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Found 70 results

  1. Hey everyone, I've noticed that there is a lack of Theater Arts students on this website and I struggle to find help and advice for my Theater class. Today I decided to put that behind me considering I have been through a lot during my theater journey and decided it would be easier for me to just create a forum for the new Theater Arts students from 2016 onward. This forum will be a discussion point for everything Theater based from the Nov 2016 session and for the years to come (unless they change the syllabus again). Please feel free to ask me any questions that might concern you about the Theater Arts course as I am graduating this November so I've gone through the ups and the downs of being a Theater student.
  2. I'm trying to develop a good research question for my History IA that involves technology during WW2, like the atomic bomb and radar. I have considered questions like "How did WW2 influence developments in science" and "To what extent was technology during WW2 affected by the war", but these seem very general and difficult to research. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks..
  3. Hi, I'm planning to write my EE on the book "Spies" by Michael Frayn as a Category one. I was wondering if anyone could suggest any research questions for it or possibly suggest any books to compare it to. Books in the genre of growing up or coming of age would be appreciated. PLEASE, Thank you. :')
  4. Hi guys. I need a bit help on how to do research on the lack of political rights for Nigerian women. My RQ is " To what extent does the lack of political rights for women in Nigeria affect gender inequality in 21st century?". My subject is human rights. I have some research on role of women in politics in Nigeria and the political system of Nigeria. I am a bit unsure on what else should I research on. What should I mostly focus on? Hope you guys can help me
  5. I'm doing my EE on psychology and how drugs and sleep effect the teenage brain. I'm working on research but I am having a hard time finding studies because when you search something, hundreds of studies pop up and most of them aren't relevant. I've tried to make them really specific, such as "biological effect of sleep deprivation on adolescent neuropathy" but it is still too vague to get relevant studies to show up. Any tips on how to narrow down this search or easily determine if a study is relevant?
  6. hello! I am an ib theatre student and we have been working on our research presentations. because it is new to the syllabus i am struggling to find help online. Anybody else out there struggling?? Let's help each other through this!! I have selected Noh theatre and Im having a lot of difficulties on the convention part, I don't understand what i have to do in convention part so can anybody please clear it out to me, it would be a great help! thanks
  7. Hi, I'm starting researching for my PP. In order to have a better idea of my audience, and what my product should include I made a short survey. Please answer the questions, it would really help me out, thank you https://www.esurveycreator.com/s/430c5b5
  8. Hey, I was just wondering if there is any exact way in which to answer the Research Methodology paper? I know it's mostly data-based, but even after studying hard from the Pearson, I still do pretty badly. Does anyone know if there is another place to study from? Any tips on answering the questions will be useful too, thanks
  9. Hello all, This is my research question, What are the literary influences on George RR Martin’s fantasy series, A song of Ice and Fire? I've asked my supervisor if this topic would be okay, and he said yes. However, he is relatively new to the IB program and all that he knows about the EE is from the EE guide and from what the coordinator tells him. I've begun writing, mostly comparing Tolkien and Martin, and also acknowledging the historical references in the book. I'm at around 1000 words and I'm stuck. What other suggestions do you have, or is there a way to tweak this research question to be more broad, if themes could be added too, it would be a lot easier. Thank you for taking the time to help me. Sam
  10. Hello everyone! I'd be really grateful if you guys could take my survey for my Business IA as soon as possible and try to get as many people of other demographic groups to take it as well, as I need a large group. Thank you so much! <a href="http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/F33LDGY">Click here to take survey</a>
  11. Hi everyone! Right now I'm about to produce some nice IA-essay in history and I'm still trying to come up with a good research question. I was just wondering about what is tolerated? The answer shouldn't be too obvious, it should be a ''historical problem'' and historically relevant, yes I got that. But really, where goes the line? I have looked for official rules but haven't really found any. Are there any precise guidelines? I think it's a bit vague. And also, is popular culture completely forbidden to research or can you do an essay on for instance a musician/band's career or impact on whatever? Can you study the the history of the camera or the history of table tennis? (If you wonder these are not my own areas of interest, just examples.) I hope the question is clear. What are the rules? Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone! If you could complete my survey, it would be greatly appreciated! For the name portion, you could just include your username! Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ICDZsS5qCy_wQg4RyAtgpiyV-wwNqpztlN3UGO71h8g/viewform?c=0&w=1 Thanks in advance for your time and data!
