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Found 44 results

  1. How should I structure a History essay that is answering an "Evaluate" question?
  2. How do you structure a TOK essay answering a prescribed essay title that includes the phrase "Discuss with reference to two areas of knowledge"? Should my claim refer to both areas of knowledge? Or should my claim refer to one area of knowledge, and my counterclaim to another area of knowledge? Should I maybe even split the essay into two sections: one on one AOK and another on another AOK? For example, for one KQ, should I do: Claim = AOK 1 then, Counterclaim = AOK 2 Or.... Claim = AOK 1 and AOK 2 then, Counterclaim = AOK 1 and AOK 2 Or.... AOK 1 = Claim and Counterclaim AOK 2 = Claim and Counterclaim
  3. Hello Folks, My Research question for my social & cultural anthropology essay is How have Indian traditions & culture impacted the Jewish cultural identities & their culture in Mumbai”. As part of my primary research, i have interviewed & surveyed a head of a Jewish community center in Mumbai. I have garnered a lot of information about the history, modern day statistics, rituals, comparison between Mumbai & Jerusalem as an abode for Jews, personal experiences of Jews in India and so on. My secondary research mainly includes you-tube documentaries, a limited amount of research publications & some community forums. I am unable to deliver my essay a proper format/structure, hence this is restraining me to write. I have included the background information about Jews in Mumbai in the introduction. I need some urgent help with an appropriate format & some tips on my research work for the same. Thank You Amish Agarwal
  4. How do you structure the body of an Extended Essay? I'm going to do mine in History, probably on Mao's 100 Flowers Campaign, and I'm unsure as to how to plan it. For example, if someone was doing their EE on the causes of WW1 (too broad of a topic, I know, but bear with me), would they do each body paragraph on a different cause? Or would some paragraphs try to disprove/argue against other paragraphs? How do you do it? If I have to do 8 paragraphs on 8 different causes, then I think I might struggle!
  5. Hello my name is Veronica, I'm currently doing the IB and I really need help with my EE. The subject I'm doing it on is Psychology and I chose as a topic the Placebo Effect. The question I came up with is How do attributional factors affect Placebo effect? I started writing it but it's pretty bad and messy. The problem I have is that I have no idea how to structure this essay; subtitles, structure and idk my teacher is pretty crap at EE stuff so I really need you help me, especially since I have no idea how many words each section should be. I really need this so if anybody wants to help I'll be eternally greatful Thanks in advance for your time and help
  6. Hi, I'm currently in year 12 (second year ib) and writing my final EE essay. I'm having some troubling not straying from the topic too far since I've only one main point and a only few subpoints (which are slightly weak since they focus more on the morals that the novel targets but not exactly the structure or language). My topic is: How does the letter structure of The White Tiger reflect the purpose of the novel and thus the reader's understanding and intepretation of Balram's actions? And my question is what are some other aspects I should explore to make sure I have enough content while at the same time not straying from the topic, and how the epistolary structure contributes to the White Tiger's theme of individuality.
  7. I am currently wirting my extended essay and am currently about half way through but realized that my question is too broad and not specific enough. the question is: To what extent did the Mexican muralist movement of the 1920s go on to influence the Social Realism movement of the 1930s? I don't know if I should focus more on the mexican muralist movement instead to be more specific, but don't know how to phrase a question for this topic. Could someone help me?????????????? Thank yhou!!! All help is appreciated!!
  8. First of all, hello! I've been lurking on this site for years but have finally decided to create an account.... Anyway, I've just started on my EE and my title/topic has been approved. I tried writing a 1K word draft for my supervisor to check so I'll know if I'm on the right track, and they told me that it'd be better if I rewrote the entire thing due to various reasons, two of which were: 1) EE is, of course, a research paper first and foremost. My supervisor said that the draft sounded too much like a book review. 2) Basic vocab and grammar (I'll work on this). In any case, the most trouble I'm having is with the way I'm writing the essay. My topic is on how experiencing different religious beliefs (and, in turn, the different characters in the book) helps shape the main character's character development. Of course quotes + basic analysis are necessary, especially about how each religion affects the character, but other than that I'm confused on what to write about......any advice on how I should proceed with the "research" part of the essay? Thanks in advance! (If anyone ever replies to this.)
