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Found 37 results

  1. ohkay


    Okay, so for the knowledge question, I had some trouble coming up with a question. At one point, the ToK teacher wanted an update on my presentation and she wasn't satisfied with my knowledge question, so she basically helped me come up with one. After a few days, I realised the KQ that my teacher had given me is from the prescribed title for the ToK Essay of the same year and so I got worried and approached her. When I told her about the issue, she said she'll check and make sure for me. So after another few days, I went up to ask her if it was fine using that question and she said it was. I forgot all about it up until now and I'm so paranoid that I'll lose my diploma because of it. I overthink a lot of scenarios in my head and it's been bugging me a lot recently and it isn't helpful as I'm having my final exams next week. I know that everything I've used from others is cited but I still get scared from plagiarism for some reason (??). Is it likely that the IB will eliminate my diploma because of this? I'm really scared and worried because I'm actually trying really hard with my studying and I don't want it to go down by the drain just like that.
  2. Hi, my name is Kylie and this year has been really stressful. I transferred into the IB program 4 weeks late so the first quarter was me doing makeup work while keeping up with the work given. The first quarter is ending in two days and my grades are very bad, ending with 2As, 5bs and 1 C in HL BIO. I’m scared I’ve made a mistake and I won’t get into a good college since this is a big difference from my previous grades:( I did go to a very prestigious vet camp at my local university and work at another very selective program at the museum down town, so I’m hoping those extra curricular‘s will make a little bit of a difference but at the moment I feel Screwed. I guess my real question is do I still have a chance of getting accepted into any good colleges?
  3. Hi everyone, I didnt know where else to go to and get some help because my parents are not supportive at all. My mom literraly just shouted at me for crying while I was obsessively searching university requirements...she told be to stop whining and exhagurating. So Im into the marking period 3 of IB year 1 and my grades are super low to what the others are getting easily. I have 27 points now while others manage to somehow get 35 and 38 etc. I had always set myself a very high standard for education, I always study very hard but it just doesnt seem to be paying off...What do I do if even though I work my self out till the last, I do everything I can, tutuors and online stuff, I cant get the grades I need? Especualy in CHEM AND BIO? I take HL(English L&Lit(5), Psych(6), Bio(4)) and SL(Chem(3), French(4), Math(4)). I really want to take Biological sciences undergraduate courses in college in UK, but I guess with this amount of points I have no chance.Can anyone suggest possible courses and universities that I might go to with not so high mark band? Lastly, I just want to reasure myself and get some support and know that even if this is too bad, I still will have some options for future... I feel very depressed and lacking self confidence as never before, shcool days are pure hell for me even though Im a workaholic and enjoy learning. Please help.
  4. Alekhya


    Hey guys, I have no idea what to do for CAS. I feel like I have my creativity portion covered, but I have nothing to do for Activity or Social Service. I don't want to do something small and generic, but I also don't want to spend too much time on it. Please help!
