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Found 14 results

  1. Hi! Results day is coming up quick, so I was wondering how everyone thinks they did? Some of my friends think they'll have to retake... Did anyone think some of the exams were too hard? I've heard a lot of complaints about physics and maths...
  2. Hello all, Long story short I dropped the full IB diploma a few days ago and I am now currently doing the IB certificate. I am doing 6 subjects, 4 SL's and 2 Hl's. I dropped Biology HL to SL, it was just too much content for me to handle. Anyways, my question is will I be able to get admitted into a good school? I'm focusing more on Canada than America in terms of schools. I am in my second year of IB and my current score is 26 but I'm trying to push it up. My counselor and I emailed most of my American schools and they mostly said they don't care about whether it's the full diploma or certificate but 1. I don't have very high grades and 2. My SAT score is not that competitive. Right now I seriously feel like I'm not going to get accepted anywhere and my parents will kill me. I'm so disappointed in myself but I'm trying to push through. Please tell me if you think I'll have a shot at getting accepted. Also please feel free to add any schools you would think I have a shot at. For Canada I'm looking at University of Calgary, UBC, Queens, Thompson Rivers, Western University , Brock, York and University of Ottawa. I was also thinking of University of Sydney in Australia but I'm not sure...
  3. Mine is 40-45. I know 45 is aiming crazy high. But its my dream score after all. I dont mind anything, as long as its in the 40s. 45 is just perfect to be honest. I WIIIIISH. Lol How about you?
  4. Hello, When does the IB start grading stuff that you've submitted to IBIS, like the Extended Essay, TOK, IB Visual Arts material, and your English Written Assignment? etc. Does this happen before the exams are over? Like, are they marking everything now? In addition, if you, let's say get caught plagiarising on any of the above, do you get contacted? Or do you just fail your diploma? I'm pretty sure they contact you before your diploma is out to justify. Correct? Regards
  5. Hi guys, I recently got back my SAT scores. It's a bit upsetting if I'm being honest. I got 1320/1600 which is equivalent to 1850/2400 in the old SAT. My highest I have ever gotten in my old SAT is 1860. I've taken the SAT 4 times already and that seems to be my highest point. I know it's not very good. I'm usually better in English so I find it very odd that it was my English scores that failed me and my math that saved me in my new SAT considering how bad I am in math. To put it into comparison, my old SAT math was 590/800 whereas my new one is 650/800 (in old SAT standards) I don't want to take the SAT again because i heard that taking it too many times isn't good either. If I could superscore my old and new SAT I would get 1920. But well, you can't do that. I read from somewhere though, that I should send my highest old SAT and highest new SAT so though the university can't superscore them, my low math scores in the old SAT could be somewhat 'compensated' by my math scores in the new SAT so at least they see I'm not completely terrible in math. What do you guys think? Is that true?
  6. Hey, I'm a French citizen who lives in the United States and is applying to UK colleges. I was looking at requirements for EU colleges and I started realizing that their IB requirements seem exceedingly high. For example, UCL, EPFL, Imperial college (which are all high-end, I will admit) require a 39 Predicted Grade total. I don't know about folks in Europe but here that means 6 on almost every single exam. There's no way any teacher would give anyone a predicted grade around or above 6 at my school, especially for science courses. I have a 4.3 GPA and I'm in the top 10 percent of my school with an 800 on the SAT Math, so how comes these scores are so unbelievably hard to achieve even with my high standings? Comparatively, Ivy League requirements here in the US seem like a breeze. Are IB teachers elsewhere just more lenient or am I not trying hard enough?
  7. Would marks ranging from 36 to 39 on 42 be considered good for the first term exams?Is this good enough for Ivy league Universities.
  8. I keep hearing a lot about predicted scores and I understand more or less what they are but I have a few questions. First, your teachers decided your predicted scores, right? How do they come up with them? Is it just based on your grade in the class or is there more to it? Would a teacher ever give mock tests to determine your score? If you need predicted scores for college/uni applications, when do teachers give you your predicted scores? Are there predicted score for TOK and EE? Do schools just accept your predicted score as your final score or do they take it with a grain of salt? Sorry for all these questions, I've just never heard anyone at my school talk about them so I really don't know how they work.
  9. Hey y'all, I'll complete my IB Diploma in May 2016 and my guidance counsellor recommended that I start looking at universities now. The courses I'll try to get into are Economics (LSE) and PPE (Oxford). What scores would usually get me into these schools? I currently have top marks at an academically challenging private school, play two sports (one 1st team for our school); in addition I am involved in different school activities and do community service/ service trips. I'll be taking HL Mathematics and HL Economics, so what marks would usually be required in these courses? Thanks a lot, Luisa
  10. On my exams, I did not properly mark my answers. Instead of marking them in the box, I numbered the questions on the same line of the answer, for example: [_ _] 1. Blah blah blah. Does this mean my exams aren't going to be scored? I know the answer booklets are scanned and then sent to the readers. I emailed ibanswers ([email protected]) and they told me to inform my IB coordinator, but she has already sent them off. I am freaking out about this. On the bright side I think I did really well on my psychology and English 😄 though that makes me feel worse because I don't think they will be scored and I will not receive the diploma that I've tried to get for the past four years..or college credit for the classes. Does anyone know if I have a slimmer of hope of still getting my diploma?
  11. Hi, could you please complete this questionnaire for my Maths studies Internal Assessment? You must have taken the SAT exam at least once. Thank you! LINK: http://freeonlinesurveys.com/app/rendersurvey.asp?sid=koajncuhdq8s5fa346526&refer=freeonlinesurveys%2Ecom
  12. How many are you nervous for our IB exams coming out in 2 days? I'm super scared to even log on. AHHH!
  13. Hey everyone, any advice on how to maximise IB scores? I was thinking of concentrating on IAs/EE/presentations first and then revise for exams! Do you think that this will work?
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