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Found 14 results

  1. So I'm writing a Mini EE for Inquiry Skills, and I was wondering if one of these two questions was good? How have laws regarding homosexuals changed over time around the world? OR How does religion affect homosexual persecution around the world?
  2. Guest

    IB Social Anthropology

    Hi everyone! I've noticed that there is nothing on this website for Social Anthropology so I'd like to start one. If there is anyone else who has this class out there somewhere, please feel free to comment!
  3. Hello! This is my first post on this forum and I am excited to see the feedback each of you are able/ willing to provide. I am in my first year within the IB program (Grade 11) and have been working on finding a topic for my extended essay. This process has proved to be much harder than I intentionally thought it would be, and I have had multiple ideas be rejected multiple times. I have decided I want to write my EE on history, in regards to a topic I am extremally passionate about the influence of large companies on the modern world, specifically the desegregation of American health. Nonetheless, my mentor does not think my initial question will do well "To what extent did the uprise in consumerism (in the 1950's) impact American culture?". The few teachers I asked all said this would make too much of a social history paper, and recommended I change my topic or try to refine it. Now I ask you, what are your thoughts on the idea? Is there any way to alter it so as to make it less social? Should I change (and if so do you have any recommendations for a new topic)? I would really appreciate it if you could direct to a historical event that allows me to write about my passion. I thank you all in advance, this has caused way more stress than necessary :)!
  4. I want to do my extended essay on how the gender pay gaps vary from LEDCs and MEDCs and I was wondering how I should continue with it. I want my MEDC country to be USA and LEDC to be India. Well aware that India has the highest pay gap difference in the world. Should I compare the statistics and be like this is why there is the gender gap and discuss the reasons of social and geographical reasons? and what type of primary data should I collect? Really hope you guys can help me out, looking forward to communicating with everyone Thank you
  5. Hola! No he visto a muchos españoles por aquí. Me gustaría saber donde están estudiando y como es el bachillerato ahí. Aquí es prácticamente nuevo todo esto así que sería de gran ayuda algunos tips y consejos para afrontarlo. Thanksss
  6. Hello to the handful (a really small handful) of people who take anthro! So how did you guys find the papers? I take HL and I was surprised by how much more 'simplified' the questions for paper 2 and 3 were as compared to the questions from the previous years. Overall I think the papers went quite well for me, although I couldn't finish paper 1 on time
  7. "To what extent did Josef Stalin's rule over the Soviet Union adhere to the ideals of Marxism?" Is this a good topic for my IA? or is it too narrow/broad? lol
  8. Hey everyone , Would u mind to share about taboos and whats socially acceptable in UK ? Maybe some of ure from UK or who have any ideas and knowldge bout it ? Coz we're gonna do this topic for our presentation . Maybe ur ideas are better about it ?
  9. Badalyan

    Applying to LSE

    Hi, I have applied for the Social policy and economics course at LSE this friday. However, my other University choices were either economics or economics and management. My personal statement, though, is weighted a lot towards economics, but DOES have a section on social policy. Predicted 42/45 IB points (HL - 7 in Economics, 7 in English B, 6 in Mathematics and 6 in History, SL - 6 in Physics and 7 in Russian A, TOK - A, EE - A). Do I stand a chance of getting an offer from Social Policy and Economics course?
  10. Hello to everyone, I have been assigned to write a Written Task 2, and the text that will be used is "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien. The question that I will be answering is: "How and why is a social group represented in a particular way?" The social group that I want to discuss is "the soldiers". My questions are: Should i concentrate on one specific chapter and discuss how the soldiers are presented? Also can anyone please give me suggestions on what things i could possibly discuss in this Written task and why are the soldiers presented in a particular way. Thanks for helping
  11. 21 downloads

    This was a psychology hl mock that I did based on the cognitive level of analysis syllabus objectives 8 markers: Explain how one hormone influences human behavior Describe one research study which has investigated schema theory Outline two errors in attribution 22 marker: The effects of social or cultural factors on one cognitive process (this one is a little short for a 22 marker)
  12. For my EE, I chose the subject area Social and Cultural Anthropology. I do not have any formal background knowledge on anthropology besides online research and lectures. From the research and discussion with my supervisor on what I wanted to do for anthropology, I wanted to look into environmental and social effects on early language development. I was hoping to investigate in what areas of society/culture such as media, art, music, storytelling. I would also go into the process of how children learn language and how children of bi/multilingual families are affected. Is that topic too broad/vague? How specific should I be in the topic/research question? Anything helps! 😊
  13. Hie everyone, I'm kinda really stuck with the selection of my psychology extended essay topic. I am sure that I am going to do it on Prejudice and Discrimination, because I have researched for it around an entire week. I am not able to decide which aspect should my essay be based on. I only have 5 days to complete, as my deadlines are almost complete. One of my question of interest is "To what extent can prejudice and discrimination be reduced?" but I think it is quite redundant and vast. Another question can be "What are the sociological origins of prejudice?" Another one is "To what extent is multiculturalism, group dynamics and social categorization is responsible for prejudice?" However I am still stuck in deciding my topic. I have all the research, books, journals, reports, news feed and examples. I just need a second opinion as to which topic should I select or which new ones can i do in this topic. Thanks
  14. Dear all, My father mentioned today after I asked to go to a family friend's house that 'she has other commitments to other friends, not just you' (or something to that effect). I personally disagree with this statement - being 'friends' means trusting each other enough to be together in spirit, as opposed to constantly having to see each other or communicate with each other (which may be due to reasons like school, work, geographical distance etc). In other words, a true friend would not leave you just because you do not make a conscious effort or 'committed' to talking to them and/or meeting them ALL the time. Let us take what I call an antonym of friendship: work. Work is a commitment in which colleagues must communicate regularly to achieve a common goal. So, my question to you is: Is friendship a commitment? What are your experiences with this notion? Do you think it depends on the friend's personality? What are your general thoughts? Of course it depends on one's definition of 'commitment' - so I would like to hear yours.
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