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Found 6 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Bengali A SL May 2005 P1.pdf
  2. I am moving next year to another country in which they do not have Arabic speakers, therefore not a lot of people would sign up for Arabic A. I want to take Arabic A, English B HL, Bio HL, Chem HL, Business, Math analysis SL. At the school I am going to, they offer SELF TAUGHT Arabic B and Arabic ab initio (SL). I could take Arabic B self taught, as I already had experience with Arabic A in MYP, and its my mother tongue, but taking Arabic A is easier to get a 7/7 than in English A. I need helppp from current IB Students or past IB studentssss. In addition, this school offers French A which is also my mother tongue but I would much rather taking Arabic than French. HEELLLLPPP ASAP. I have to choose soon lmfao.
  3. Guysss!!! I am a DP1 student and took SSST Serbian as a subject. The problem is that nobody in my school has a slight idea how everything should work, therefore no idea whether my booklist is okay or not(by the IB recommended list it is). But I have no idea how anything should work and if you are/were or know anyone that did it. Pls pls pls answer. #ibstruggles
  4. Hello, I was curious about how strictly they grade the Self-taught exams paper 1 and paper 2? Do they grade it as strictly as English A, or do they take into consideration that we do not have teachers and we havent spoken the language for two years?
  5. Right now I am taking English B and Self Taught Chinese. However, it seems like many universities require English A. I was in English SL initially, and my English teacher said I would likely to get a 4 or 5 (I got 86% as converted mark on my fall term report card), but it always takes me triple time working on an essay to get the same mark as my Canadian friends. In English B, my teacher said I would probably get a 7. However, I have just heard about how difficult Self Taught Chinese would be even for me who finished grade 9 in China. What should I do? Stay in English B and count on my Chinese? Or switch back to English SL?
  6. Hey, Im taking Danish A1 Lit as a subject for IB and since i live in the Middel East i take it as a self-taught subject. I am not very advanced in Danish and therefore i am paying for a teacher to help me from denmark. This all happens over the Internet. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with a selftaught language in IB. Is it difficult or okay to take? Do you have any useful tips? I appreciate any sort of comments and help. Thankyou, Freja
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