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Found 8 results

  1. I really feel like i won't get accepted into college. I'm definitely not the best senior at ib by far, I personally truly believe I'm the worst senior at ib. I wish i didn't feel this way but i truly believe this. My GPA is extremely low compared to others, I procrastinate way too much, I have no sense of urgency unless someone comes and says you might not graduate with your diploma if you don't do this, I easily feel unmotivated and the list I have can go on. Worst of all, I'm failing not one, but two classes. I'm a senior and it's the end of the first semester! I feel like a disappointment to my friends, my family, and to myself. I'm failing math studies, and French. For french, i can make up the tests i've missed so i'm not as worried and I plan to retake the tests tomorrow but my math grade is what I'm worried and anxious about. I've gotten an F on 4/6 tests we've taken and I have a 59 percent in the class. My family basically called me a failure and kept saying how am I alright with this and how do i sleep and how can i go on and how could i let this happen. I'M NOT ALRIGHT WITH THIS, but they don't seem to get that and i feel like anything can make me burst into tears. I feel like an absolute failure and I am a failure, I'm actually going to finish a semester with an F. I've emailed her about salvaging my graded but if she can't help me i don't blame her, this is so last minute. I've been consumed and overwhelmed by all the ib requirements that me getting better at math was something i didn't think too much of until i did my IOC which was very recently and now i feel like its too late. My parents are saying I won't get into college. I've been accepted already but i feel like with the way i'm doing in math and french, they might retract their acceptance. I don't know what to do and I feel worthless and helpless. :(
  2. I am in the second semester of my senior year. I have taken IB Math HL over one and half year(junior year & 1st semester of senior year) In my junior year, IB Math HL was ok and I got 7 on it. However, when we had a new teacher and the course getting hard in the senior year, I feel so frustrated about this class. In the first semester, I spend 80% of my time to study it. I got 6 on it. I decided to take this class because I want to go to engineering school. My classes now: Chem HL, Eng HL, Eco HL, Math HL, Bio SL My SAT score: 1450-Math-790 I feel I am stressed out in the class and loss confidence. Can I stop taking IB Math HL at this point? Will it affect my college application or anything? I got a 5 in this class now.
  3. So I have been in the IB Program since kindergarten and now I am in 9th grade at the IB High School and they kick people out but I have seen the seniors class of 2018 most of them have and hair grades below an 80 in Mississippi you must maintain in 80 or above in IB. I have a 71 average in Spanish and a 57 average in geometry but I haven't 80 in above and all of my six classes. Im not sure if i will pass this semester. They have to give probation letters before they kick you out. They always said 2nd term they give letter amd they kick you out come Christmas. But once a again their are seniors thah have failed more than 1 IB class since their High school IB career. But ny school does kick people out. Can anyone explain is it selective?
  4. Hey guys, this is my first time using IB Survival and I found out that it is really beneficial for the IB student. My Physics EE revolves around the effect wheels have on the recoil momentum of a potato cannon. RQ: To what extent does the rolling friction of wheels affect the recoil momentum of a potato cannon after launch? I just want your opinion on my research question and my topic, and if you believe it can be improved please let me know. As for the experiment itself, I am planning on building a potato cannon (with and without wheels) and comparing these three things after the launch of the potato: the location of the cannon, the speed of the potato, and the distance the potato traveled. Please let me know if there is a problem with my approach and how it can be improved, it would mean the world to me. Thank you
  5. Can someone bring me ideas to math exploration? PLEASEEEEEE:(
  6. since ib students should be "knowledgeable" i would like to tell you that several hours ago a palestinian senior boy just like us was killed by israeli defence forces, several hours after he left his school. He had plans for the future just like us, he wanted to go to a university just like anyone of us, but now and because there is no one to ask the israeli soldier why did you kill the boy he will not be able to do any of his dreams. So i would like everybody to know whats going on in palestine and how people in our age die for no reason. And this photo shows the boy at his last moments today! btw the soldier meant to kill him since he shoot him in his heart. Image (note: Not for the faint-hearted):
  7. Ninja

    Senior Trip

    Hey guys! My current grade and I really need your help! For our senior trip we're going to Ibiza and we've been entered into this competition where we can win prizes for our trip (like discounts and all that...) - the more votes we get the better! this is the link: https://www.facebook.com/abitours?sk=app_180788728677196&app_data All you gotta do is click it and then search for BAVARIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL and then vote. Literally takes 10 seconds ^.^ You'll have to like the page and then search for the school in the search bar - search in German is 'suche' - type in bavarian international school and click on the orange button (: Thank you all so much!
  8. Hi guys, I have an Internal Assessment which is a commentary, based on microeconomics only, and it's due in 2 weeks! I was wondering whether any of you have good news articles that is related to what I'm doing (microeconomics), and a news article that I can easily do a commentary on (something that I can write a lot about)? Anyways, just hoping to get some suggestions! Thanks in advance! (:
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