  13. I was wondering if you all could tell me if you think this is an appropriate (and do-able) research topic for my biology EE: To what extent does nicotine affect the proliferation of cancer and endothelial cells? I've done a bunch of research on this topic, and although there are a lot of studies and information on it, I'm not sure if I would be able to do an experiment on it! Ethically, I don't think it would be a problem because many of the studies I've seen use cell cultures to determine proliferation, but I'm wondering if it will be possible for me to complete an effective exxperiment with my knowledge and access to equipment. I'm going to ask my advisor if this a suitable topic soon but hopefully you guys have some feedback! Also, if you think this topic won't work it would be great if you could help steer me in the right direction! Every little bit helps Thank you!
  14. Hello everyone! I am trying to get ahead start on my extended essay and really want to chose a topic so I can begin this long journey. I am really interested in writing about greek mythology and its affect on ancient greece, the influence of Greek mythology on the modern world, or something of the sort. Maybe even the something about the Trojan War. but I'm not sure exactly how to come up with a good topic. If anyone can please share any ideas they have and help me out it would be greatly appreciated! and share your extended essay topic too please! its always interesting to know people's topics and can lead to inspiration! thanks!
  15. Hey everybody, I've been working on my EE, so I'd like to give a brief overview of what I'm doing, maybe if you guys could give me some kind of suggestion/advice? I'm trying to calculate the time it'd take for a pencil to fall when trying to balance it on its point. I'm taking the point of the pencil as an infinitesimally small point. I'll either take it as a cone on a rod, or as a infinitely thin rod with all the mass concentrated at one point (sort of like an unstable pendulum). Classical mechanics suggests that it's possible to put it in (unstable) equilibrium if you get the required initial conditions. The center of mass would have to be directly on top of the base, and obviously it must be at rest. According to quantum mechanics (HUP) those conditions are impossible to reach. I'm thinking of solving an equation of motion, with initial conditions (angle and angular velocity, which ideally should both be zero) restricted by HUP, and then solving for the time it takes to reach a certain angle. I know this is a pretty unspecific overview, but how does this sound? Any suggestions on how to improve? Thanks in advance
  16. I am writing an English EE on the Amazon Warriors, of Greek mythology, and the Valkyries, of Norse mythology, and the strength they exhibit through their battles and rule. My question addresses how they support female empowerment, and I do want that to be an involvement throughout my essay. What I need help with is creating an outline and finding less generalized topics to research. What are some aspects of an outline that I need to have and what needs to be contained in one? How can I narrow down my topics? What forms of literature should I be looking towards to gather information and research from?
  17. I am writing an English EE on the Amazon Warriors, of Greek mythology, and the Valkyries, of Norse mythology, and the strength they exhibit through their battles and rule. My question addresses how they support female empowerment, and I do want that to be an involvement throughout my essay. What I need help with is creating an outline and finding less generalized topics to research. What are some aspects of an outline that I need to have and what needs to be contained in one? How can I narrow down my topics? What forms of literature should I be looking towards to gather information and research from?
  18. Hi IBSurvival Forum! As I am approaching my analysis portion of my research-based extended essay, I would be delighted to get some feeback on analysis I have planned and subsequent conclusion. Before I go into the main point of this post, my stubborn foolishness led me to stick to a Bio EE, and I would just like to say it is immensely difficult to write a biology extended essay that meets the IB requirement to a high standard. My supervisor happened to be the EE coordinator as well as my biology teacher and the essays she had supervised previously were all research-based essays. Out of the 13 she supervised, 5 got As and 4 got Bs. Hence, in her experiences, if a student had an above average aptitude in the biological sciences and were genuinely interested in the topic they were writing about, a research-based essay can succeed contrary to the popular belief. So my current topic is on the gene regulation in HIV proviral latencies, in specifics the epigenetic control of HIV genes. I am planning to compare two different epigenetic mechanisms (histone modification and DNA methylation) that have been hypothesized and shown to happen by different virologists and researchers, and, evaluate the effectiveness of each in gene silencing and activation using content from the Biology curriculum + additional knowledge. Finally, I would relate this back to HIV and whether one is indeed more effective than the other in the context of HIV latencies. Could I get any general feedback on this idea? Thank you in advance for any replies. ^.^ P.S. If you feel this is too brief, I would gladly PM or email the rest of what I have planned out.