  5. These are a few recommendations for how to prevent and manage stress. You can skip to the sections you want below. Introduction Techniques Meditation Schedule time off Have regular breaks Plan your work Clean yourself Manage expectations Eat properly Exercise Have fun with friends Summary Introduction These are some brief thoughts about how to manage stress throughout the IB exam period and in general. I welcome anyone and everyone to share the techniques they use to manage stress. Firstly, if you want to effectively reduce the amount of stress you feel with your workload, managing your time properly will help cut down on the level of stress you feel when working. So read this and this. Then come back here. But the chances are you'll just continue reading this anyway so I'll pretend you haven't read them. I'm not going to put any of these techniques in order because some people prefer different things. I should also mention that these techniques will only work if you actually use them. Don't just read them, ignore them, then come back after the exams and exclaim that your hair is turning grey because of stress. It seems like when students think of studying they think of it as an extremely painful process which requires a lot of stress in order to be useful. 'You need to live in the library to get good results' 'studying is just student and dying put together' that sort of thing. None of that is true. You don't need to strain yourself while working in order to do well. You learn much better when you're relaxed. Techniques MeditationThis is a great way to relax. I'd link you to a bunch of scientific studies about it but it's much better for you to try it and experience its usefulness first hand. How do you get started? Sit down (or lie down if you have back problems), and spend 5 to 10 minutes just focusing on your breathing. Don't try to alter your breath patterns. You'll probably find that it's quite difficult to just focus on your breath because thoughts will pop into your head but that's normal. Just gently return your focus to your breath. I'd recommend meditating at the start of the day then again at the end of the day if you want to. Schedule time offDon't cram your schedule with work and actually let yourself have a prolonged break. If you feel up to it, schedule a whole day off every week and do whatever you want absolutely guilt free. It'll help you approach the next week with a bit more energy and you won't be at a continuous battle with your work if you completely separate yourself from it for a while. Have regular breaksWhile trying to complete a huge task, it can be easy to lose track of where the time is going. Then you end up working for years without having a break. This can make you feel extremely frustrated when you're not making progress on something. However, you should wait until you feel like punching something to have a break from work. The point is to work with as little stress as possible. I'd recommend breaks as frequent as one every 25 to 30 minutes. Plan your workIf you don't have any clear idea about what you're trying to accomplish then you'll always be fighting uphill. Take some time to make a detailed plan about what you want to do and when. Also, assume you've underestimated the amount of time you'll need to complete something. If you've set aside 2 hours to think about an essay or make notes on a topic, give yourself 3 or 4. It'll stop you getting stressed about not being on schedule (that wasn't realistic in the first place) and give you spare time at the end of the day This is also related to managing your time effectively. So read this and this. Clean yourselfOk, admittedly that sounds like a dumb statement to make. But I have a point. I promise. There's very little point in being in an environment that either makes you feel like you're boiling or freezing or generally uncomfortable. So if your room feels stuffy, open your window a bit (and the curtains. Jheez I don't know why some people enjoy darkness so much. It makes no sense to me). Groom yourself in the morning instead of groggily getting out of your bed in the morning and working away in pyjamas. Be comfortable but shower or something. If not for yourself, do it for everyone that'll come into your presence that day. Please. You'll hopefully feel a bit more energised before you start your day. Manage expectationsIt's important to manage the expectations you have of yourself and the expectations other people have of you. We're often extremely self critical because we either just want the best for ourselves or there are visible pressures from other people. This isn't an admirable trait. Yes, we should try to find ways to improve our work but not at the expense of harmful negative talk and self-hatred. It isn't useful and won't help you progress at all. If you don't complete all the tasks you wanted to complete that day, check if you've been too unrealistic, make the appropriate changes then forgive yourself. It won't change much in the long run especially if you've made changes which could improve how the next day goes. If you find yourself talking to yourself negatively, ask yourself whether you'd talk to a close friend the same way. If you wouldn't, you're probably being too harsh. Trust me, you do not deserve the negative self-talk you might put yourself through. Eat properlyAh, food. Food is good. So eat something. Don't stuff your face with crap all the time. Be reasonably healthy and save all the beautiful fried chicken for the weekend. Eating properly has a great effect on your energy levels. Don't starve yourself either. Working on an empty rumbling stomach is like listening to a baby cry. They can both be stopped with some warm milk and cookies. I don't think a new born would eat cookies though so you can have them for yourself. If anyone has a baby, you can let me know if they eat cookies. Or not. I don't mind. It's your baby after all. ExerciseExercise has been scientifically proven to be healthy. So you should do it. Preferably everyday if you can. It's a great way to release stress and make you feel good. You work much better if you're more healthy over all. You don't need a gym membership to ride a bike or go out running. Have fun with friendsIt might be odd to be reminded to talk to your friends but you should. You don't need to be in complete seclusion in order to be efficient. You can study alone but you don't need to be alone for the whole week. And enjoy time with them without feeling guilty! If you always feel guilty, you won't enjoy the company or get any work done. You'll just be in a weird purgatory that doesn't let you do anything. Summary To prevent you from getting too bored, I'll end the techniques here. There are loads more but I hope others will contribute with what works for them. Exam preparation doesn't need to be painful. Going into it with that mindset will make it much more likely to be a bad process. Try out some of the techniques and let other people know whether they worked for you. Best of luck with your revision and I hope your hair doesn't turn grey.
