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Found 27 results

  1. i'm in my second year of ib and up until now I had been very unsure of what i wanted to study in university i'm quite interested in food science and nutrition so I think i may want to go towards those subjects in university. Some prerequisites state that i need to have taken one science at HL and I have only taken chemistry at SL, obviously i cannot change subjects now because I am in my second year and it is too late do i have no chance of being able to study this subject in uni?
  2. I dont know if i should take Economy HL and upgrade to mathematics hl. My hls are:psychology,business and management, english. HELP ASAP ps. is it really hard to get into universities in singapore or hong kong as an international student?
  3. I am currently in the process of selecting my IBDP courses, and was curious about subject requirements for engineering at Cambridge University. I intend to choose: HL: Maths Physics Economics Arabic SL: Business English Lit and Lang
  4. I am a 2017 May graduates and I did quite well, however, my art grade was not what I wanted or needed to get into the university that I wanted. I have spoken to my DP co-ordinator (who I don't trust in the slightest because she recently became the co-ordinator and was my teacher before that. Imagine the worst kind of teacher and thats only half the story). She has now told me that she's pretty sure that I won't be able to re-do the visual arts course and that she can't send in the different components either, even though we documented absolutely everything! So my question is: is she right?? and if she isn't could you perhaps send evidence so that I can prove it to her. By tomorrow. Cause we have a meeting tomorrow. I am aware that this is about as short notice as it gets, but it is not my fault. She hasn't responded to my emails even though she said she'd get back to me by the 15th. Thank you so much for any responses. Have a lovely day.
  5. Hi guys, As I want to study economics at a selective university (in U.S) in the future, and I cannot stand taking Math HL at the moment, would it be sufficient to take Math SL combined with AP BC calc? I find Math SL very easy and score 6's/7's frequently (this is since I am repeating one year of the IB), so how hard would it be to shift focus during IB (repeated) year 1 and really study BC calc for almost a semester to take BC exams in spring? In this way I can compete with stronger applicants without having to struggle through the other than calc material in HL Math? Thnx
  6. hello survivors I am unfortunately on the verge of not surviving IB and looking for some information about the extenuation circumstances paper that excuses my dropping of grades. I had to leave the school in nyc to spend precious moments with my dying father and now they want to make me fail and do it all again. urgent please let me know what i can do!
  7. I'm entering the IB program next year and because I'm planning on doing pre-med at university, I have a few questions. The guidance counsellor system at my school is horrible and takes an upwards of 1-2 months for an appointment, and appointments are only 10 minutes long. 1) Is it possible to take Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics? Physics is part of the MCAT, and in the US and Canada, many universities put biology, chemistry, and physics and prerequisites My dream course load would be: Biology HL Maths HL (My average this year is 100%, so I'm pretty good at math) Chemistry HL Physics SL English SL Either French or Psychology SL Is this course load possible? 2) For pre-IB, I decided to also do my schools French Immersion program, and I really love the class, but would you recommend this or psychology, if I'm allowed to take maths, chem, bio, and physics? If I'm only allowed two sciences I will take them both. Many schools recommend 4 years of foreign language and 4 years of social sciences but if I had to choose between french and psychology, which do you recommend? Do you believe it'd be better for me to transfer to the public school in my area, and stick with French Immersion, and also be able to take social studies, and all the sciences that I want? Thanks in advance
  8. Currently at my first year of IB school. Taking HL Physics, Geography and English, Sl Chemistry math and Self-Taught. Would it be possible to get in a one of the top universities for Material Engineering. Good grades (4.25/4.5 GPA), out-of-school enrollment and good understanding of all subjects including math exists. Is it possible to get for example in ETH finishing Swiss international school with good GPA, exam scores and out-of-school enrollment?? Thank you all
  9. Hello, Do I need Maths HL to do an economic degree in the US? If so, are there any universities which does not require them? Which Universities are better for an economic student in the US?
  10. I know that Ib requires four years of language. My question is about whether it has to be the same language for those four years. For example, could I take three years of Spanish and then one year of Chinese?
  11. I want to go into the ib program for gr 9 next year and I have a lot of questions. Do you just have to take an entry exam to be accepted into the ib program, or do you have to get recommended by your elementary teacher(s). And what concepts are on the exam in math? Also, if I got in, how much homework would I have per night?
  12. I didn't receive my diploma because I failed my extended essay. I am retaking math hl and my extended essay. Will I receive my diploma, if I fail my essay again BUT get one extra point in mathematics, therefore bringing my total points from 27 to 28 ? I read a document somewhere that getting more than 27 points means you dont have to pass your extended essay to receive your diploma. Thank you so much in advance for your time, everyone
  13. For example, say that the university just needs to get a certain grade for chemistry or you just have pass your diploma. Don't people just edit that screenshot and show something totally different to the university and they will just accept you just like that? There must be a catch.. This method sounds pretty horrible for choosing their students. So many students could get in with fake results. Is there a catch? Do you have any opinions about this? feel freee to say anything
  14. I'm choosing my IB courses today and you either take Math HL or English HL so the combinations are Math HL & English SL, Math SL & English HL, Math Studies SL & English HL. I was going to choose Math HL & English since I really don't like english and I'm stronger in math. Then my friend told me that in university you needed like a writing course in english or something like that and that English HL would count as a credit for that and I wouldn't have to take a writing course in university. I live in Canada and will most likely go to university here. I'm still not sure what I'll be taking in university but it will probably be something in science. My friend asked the IB coordinator and she said you do need a writing course in uni. But I went to a couple universities' websites and looked at Bachelor of Science requirements and an english/writing course wasn't required. I really HATE english and if it is a required course in uni then I'll switch to English HL so I wouldn't have to take it in university. So do you really need a writing course/english to get a degree in university?