  9. I'm really confused as to what exactly should be the purpose, or aim, of my chemistry extended essay, and how to structure it. My supervisor says that it should be something that's "almost new", i.e. something that hasn't really been done before by a lot of people (or something like that), which makes sense to me, as the EE guide does say something similar. He also says that it should focus on the learning process, and that it shouldn't really be structured like an IA, with the aim, hypothesis, data analysis and whatnot, and instead be structured like a sort of mini-paper. However, the exemplar EE I have is structured quite similarly to an IA, with a lot of graphs, data analysis, and discussion. It's the first time that anybody at my school has done a science EE, and the last time someone tried an EE in a new subject (math) it didn't really go that well, so I'm kind of worried. Can anyone just give me some advice on how exactly to structure my EE? Is it really that different from an IA, or should I structure it similarly? Should I be attempting to come to a significant conclusion, in that I shouldn't just blame everything on bad equipment and say that results are inconclusive? Also, I did do quite a bit of testing before conducting my actual experiment, and I'm wondering if I should mention this.
  10. For the physic IA, what should the structure of the introduction be? I know that 1)the design & method,2) the theory& background, 3)Method and materials needs to be there. But what is the order of them all? and how detailed should the descriptions be?
  11. Hello everyone, I'm struggling to write my English Literature Written Assignment, so any help at all will be very appreciated. My title is "How does Dorfman use the relationship between the gun and light to examine the theme of empowerment in "Death and the Maiden"?" I need help on structuring my essay like what should my three points be? Thank you so so much.
  12. So I am looking at past questions for History (I take HL). In general, I'm super confused about how to structure an essay. My teacher says to incorporate historical perspectives, but what exactly does 'historical perspective' include, and how do I put them in my essay? I found other forums on this but they're based on the old history syllabus, which puts a lot more emphasis on using historian's names and their school of thought. Are there any general structures I could follow for my essays? For example, I'm looking at the question: Assess the importance of the use of force and economic policies in the establishment and maintenance of power of one authoritarian or single-party ruler. [15] 1. What are the IB definitions of establishment of power and maintenance of power? I read somewhere that 'establishment' doesn't refer to the 'rise to power'. 2. What possible structure could I use to write this? I was planning on 'use of force in the establishment of power', 'use of force in the maintenance of power', 'economic policies in the establishment of power', and 'economic policies in the maintenance of power'.
  13. Hey all, So I have my IO this Monday. Individuals in our class work in pairs of two for the IO. We have read Medea by Euripides. My topic is as follows: Consider the ways in which Greek drama is constructed – how are dramatic conventions used and how do these differ from/are alike modern drama? Consider when, how, and where Greek drama was predominantly performed. In relation to this, consider Aristotle’s definition of a tragedy. Now I have found out a little about the structure. There is a prologue and then the chorus enters. Thereafter there is an alternation between episodes (interaction between actors) and choral odes (songs/chants). At first I thought that Shakespearean drama is considered to be modern drama but its actually plays written in the 19th 20th centuries. I also noticed that Greek drama follows freyard's pyramid. I don't really get what dramatic conventions mean though. I have tried googling but its not clear. Could someone please shed some light on this? Also if someone has some general advice for the reflective statement and the IO it would help greatly. Thanks!
  14. Hi, is there a specific structure/layout to be followed when writing the a HL biology IA. My teacher says to put the titles as they are marked (like Personal engagement, exploration, evaluation) but i feel that this is not the correct or general way to do it. and would they mark you down for structuring it that way, as it takes away from the general structure of a lab report. thanks in advance.
  15. hi, I'm a fellow ''IBBER'' and I had a question. So I wanted to do my presentation on WikiLeaks. In general how does the format of the presentation look like, so next to the knowledge question (if someone could help me formulate one, would be great because I still don't understand them), and the real life example of Wikileaks and ways and areas of knowing , how do we set up our presentation? Do we introduce the topic? then say a couple sentences of the question and then go to the areas and ways? Our teacher never really told us to do them and how they should look like. I am shooting for a 7-8 score wise...
  16. My Original question was "How has Anthony Burgess Used a Clockwork Orange to Reflect the Context of the Time in which it was Written?" However halfway into the essay i realized that i reached 2000 words collecting only FACTS about the genre and such with little analysis. I believe if i analyse the text with referencing I can write 4000 words if not more about Genre alone, not lacking in quality. To do this however I must change my research question and was wondering if this was a good move, and a valid one, I want to get it right before i mention it to an intolerant adviser ... I was thinking along the lines of: "How has Anthony Burgess Used Genre as a tool in A Clockwork Orange" or "In What ways does "A Clockwork Orange follow and Deviate from Twentieth Century Dystopian Fiction?" I Would appreciate advice as I am awful at structuring questions. Thank you!
  17. Hey guys My TOK presentation is coming up in a few days, and I've got my knowledge question, RLS and all of my arguments in order. I just had a question about the structure of the actual presentation. Is it ok if I start off with my perspectives on the issue (after describing the RLS and KQ)? I just feel that this would be a better way to introduce the arguments I have. Thanks in advance!