  6. Hello guys, so I am currently in year one of IB diploma and in the middle of it, I have to move away to another country. I know that it will somehow affect my study and it will be really stressful for me. I have to change two of my subjects cause the school im moving to doesnt offer the subjects. Im also stressed out because in my current school, we haven't start our EE and IAs yet but the school I am going to started theirs already. How can I be able to cope with this? How am I be able to catch up in a new environment?
  7. Hi! I'm starting the IB this August and I am wondering what is is like. Is it true that you won't really have a social life? I'm also doing sports 4 times a week and I'm wondering whether I can still keep that up, or if I have to drop it. Also, I was wondering what CAS is and how you would go about and complete it. I'm completely new to all of this and I know practically nothing. I'm taking these subjects: English Lang Lit HL Chemistry HL Film HL Psych SL Chinese B SL Maths SL If anyone has any experience in those subjects please let me know what they are like! Thank you so much in advance.
  8. Hello, I'm in 12th grade and currently doing the international Abitur as well as the IB with Bio HL, German HL, and English HL. In my school, you HAVE to do the Abitur whereas the IB is optional. My time management isn't the best but decent, and I've been struggling lately with studying for individual subjects and keeping track of my EE and IAs, etc. It has gotten to a point where I seriously consider dropping the IB because of all the stress in my daily life and even struggling to sleep at times and only doing the International Abitur. My goal is to study in Canada, preferably the UOBC (Vancouver) and grade wise I am fine, but I feel like if I continue to do the IB, I'll not be able to do both to my maximum ability. The only thing I am scared about is however that the IB is apparently essential in Canada and I'm afraid of what that could potentially lead to me not attending my dream uni. What do you guys think I should do? Regards, OneTimeWonder
  9. My subjects are English Lit HL French SL Economics HL Chemistry SL Maths SL Biology HL all my teachers are telling me not to do the EE in their respective subject because it's too difficult, too much stress, marked harshly etc. Which is a bit disheartening because I have no clue what to choose. We have to put in two preferences (2 subjects), so I was wondering what you've heard/experienced doing an EE in these subjects. Any opinion would help so much!!!
  10. Hey there, I just wanna to say that I finished IB and right now I'm preparing to join my dream college. However, throughout this entire IB adventure and college application process I experienced a lot of stress and anxiety. Fortunately I managed to overcome it and that is why I'd love to use my experience to help the others. Therefore I just wanna let you know that no matter who you are, if you're feeling like you can't handle IB, life, social expectations etc. you can always write to me. I am not a psychologist, but I know what it's like to feel totally helpless. I won't ask about your identity and I won't reveal mine, total anonymity. IB often turns out to be too hard to deal with it alone.
  11. Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to click on my topic. I'm currently having a major breakdown and anxiety attack (but what's new amongst us, IB students, am I right?) So, anyways, I'm having a hard time coming up with my RQ for my EE. The subject I'm writing it under is Psychology and I take it at HL level. I know that I definitely want my EE to be about the hospitality industry and analyze stress levels in the employees BUT the problem is is that I have no idea how to word it... I've come up with one example like: To what extent are stress levels higher in hospitality employees than in firefighters? I definitely know that I want the question to be a "To what extent" but now I just need to word it properly. I would seriously appreciate any advice THANK YOU SO MUCH x
  12. Hi, I am currently grade 12 in taking the Diploma program. My problem is in grade 11 I started out with pretty good scores but have since went on a downward trend. I can't get the scores I used to so I'm really worried. My grade 11 end scores were 37/45. But now I'm really hoping for a 38/45. My other subjects are on track like for HLs I'm guessing I'll get predicted 766, but my SLs are really suffering. From getting constant 6s in Biology term exams in grade 11, my recent exams are coming back as bare 4s...And for math, from once a middle 4, I'm getting 3s and 2s. If I don't do anything I'm sure I'll get predicted 4 in Bio and 3 in math which is really unacceptable. I'm a hard worker, I always do my homework and study appropriately in class time. Do you think it's possible if I grovel I can move my bio to a 5 and my math to a 4? Or is it a lost cause? Ps. for Biology I'm still counting on the progress of my IA to make a difference...
