. Hello everyone! I am still confused defining dependent and independent variable, maybe it's because I chose a bad research question, do you have any advice? my research question is: "How does the soil pH affect whether the nutrients in the soil are available to plants"
  15. Hello everyone, I have some problems with my geography IA. The research question of my fieldwork report is: Does the quality of public transport matter on the amount of traffic jams in the downtown of Szczecin? I colected the data by preparing a questionnaire, in which, first of all, I asked people about their sex, age group, place of living, number of people at home. Then I went into frequency of usage of public transportation, their most frequently used mean of transport (private car, bus, tram), assessment of public transport, its pros and cons, proposals of changes (all questions are closed questions with prepared answers). Then I asked about 3 most often travelled lines, Starting and Ending point of the journey, and level of crowding during that journey (descriptive scale from 0 to 9). Last questions were type of ticket possessed and usage of car. My question is: How can I apply various statistical tools for the Written Analysis, Quality and treatment of the collected data? Which statistical tools would be correct? How can I recognize the trends? Firstly I thought about calculation of the mean, for both sexes and for each age group, how the assessment is changing with frequency of usage, how does the level of crowding matter on evaluation or which pros and cons particularly mattered on the mark given. Also I am planning to show which lines are most frequently chosen, and on which lines the level of crowding is the highest. But isn't it too less? Relying only on the mean is too weak for me, however I cannot find anything better. I thought about calculation of standard deviation for the set of marks obtained, but nether do I know how to interpret the outcome, nor how to use in the report. Moreover, the normal distribution function looks quite strange. I thought about probability, e.g. conditional probability or Bayes' Theorem, do you like such an idea? And of course, I am going to evluate the amount of cars in the city by counting them at a particular place in the rush hours.
  16. Fiz

    UCAS predicted

    Hello, I was just wondering on how do i supply my predicted scores on the UCAS account since my school doesn't have a UCAS account and my school wont tell me my predicted grades? Another question, if i insert the predicted that i think i have, do universities send schools letters to check if those are valid or not?
  17. Hello, i would like to ask people who know whether the detailed marks on each subject will be sent to the universities. Meaning that whether after the results are published they will receive a report with only e.g. 7 physics 7 economics 7 ... 2 extended essay tok or they will have a detailed view like : 7 economics hl percentage 79% or even more detailed like: economics hl 7/7 total 75% paper 1 78% paper 2 69% .... Thanks
  18. Please help me, I need to create an experiment (a plan) and the aim is to determine the volume of M(Zn) by changing the mass of Zn. Also, I need to find out the molar mass of Zn. Please help!!! Stoichiometry; D, E and F.doc
  19. Hello! I need help with my physics lab report because i have no idea how to work out the uncertainty. If my experiment gives 3 values for 3 different trials: - 340±14 - 350±15 - 360±16 So that the mean would be 350 but what is the uncertainty of the mean? I did google this and found 3 possible ways of doing this: (360 – 340)/2 = 10 (using the range of the all the values) ((360+16) – (340 – 14))/2 = (376 – 326)/2 = 25 (using max and min values) (14 +15 +16)/3 = 15 (using the uncertainties in the values) So what method should I use? Should I quote the answer as 350±10 or 350±25 or 350±15 ? and why? Thanks for your help.
  20. Version 1


    Contains a lot of different Physics SL/HL lab reports, both design and DCP/CE-labs.
  21. Hi guys, I'm sorry that the title is a little vague, but I really couldn't come up with anything more clever. So, this is the case: For my lab report I needed to calculate the the acid dissociation constant of an unknown weak monoprotic acid. The values which I could measure were mass (the acid was pure), volume and ph (plus the molar mass of the acid given by the teacher). So to simplify the process, I derived a fancy formula that allows me to do it in one step, instead of going through like five of them (don't worry, I've checked the correctness a million times, so there are no errors in this part). But then I had to calculate the uncertainty for my acid dissociation constant, I got stuck. I have no problems with the uncertainty calculation rules, but my formula has like fractions within fractions and stuff in exponents. I first though that I could avoid the complexity if I just didn't use the formula, but went step by step, and I was wrong, it seemed just as complicated. So I came here to seek help from you people . And the question is: How on earth do I calculate the damn uncertainty for the acid dissociation constant? dx - uncertainty of x m - mass of the acid V - total volume of the solution ph - ph-value of the solution M - Molar mass of the acid (doesn't have an uncertainty because it's provided by the teacher) Here are the values: dm -> +/- 0.001 g, dV -> +/- 0.001 dm^3, d(pH) -> +/- 0.05, M = 46.026 gmol^-1 The formula is in the attachment or here is a download link: http://www.mediafire...3jnei8c16e7khx6. By the way, from reading my explanation, you may see some fundamental errors in how I collected or processed data, this is because I only explained the things relevant to the question, and I would appreciate if your answers would also be focused on the question, and not on the other parts.
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