  15. I have a new HL Biology teacher who has never taught IB before and isn't quite helpful. I'm trying to find a good topic to create a research question from and I originally came up with: What is the affect of different sugars in solutions of the same concentration on the diffusion of water? but my teacher says I need to find an application to the real world or something like a purpose of sorts. I haven't been able to find one. Any ideas? I'm most likely going to abandon this question if I can't find an application soon because the rough draft is due in two weeks. As I have been trying to find other topics to create an experiment from, I find that I don't know what makes a good research question for an IA. A lot of students in my class are having the same problem. Does it need to include a purpose applicable to a real world situation? Are there other requirements? What are the do's and don'ts? Also we are pressed for time so what topics wouldn't take long to complete an experiment? A lot wanted to do plants but not with this time frame. Any ideas? Overall, any help would be greatly appreciated because I'm very lost in trying to find a good research question and so are my peers. Thanks
  16. Hey there! I am writing my chem EE & I think some photos of the set up would look pretty awesome - am I allowed to? What about pics representing qualitative information (i.e. change in colour)? Thanks a lot
  17. Hi everyone, I want to use programming as my CAS project with the end goal to be a fully functioning mobile app or website. The problem that I have with this is that I'm unsure of how exactly I can prove the amount of time that I will be spending on the activity as I won't have someone to supervise me when I'm doing the work. In all the submission forms it says that a supervisor is required, is there any way to get around this, like show them another form of evidence of my work? Also please let me know if there are other ways to show you've done CAS hours without a supervisor, for example if I go on a 10k run and I want to use it as my CAS hours. Any help is appreciated, Cheers
  18. Hi, I am a new First Year Student in the IB program. My courses are Physics HL, Chemistry HL, Business Management HL, Math SL, Mandarin SL, and Language and Literature SL I was wondering if these course choices are sufficient enough for me to apply to a Mechanical Engineering Course, specifically in the University of British Columbia (UBC), or if I have to change my selection as I am still allowed to change it in the next two days. Comments and Suggestions are welcome
  19. Hey guys I have recently started to look at the entry requirements for several different universities that I would potentially be interested in. However when looking at the requirements some universities state something like 38 points including core points with at least 6,6,6 at HL subjects. Now as I am taking 4 HL subjects, my question is if I will have to have a 6,6,6,6 in my HL subjects or if I will be able to choose my three best HL subjects. Logically they would let me choose my three best HL subjects as I am doing the fourth one voluntarily. Would be glad for any help, suggestions or even personal experiences! Thank you very much Raffi_gio
  20. Hi people, I have lots of confusion for this Math IA. So I am in the first class that is going to graduate taking IB in my school and my math teacher has never taught IB..so my question is how many tasks do we need to do for this course. I read some websites and it seemed like to complete your portfolio you need to do TASK I - mathematical investigation and a TASK II - mathematical modeling to complete your internal assessment. is this true?? and we have to do one in the first year and another in the second year? By the way, is the teacher supposed to give us a list of topic to choose from? Because my teacher hasn't. But I have also thought of a topic - a comparison between the newton-raphson method and the bisection method. Do you think this is ok for an HL topic? This is where I got the information: https://ibpublishing.ibo.org/live-exist/rest/app/pub.xql?doc=EX_instructions_2013_e∂=10&chapter=3&page=1 It would be very nice if I could get some help :3 Lots of love, sushichan
  21. Ok so the Chem SL exam is in 3 days and I'm just wondering whether or not the extension boxes are important to memorize and remember?
  22. This topic concerns the statement made by charlotteee ( http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/5-ib-students-starter-pack-ib-faq-syllabus-links/ ) 1)First of all, are the requirements stated above still up-to-date? (or: Do they still affect me if I start the IB in September 2014/ exams: May 2016?) 2) And what exactly is meant with the " Long-Term project/activity that last for at least the duration of the two IB years"? 3) Are there any other general information about CAS in general? Thanks
  23. Okay, I was just wondering whether universities that state a required total point score at higher are flexible with this? For example, one uni I'm interested in applying to says they want a certain amount at higher and a general overall score requirement: I have exceeded the overall point requirement by one, but am one below the higher point requirement (but my teacher is considering boosting my prediction as I was 0.8% below the next grade! :/) As I have achieved one of their requirements, will I (potentially) be offered a place to study there or flat-out rejected for not having achieved both requirements? Sorry if there are existing threads dealing with this issue, I couldn't see any Thanks in advance
  24. I was looking for applying at AUC (Amsterdam University College) as it turns out you cannot major in social sciences without having taken math standard level. It's almost been a year since I started IB, do you think it is possible to change from studies to standard? It probably needs a lot of work, but could it actually happen? Or should I try contacting the university and ask them about applying with my math studies score?
  25. hello everybody I'm having second thoughts on carrying out the IB diploma program these days . what I don't seem to understand is why I should be working so much on the requirements of the diploma program when most American universities only give credits based on your exam scores. Why not just take the individual exams and get their certificates? I would love to hear your opinion and your reason for taking the diploma program. P.S. I'm an American citizen and will study in Florida 99%
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