  13. So after completing the MYP program last year I'm finally being introduced to the IB program. I don't know anyone personally well who has done the IB and some advice would be great! I personally love school and academics, only it does sometimes give me bad anxiety half way through the year. These are my classes: Psychology HL Spanish SL TOK Language an Literature HL Environmental Science and Systems SL History HL Mathematics SL Some studying, organization, and supply advice would be great. Any links that personally help you would be nice as well as advice on how to deal with stress OH! As well as how to handle CAS and your whole workload, since they aren't giving us a limit on how many hours we need. Thanks loads if you do respond
  14. Hi! I know that I'm writing about something typical for IB: stress, but I really need to write about it, to tell about my problem. I'm an IB student and my biggest problem is the fact that I live in permanent anxiety about my education, test results and consequently, future. My biggest fear is getting poor IB and SAT scores, what will make studying abroad impossible. My family is able to cover only a small percentage of costs of studying abroad, which makes me highly motivated to get a merit-based scholarship. I do my best, but I increasingly freak out. For example, I'm waiting for my SAT Subjects results and sometimes I can't sleep because I start thinking about all the questions I answered wrong and I end up crying. Or I've just started my summer holiday, I gave myself a few weeks off until I start writing IAs but I can't relax. Or I cried after receiving results of one of my mocks or when I couldn't understand how to do a lab report. Or I slept for nearly 13 hours after both SAT I and SAT II, and I think it was caused by a good deal of stress. You may regard me as a hysteric, I am aware of it. But I never cry at school. I always do it alone. Usually, I'm a friendly, sociable person but there are moments when I can't help but thinking how many things are waiting for me; SAT second attempt, applying to unis, May session. Sometimes I feel that I won't make it to May, that I will not stand the next year of stress and fear and taking into consideration how terrible the final year seems to be, I fear the worst. I just don't want to disappoint my family, who invested a good deal of money in my education, who supports me and hopes for the best. I'm not giving up, I also hope for the best but I keep thinking that I've developed some kind of obsession and I've got no idea how to break free. Am I the only one who goes mad because of IB? Have you ever been in a similar situation?
  15. So final week before may exams. Just wanna point out that you know IB is for real when you prioritize one hour of studies over one hour of sex. #IB damage
  16. So has anyone here skipped grades and also done the IB program? I'm 15 and going to just have turned 16 when I (hopefully) get my IB diploma and unsurprisingly it's unbelievably stressful. Being able to do coursework at a more advanced level doesn't give me some magical ability to do a ton more of that work. What are your experiences related to stress? How much sleep do you manage to get compared to other people in the IB program?
  17. So I skipped three grades and ended up going into the IB diploma program. Since I was 11 when the decision as to whether or not I should enter IB was made, I didn't have a say and so my parents decided I should do IB. Unsurprisingly the whole ordeal has been quite stressful, as it's quite stressful even for people who are 18-19 in my class. Right now, I am 15 and will have just turned 16 in April 2016 a month before I graduate and then (hopefully) get my IB diploma. This got me wondering: How many people have gotten the IB diploma as 15/16 year olds? Is there some official statistic regarding this information somewhere? Statistically it seems like there should be some, but at the same time there are only circa 200,000 IB diploma recipients.
  18. Anyone got some tips on how to deal with exam stress? Also, does anyone have some good study methods to share?
  19. Okay hi I'm in the preib program and I'm in 10th grade and I've been feeling like I should drop out for awhile but I'm not sure. In 8th grade I started getting really depressed then in 9th I joined the ib program and it hasn't help my depression. I'm in 10th grade right now and my grades suck because I don't have the motivation to do it..I want to but some days I just can't. I haven't told my parents I'm depressed but it's pretty bad (self harm) and I've been thinking maybe I don't have to drop out if I get help. But if I tell my parents I think they will think I'm lying and take it as a joke. Do I just drop out and help my mental health or try and reach out then see.
