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Found 36 results

  1. Hey y'all, I have started my EE research and I was wondering if this is a good research question: "To what extent was the Great Purge (1936-1938) in the Soviet Union a result of Stalin and his Politburo?" The reason I chose this was because historians debate whether the cause of the purge was on the ruthless nature of Stalin and his politburo, or whether it was a combination of Stalin and regional leadership that pushed the purge too far. The difficulty I'm finding is that it's hard for me to create a single clear argument because there is so much debate on it and I don't think that one is necessarily right over the other. Help would be much appreciated.
  2. Hey! I am confused about internal citations for the Extended Essay. I have internally cited primary and historiographical/secondary sources, but do I have to cite EVERYTHING? My EE is in history, and almost nothing is just "common knowledge." What do I do?
  3. Hey, for my Extended Essay for History I want to write a comparative essay on Lenin and Stalin and the extent to which they followed Marxist ideology. Is this considered "trivial nature"? Also, how would I frame my question. I also want to utilise case studies from Hitler/Mussolini's reign to demonstrate that a lot of their policies were similar or even the same as Stalin/Lenin's. Some ideas I had were. How successful were both Lenin and Stalin in following Marxist Ideology? To what extent were both Lenin and Stalin implement Marxist ideology after the fall of Tsarist Russia in 1917?
  4. Hey Everyone, I am new on this site so idk how it works exactly, but basically my history teacher told me that it is time for me to start thinking about my IA topic. Since I have been reading a non-fiction book about Noel Field, a Stalinist American spy, which really grabbed my attention I though maybe I could do my IA on him, or some sort of Soviet espionage. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance Eszter
  5. Hi everyone, I wanted an opinion outside my school about the validity of my research question. I initially wanted to go with "To what extent were women in the US allowed to aid the army during World War II?" as my research question but due to no sources whatsoever I came to the conclusion that I should change it and I came up with "To what extent was Stalin’s five year plan successful during 1928 to 1932?". Can I use this research question? (I take history HL)
  6. Is it possible to compare Stalin and Hitler on Paper 2 the question of comparing two dictators?
  7. Dear historians, As to the authoritarian states (20th century), within the World History topics (seen on History Guide), I studied at school Hitler and Stalin. As their from the same region, I kinda needed another one, If I am going to prepare myself for the "two tyrants comparison question". Yeah there s always a question in which they ask you to compare and discuss two tyrants from different regions as to a certain aspect (propaganda, use of force, religion, role of women in their kingships, etc.). So,as my teacher isn't going to lecture any more tyrants (he told me that) because he thinks we have given enough on other topics and we are prepared to answer another questions, I was kinda thinking on studying either Mao Zedong, Juan Perón (Argentina), Fidel Castro or even Julius Nyerere (Tanzania). I know that it may sound kinda wired my interest in these eccentric cultures, however if they can be utilized in a comparison with the same old usual Hitler or Stalin, why not study them? Hence, I really need to study one more tyrant. You re probably going to tell me Mao Zedong is the best to compare with Stalin or Hitler, notwithstanding, can you advise me on whats the easiest to study? I don't have much time, I am going for my 2nd year and I also have to study other themes and subjects, so time urges! Who studied some of these, can you please tell me your experience and so what was the easiest and better for a comparison with Stalin or Hitler? Regards, Richard
  8. HariChang_

    History EE

    'To What Extent Was Stalin Responsible For Bringing the Soviet Union Into The 20th Century And Establishing It as a Global Power?' Is this a sufficient topic to be covered in my EE or should I change it to another topic? Thanks for help!
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Notes on the Creation of the Soviet Union with Pictures
  10. Creation of the Soviet Union View File Notes on the Creation of the Soviet Union with Pictures Submitter josephapakesch Submitted 04/04/2016 Category Russia
  11. Josef Stalin Notes View File These are History Notes on Josef Stalin with Pictures Submitter josephapakesch Submitted 04/04/2016 Category Russia
  12. Version 1.0.0


