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Found 7 results

  1. Dear IB survival community, I am currently planning my Economics EE. I chose to investigate the market structure of my local coffee shop industry. I think this is a topic which allows for lots of primary research, however, I definitely want to include some relevant secondary sources in my essay as well. My supervisor has told me to look into economic books that deal with market structure analysis. Does anyone have any suggestions for that matter? Or any other useful tips or resources I could use for my essay?
  2. For my Business Management EE, I have about 19 secondary sources and 1 primary source. However, many things my primary source said, weren't corroborated by any secondary sources. My secondary sources were mostly used to justify solutions and whatnot. My teachers told me that I should have a mix of primary and secondary sources that state the same thing, but I can't find any secondary sources talking about the issues I discussed about the company I chose. My EE supervisor told me this wasn't a problem, but here we are. Could this issue cause me to fail the EE?
  3. Hello, community. I'm in a bit of a bind again. I'm doing my Extended Essay on Psychology, and as such, I have to deal with citing a lot of studies. I've finished writing the Essay, but while filling out the references and the citations, I learnt that the MLA system requires in-text citations, and they require the exact page number that the quote or paraphrasing originates from. Now, because access to a lot of my sources is not possible (they aren't in public domain, in a library, and the journals themselves are very expensive to subscribe to) I have ended up relying on a bunch of secondary sources (namely textbooks availabel in y school). My problem is as follows: I have many citations which are taken from a book, but reference a particular study. Now, while I can cite the study, I don't actually have access to it, so the page containing the actual information of the study isn't there. How would I go about citing the information, then? For example, the textbook of Social Psychology says that Toi and Batson 1982 made the inference so-and-so. I have taken this information and used it in my essay. How would I go about citing this? Also, anothe consquence of my lack of resources is that a bunch of quotes come from the Abstracts of various arlticles. Is there anything specific that must be done to mention this, or do I just state the page source as the first page of the article (as abstracts are generally on the first pages, right after the title)? On a side note, the essay is primarily dependant on secondary sources, so I don't know if I will be severely penalized or something if I go ahead with secondary source citation.
  4. Hi guys! I'm doing my EE in Geography, and I'm almost done with the work, but still there are some issues that worry me. My topic is "To what extent can the construction of a shopping mall affect the development of a district?" - do you think it is narrow enough? My geography teacher says the topic is great, but she's somehow retarded and never gives any kind of negative feedback, so her advice is most of the time useless. Do you guys think such a topic has a chance of getting an A? Also, I am worried about the type of data. My EE is mostly based on primary data - statistics, mappings, etc. I do not use almost any secondary data, and, to be honest, have no idea what kin of secondary references would be relevant. Thus I'm afraid that my EE would resemble a fieldwork too much ( Is there any way to improve that? Any help would be reaaaaally appreciated
  5. Hey everybody, So i am doing my history IA on ''How was the Hitler Youth an organization vital for the indoctrination of German youth'' not a very original topic but a very interesting one for me personally. To get to the point, i am using ''Heil HItler: Confessions of a Hitler Youth'' as a source for evaluation in part C. Basically the source is a short film composed from an interview of Alfons Heck (a former member of the HItler youth, he also has written a book on the subject) who talks about his days of being a member in the HItler Youth and how succesful it was in indoctrinating him. My question is, Is this a primary source? It states only the ideas of Alfons HEck it does not analyse or go through looking any other source other than showing pictures and videos of back then. It was published and created around 1991 which is several decades after the NAzi regime. Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm currently working on my visual arts extended essay and so far my main concern has been how to cite my main source. What makes me uncomfortable is that nearly all the information I intend to implement has been solely from a single documentary, as it is essentially a series of designer interviews stitched together to form the history of the Helvetica typeface. Seeing as they're interviews, I'm assuming they're all primary sources, within a documentary. So does this make the documentary a primary source? How would I go about citing material from different interviews, within the same documentary? Is it acceptable to have a large, large block of text (1000+ words) be solely derived from my main source, if it comes to that? Will I lose marks for not using physical text sources? I feel like I'm merely paraphrasing and summarizing this entire film into an argument, which I'm assuming is not what I should be doing! Many thanks in advance!
  7. Hey guys. I'm in Grade 8 right now. I really want to go to Bayview Secondary School for the Pre IB program. I went to the gifted program and got a 87% average. I'm not sure whether that is good or not. I feel that I will get a good teacher recommendation. Anyway, I feel very confident in the math portion of the exam. I'm nervous about the English and French, mainly on the vocabulary and grammar. What should I study for? Any comment would be helpful. Thanks
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