  20. Hello, I'm curious if anyone restarted the ibdp? I mean from the beginning for ex. after a year, half of the semester, etc. Because you didn't like the school, chosen wrong subjects or had poor marks. How do colleges treat that?
  21. Hi everyone. I've written two short guides on IBS: Time managementPreventing and managing stressThe following is about how to create realistic plans. It's adapted from my blog. I hope it helps. There are two easy ways to create feasible plans: Pretend you have 30% the energy you usually have Copy a plan you’ve completed successfully beforeNote that I’ve left out the most obvious way – looking at a calendar and the things you have to do then filling up the hours. Why don’t we stick to plans? It’s simply too difficult For some reason, if we imagine a free day we imagine a lot of time. But we also assume our energy levels will match that. It often doesn’t. Cramming the day with loads of activities is only going to make you tired quickly and far more likely to stop doing them even in the middle of the day. If it’s a long term plan it’s even less likely to continue. We get distracted Distractions are a huge problem. As research shows, after a distraction, it takes about 25 minutes to get back into work. It makes our work far less efficient and moves everything in the plan forward. Therefore we work longer, become more tired and start putting things off. We don’t give ourselves enough time We might assume that we can get an essay done in 3 hours but sometimes we might get stuck which means we have to take a longer break. Or we can’t find the book we want. Same with side projects you might want to do after work/studying. If we expect to do all of them in a minimal time then we’re either going to drop them completely or reduce them drastically and feel guilty about it. We procrastinate Looking at a large plan for the day can be intimidating and cause us to procrastinate. Therefore we don’t do anything we aim to. Here’s one simple way to stop it. Making plans work Assume less energy than normalThis point relies on assuming you have less energy than your plan assumes. If we try being superhuman then get intimidated or worn out by our plan, it’s not a useful. On the other hand, if we’re more modest, we have a much easier starting point, procrastination is less likely and we will complete things. Let’s take one of the plans I’ve had in the past (and I’ve had many): This is actually a simplified version of a plan I had at one point in my first year of university. Looking back on it, it’s surprising to think that I considered it then even more surprising is that I was annoyed when I couldn’t complete it! Nearly 9 hours of difficult (and unnecessary!) work I had planned. That’s on top of being social, dealing with chronic pain and you know, trying to not hate books after my first week. The plan didn’t work for a variety of reasons: I didn’t have the energy to complete themI ignored other factors (like having friends and going outside)It was boringIt wasn’t flexibleCreating the plan with the mind that you’ll have less energy means you plan to do fewer things, increase flexibility and still complete things. So the plan above might turn into this (assuming there’s a 9am start): And that’d be it. The first plan has nearly 9 hours of mentally tasking work while the second has 4 hours with large breaks in between. It’s much easier to start and I found I got more work done with the second plan overall. Copy a previous plan.The second condition is easier to implement. If you’ve successfully created and completed a plan before, copy it and use it again. However, it’s important to take into account new factors when doing this because your past plan might have been completed under much different conditions. For example, if you’ve caught a cold, your energy is going to be lower than it would be normally so you’ll complete less work or it’ll take longer to complete the same amount. But remember to be reasonable. If you’ve planned an overnight stay at your library or a general rush till exams, you won’t be able to sustain it for a long period. To combat that, refer to point one. An impromptu Q&A session “But you’re doing so little work – this doesn’t apply to me!” Fortunately, it still does. If you’ve ever planned anything and never completed it (although you feel you should have) then it applies. Creating unrealistic plans is normal and unless you actually have unlimited energy, it’s fine to plan less and complete more. Dealing with chronic pain means I’ve had to change how I view plans and making my time more efficient. This is one way I’ve managed to stay with the crowd despite being in pain all the time. “But what if I can’t plan less! I have so much more work to do than you” That’s where the second condition comes into place. Not every plan can work on such little energy. Deadlines and loads of work exist. If you’ve actually completed a plan that meets the demands of your current situation, mould it around that. If not, continue to assume you’ll have less energy when creating it. And stop procrastinating. Yet, don't use this excuse to return to an unrealistic plan crammed with work from the time you wake up to the time you sleep. “What if I have scheduled commitments?” If you have a variety of things you want to do (clubs, learning