  18. Hey guys! My topic for the EE is , "How significant is market positioning in establishing Emami's Tejomaya as a trustable brand in OMR,chennai?" A basic introduction to the topic: Emami is a huge group that works in various sectors such as health, technology etc. One such subsidiary is Emami realty that takes care of promotion of properties. They are an established promoter/developer who have already done projects across india and through Tejomaya they are venturing into an already established, growth oriented segment at OMR,Chennai. OMR is considered the IT hub of Chennai and has various existing apartments. My essay would ideally be focusing on how the mass public can look over existing apartments and prefer tejomaya in the future ( i'll compare USP's and features), i'll also look to incorporate the fact that they have done well in other projects (trustability) and conclude by suggesting additional marketing strategies to increase their awareness amongst consumers. Now my first question is whether my question is appropriate secondly I also want to know how to cite pamphlets and brochures as they will be the main source of my secondary data thirdly, what are the tools i can use? despite working it out, i dont feel really confident and start cringing always when i start the work (not sure how to structure) so some motivation and advvice from previous EE students would help if anyone has any other clarificaion or wish to directly assist me ..do DM Me thanks in advance
  19. I have my tok presentation in 2-3 days and I am still unsure of the structure I should be using and if my KQ is even a good KQ?? My KQ is: To what extent does culture influence beauty ideals? My real life situation is the Kayan people of Myanmar who wear rings around their necks. This is what some others have recommended for structure: 1. real life situation 2. derive KQ 3. AOKS 4. perspectives 5. biases 6. WOKS 7. JOKS 8. subsidiary questions 9. reflection I am confused about what I apply my AOKS, WOKS, JOKS, and Perspectives to. Do I apply them to all three KQs or just my main one? Do I need to make any claims? What is the order I should use? Thank you!
  20. Outline of an essay (part 1) IntroductionBodyConclusionoutline of an introduction G=General statement this is the general thought/comment/idea about the question you need to answer. you may even use a quote to fulfill the G of your introduction E=Expand this is where you expand on your general idea. you link your general idea to the ideas of the text. you also introduce the text(s) you will be using.\ L=Link this section is where you link your ideas in one or two sentences. you need to refer back to the maid ideas of the question and link the G and E together.
  21. Hey i need help with the structure of IOC (German B). We will need to talk about a picture for 10 mins and I dont know how to organize all the things. Thanks in advance
  22. Hey, I'm doing my History EE on the question "How did the Kashmir conflict of 1947 become the core political dispute between India and Pakistan between the years 1947 to 1956?" Firstly, I was wondering if that question is okay or if I should change it to "How did Indo-Pak relations, regarding the Kashmir conflict of 1947, develop during the years 1947 to 1956?" It's not that different to the first one but I'm not sure which one makes more sense. Secondly, I've been putting off my EE so much this summer because I have no idea how I'm meant to structure it. I understand the basic structure of any EE - Intro, Body and analysis, and conclusion - but how is a history EE meant to be structured? Finally, (yes using sign posting because I just did my Eng IOC) I have all my research and almost all my sources say the same thing - the underlying dispute behind the Kashmir conflict lies in the conflict of ideology and nationalism between India and Pakistan. Should I answer my question by saying that "while Kashmir is the main dispute, the conflict goes much deeper into difference of ideology and pride of both states"? Also, I'm screwed because I was meant to have a draft done by the time my school starts - which is in 2 days...so if you could thoroughly help with all that ^, I will somehow send you chocolates and gifts :-)
  23. Gabriella

    ESS IA

    How do I write a good ESS IA? My teacher has not given us any guide lines so I don't really know how it is suppose to look like. Any help is appreciated!
  24. Hey everyone, I'm currently doing my TOK Presentation (,,How do we know the Bible is authentic?'') referring to the are of knowledge of ethics. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER TO INCLUDE COUNTERCLAIMS IN MY TOK PRESENTATION OR NOT. Obviously, my topic is a rather opinionated topic and I will not have a conclusion regarding everyone's opinion, yet I can say 'Personally, I came to the conclusion….. However, it still is a matter of opinion…'. Some ways of knowing could be a counter arguments to others. What would you guys say? PLEASE HELP I WANT TO GET IT DONE AND OVER WITH!! THANKS SO MUCH to everyone in advance! tiana169 xoxoxoxo
  25. I really need help with the structure of my written task. I'm writing a guide on how men can attract lesbians by speaking more feminine (it's going to be very ironic) but the problem is that I don't know how to structure a guide... Should it be a step by step guide, kind of like a manual? Or something completely else? Also, should I be formal or informal in my writing when trying to guide a person but still be ironic?
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