    These are History Notes on Josef Stalin with Pictures
  13. Hello to all, I was wondering if anyone can tell me whether this question for my History IA is "worthy". "Were the lives of the Russian people better under Lenin's Russia rather than Stalin's?" I know it's not great, or perhaps not even possible, but I'm really stuck trying to find a focused investigation question. If anyone could provide some advice that would be fantastic. I really enjoyed studying about Lenin and Stalin so that's why I'd prefer writing my IA on either one them or even both. Thanks a million
  14. Yesterday I watched an interesting movie called Stalin's Back (2009). The author of this movie was travelling across former SSRS (Stalin's hometown in Georgia, Moscow, Volgograd, Syberia..) in order to know what people think about Stalin these days. The truth was kinda schocking to me. People in Stalin's hometown were extremely glad when they saw a man who looked simmilar to Stalin, they wanted to shake his hand, said that they lived better when the communists were ruling the country and so on... Kids in school said that they think Stalin was a good person. In Moscow the author found out that kids are learning from "positive history" textbooks in which there are barely no pages about Stalin's crimes against humanity, recessions, the great famine and so on... As for me, this sounds like something from fantasy world, I don't think that people these days could seriously think that Stalin was a good person, a hero of nation who won against Hitler (though, yes, without help of Red Army, I doubt that US and UK would have defeated Hitler)... So my question is: do really people still think that Stalin was a good person and is it really true about the 'positive history' textbooks in Russia?
  15. Hey! I'm supposed to be starting my extended essay soon (I'm in my first year of the IB diploma), and I want to somehow compare Stalin and Hitler. I want to see (maybe) how their abusive fathers impacted their ruling styles? But I'm struggling to come up with a good essay title! If you have a suggestion for an EE question, please let me know!!! Also if you have any other suggestions about this topic, (german/russian history)- it doesn't have to be about their abusive fathers, please let me know down below!! Thank you
  16. Version .pdf


    Essay on changes imposed by Stalin after 1929. Level 6
  17. Version PDF


    I discuss the methods both prominent leaders of the European world used to achieve such a high rank. Based on single-party states.
  18. CriCri

    Paper 2

    Alright so my exams are coming soon, and I was wondering if any of you have some tips for the History paper 2 essays?? I find it really hard to put dates, answer the question and include historiography, so I usually dont get much higher than a 4. Thanks in advance
  19. BrookeK

    History IA

    Hello, I want to do my IA on Trotsky's role in creating Stalinism, and my teacher has suggested I focus on how Stalin refused Trotsky's suggestions at first but implemented many of them later, but I'm not sure how to make a question out of this. I was thinking maybe: To what extent was Stalinism created/adapted from Trotsky's ideas/suggestions? What do you think?
  20. 33 downloads

    stalin historiography
  21. 66 downloads

    There are my notes from our Modern Word History class on Stalin as a single party state leader and on the USSR under him.
  22. Hi, so I've been really struggling on getting my history IA topic down in terms of specificity while keeping it easily researchable, and I've been consider doing a kind of comparison of Lenin and Stalin, maybe their methods, policies, or ideologies. Is this too overdone, or not specific enough? I'd really appreciate some help as my first three sections have to be completed by the 28th. Thanks
  23. 110 downloads

    An essay on Stalin's rule and how he developed the Soviet Union into a major industrial power. This was marked by an actual IB history examiner and received a 7 (16/20)
  24. 56 downloads

    Title: Stalin, Mao and the Chinese Intervention in the Korean War (1950-53) Research question: To what extent do the telegrams between Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong dated 1 October 1950 to 7 October 1950 reflect on their policies towards a Chinese intervention in the Korean War? Marks: 32 / 36 Grade: A If you find anything wrong or unclear in this EE, feel free to send me a message. Though, I'm aware of quite a few grammatical mistakes in this one, some which I can't understand I didn't see before I handed this in, so you probably don't have to tell me about them!
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