  19. I am really lost, my teacher didn't explained well on what the Math IA was about. I don't know how to make up a question, I don't know were to start. Can anyone give me some ideas of some research questions? Thank you!
  20. Hello all, I'm conducting a survey for my design tech class having to do with laptops, your likes and dislikes, cost, and a couple other things. It takes about a minute or two to take, so it won't take too much from valuable study time. Here is the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfhpDi3e_Ys4480_loCcMGf-6IW_eqGiKMgAQoEoH0SlwMRqQ/viewform#responses If you have any questions/comments, feel free to write them and I will do my best address them. Thanks!
  21. Hi guys! I'm doing my Maths Studies IA about the the relationship between time spent on using social media and cognitive skills among teenagers. In order to gather data, I need to carry out an experiment. It is going to look like in the following way: - use Facebook for 5 minutes - then go to http://www.humanbenchmark.com/games, play these 4 games, save both your score and the percentile from every game - then use Facebook for 10 minutes and again, play these 4 games, save both your score and the percentile from every game - then use Facebook for 15 minutes and do exactly the same. Next day, use Twitter for 5, 10 and 15 minutes. After each period, play 4 games, save your scores and percentiles. Then do exactly the same for Snapchat. You can do everything on the same day, or you can break this experiment into smaller components. Just make a break between using each social media, so that the gathered data will be unreliable. I created a special table, where you can enter your data. I think I need the table completed until Monday afternoon (Central European Time).You can upload the finished table below or send it to me in a private message. I'd be eternally garteful if you could help me with this. Thanks! social_media.docx
  22. Hi everyone I'm desperately in need of some advice on my EE. I'm at research stage but I'm completely lost right now. So far, my EE was on competitive advantages and startup. My question was 'What are the competitive advantages Google owned, as a startup, that help it to go over other search engines (1990s - now). My supervisor told me to sharpened my question and sort my research but I'm stuck right now Help me please!!!!
  23. Hey I have a bit of a dilemma: My ee in Biology deals with the effects of electricity on the germination of seeds. I know ee should have a fair amount of research and info from different sources, but I dunno what research I could have to this since the main focus in my essay will be my own lab portion. All I've got so far is mentioning several similar experiments but these I found on google and i'm not sure of their validity. Any ideas on what other research I could do? Thanks in advance!
  24. Hey guys, do you think that IB checks whether your primary data is authentic for your EE?
  25. I received a simple package for my IA research for the summer from my teacher before the end of school. It contained pages about search engines and I wanted to share it with those who are having trouble researching. All4One - One of the first metasearch engines, All4One allows simultaneous searching of 10 major search engines. Alta Vista: Powered by Yahoo! Search, it allows you to search for websites, audio, video, and news. It also allows searches by location and language. Bing: Microsoft's search engine. Dogpile: A metasearch engine that will search Google, MSN, Yahoo!, and Ask. Environment Web Directory: A web directory that focuses on environmental and health issues. Excite: A search engine that lets you search by language, for video, audio, and mp3, and by relevant date. Google Scholar: allows you to search for more academically-oriented searches. Lycos: A search engine that allows for news searches but not does have many advanced search features. Metacrawler: A metasearch engine and will search for other search engines. The Open Directory Project: One of the largest and most comprehensive human-edited directories in the world. Only higher quality websites will be listed here as each site must be approved by a human directory editor. WebCrawler: Another search engine that allows searching by location, domain name, and for multimedia. "Invisible Web": These following websites will give you access to specific information that is hard to find on normal metasearch and Boolean operators. Alexa: A website that archives older websites that are no longer available on the Internet. For example, Alexa has about 87 million websites from the 2000 election that are for the most part no longer available on the Internet. Complete Planet: Provides an extensive list of databases that cannot be searched by conventional search engine technology. It provides access to lists of databases which you can then search individually. The Directory of Open Access Journals: Another full text journal searchable database. FindArticles: Indexes over 10 million articles from a variety of different publications. FindLaw: A comprehensive site that provides information on legal issues organized by category. High Wire: Brought to you by Stanford University, HighWire press provides access to one of the largest databases of free, full text, scholarly content. Infomine: A research database created by librarians for use at the university level. It includes both a browsable catalogue and Searching capabilities. Mag Portal: A search engine that will allow you to search for free online magazine articles on a wide range of topics. Now that I'm done typing this up for you guys, the word 'search' looks like an alien. Hope this helps! Research on!