new things, blogging etc), reducing the amount of energy you’ll have to complete it seems ridiculous. It isn’t. In this scenario, you have to exercise prioritising and say no to some commitments. If you don’t, there’s a good chance you won’t do them, get frustrated at the ‘little free time’ you have or burn out very quickly and blame yourself. Admittedly, it is difficult saying no to things especially when you seem to have a lot of time for trying new things. Those things won’t disappear straight away and there’s no point in planning them if you’re too tired to complete them. It’s alright to say no. This is a big thing for IB students. Especially if you feel that extracurriculars are extremely important. However, there are a few more things important than extracurriculars and even grades. Your health. Running on low energy and being on the verge of burn out for two years is damaging. It can have adverse affects like putting you at risk of depression and other health problems that happen as a result of stress. Take the time to assess your priorities throughout the school year and decide what you want and need to do. While the IB is a difficult time for many, you do not need to assume it'll be difficult and aim to fulfil that prophecy. "I'll try to do that but which would you pick, sleep, study or social life?" This is genuinely one of the biggest lies about the IB ever. It's sometimes funny to joke about how little sleep you get but there's nothing to be proud about when it comes to getting little sleep. You can have all three. I recommend you have all three. Studying is important for getting good grades. Sleep is important for every activity you do. Sleep debt is a thing. If you consistently go without sleep, it's not much different from not sleeping at all. For example, if you consistently shave 2 hours off your sleep for a week then at the end of the week, your attentiveness is the same had you not slept for an entire day. Socialising with other people can be fun and a welcome break from reading books all the time (which is inefficient since concentration levels drop throughout the day). Plan less and give yourself more time to enjoy your day. Your grades will thank you for it. “Am I allowed to continue working past my smaller plan?” Yes. A minimal plan makes it easier to start working. It doesn’t necessarily put a limit on how much you should continue working. Though, it should make you more efficient with the hours planned – reducing the need to continue working much more. The next day, return to the minimal plan. A good plan is sustainable. “I’m rubbish with times. What if I oversleep?” Ignore times and focus on activities. Instead of planning the hours, aim to work on a project for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. If that is too difficult, aim to do an hour of the project during the course of the day. The earlier the better of course as you don’t want tiredness to excuse you from working. “Did you write these questions yourself?” Some things are best kept secret. Action Steps The take away from this is to reduce the amount of energy you’ll need to finish a plan so it’s easier to start and easier to complete. What can you do now? Create a plan for your ideal day Assume you’ll have less energy than normal Create a new plan.A small amount of completed work is better than a large amount left wished to be completed. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to add them
  22. Hey anybody out there, My name is Beth. I'm trying to work on a Chem prac right now but my results came up extremely strange and I can't find any explanation apart from 'it is because of errors'. It's due monday, but I am stressing out because I also haven't gotten a draft back and my lab partner is no help WHaTSOEVER. So, if you have any suggestions as to what you think I should do, in terms of finding broader info sites, or relieving a bit of stress, or maybe a few words of encouragement? I don't want to sound attention seeking, but I really haven't had much support for a while. THanks so much, Beth. p.s. I have to do a CAS activity tomorrow (saturday) for 8 hours, so anything too time consuming will be a bit of a problem.
  23. Hey guys, I was wondering how much work I should have been done with by now considering my exams are in 9 months? My subjects are: Economics HL Business Management HL Lang B HL Math SL English Language & Literature SL Biology SL In terms of IAs, I haven't really done any, except the first 2 of my Economics commentaries, and haven't started my EE either. Do I have enough time? What's a realistic deadline to be done with everything internal? Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi I started the second year of IB a week ago and I'm feeling pretty stressed out already with my IAs and especially the EE. How do you guys manage stress and any tips on reducing stress in the year to come? Thanks in advance p.s. I'm really glad a community like this exists with so many helpful-- both young and old-- IB survivors. Great site, great people, and great info!
  25. Hi there! I've recently found a website and app that has really been a life saviour time managment, tasks completing and exam revising-wise. mystudylife.com I hope it can help someone out there!
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