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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone. I am currently taking Economics HL and I am struggling with the concepts. I get all the calculations right, but I always seem to mess up the writing parts no matter how much I study the definitions. Are there any recommendations on what I could to to learn the definitions better and with a broader understanding of them? or maybe a site that could help me with them? Thank you!
  2. I have came up with multiple real life situations but have been struggling to come up with and effective knowledge question. My real life situation is assisted suicide, I want to talk about how people who are on their death bed and how doctors can not legally help them pass away with a painless death or a person who is sick that is laying in a hospital bed like a vegetable who wants to stop their suffering and just get it over with. I honestly have no clue what my knowledge question should be, it shouldn't include ethics and my TOK teacher would like it to be a to what extent question. I've tried all of the brainstorming and looking online how to generate one but i just am stuck on finding one. So, im asking for someone to help me one my way with finding one and to push me in the right direction to finding one, thanks.
  3. Well I'll start by saying good luck to whoever is still taking exams and congratulations to everyone who already took them! I hope everything went well and I'm sure you'll make it to the college of your dreams! Now I'll proceed to what I need help with, again... people, I have messed up... really bad... I've had 29 points for term 2, when I am in desperate need for at least 34-38 to make it into any good university... I have HL Biology, Chemistry, Psychology SL Maths, Spanish and English. I messed up by choosing chemistry, a subject I absolutely hate but to take Veterinary Medicine/Sciences in a good college apparently need. I had a 2 in every test, despite studying my ass off. And somehow made a 3 for the term grades. My first teacher was great, but got pregnant and now my new teacher sucks and probably won't get pregnant anytime soon so I have to deal with that. I'm currently studying Energetics, and whilst not understanding anything from this subject, I now realized I haven't understood anything since the beginning. I need a 666 in my three HL subjects, I also suck at Biology where my teacher does his best to not give me full points for all questions I answer. I need tips on how to deal with this? How do I improve my grades and what are the most important parts of chemistry and biology exams? Thank you very much for those that read through!
  4. Basil Mohamed

    Should I repeat my year?

    Hello everyone. I am a 16 year old, facing a problem that has been stressing me out, affecting my sleep, and potentially even my current grades which aren't already that good. I have been in this school for 3 years, and have started IB this year, and with teachers spreading things about me quickly this year(and for example the start of this year my business teacher was telling me i never focus, and it was our second lesson, definitely from other opinions) i really feel that it has impacted our grades. I do not think they think that im particularly intelligent, and due to my attitudes at the start of this year(probably from summer), ive gotten emails to my parents etc for me interrupting lessons, or not focusing etc, which to be honest others done but havent gotten into anything, trust me, but i knew i should change for myself and my grades so i started focusing, working really hard and my parents knew this, when weve gotten into parent teacher meetings when they were all okay with my behavior, and a teacher was saying i was doing great with a potential of 7 but my english teacher in particular, which is the head of our grade was telling my mom that i struggle to focus, never work and "pretend to work' at times which i do not. i stay till school 6pm everyday and work as harda s i can, stay up till 1am at times now, and never stop working. Most importantly this has impacted on my grades, which are horrible. im looking for 6s and 4 minimum for just for example a subject, but ive been getting 3s and 2s in some subjects! Plus, weve had this problem of having to move cities, either to new york or london, so i have to look for schools over there too, and im now considering repeating a year. I have alot more to say, but this is my main concern, thank you so much in advance. This has made me really different and affected me in some ways too. Thank you! sorry for bothering.
  5. stefanj

    Struggling with IB SL Chem

    Hello, I am in grade 11 IB and I've been struggling with chemistry ever since September. I just don't know what I'm doing. All the units have content that seems very unrelated and difficult to grasp; very theoretical and my teacher doesn't do a good job of explaining it. What's worse is everyone in the class is VERY smart and they seem to already know everything. Do chemistry tutors really exist? I'm just very lost and I've never compared electrons to melting point before.. Any tips and resources are greatly appreciated, Stefan
  6. Emilia1320

    Struggling with physics :(

    Hi I'm on Pre-DP and I've got pretty good grades this far, at least on mathematics and experimental sciences. Humanist side is eternal struggle but, however now my problem is physics. I somehow managed to keep up until this point but now I fell ill for almost 2 weeks. I've managed to more or less catch up on other subjects but physics is hard. I am fine on mathematics and calculation side of the subject is easy to me but all those notations etc. for example I easily get mislead by units. I even spent 15 minutes trying to solve unknown "K" which actually meant Kelvin well, that was bad from even me and usually I'm not that stupid, but yeah, you get my problem. Also rounding feels weird, since I've always done all my calculations with exact values
  7. anirudhnarayan

    Struggling with Math HL

    I want to be an engineer and signed up for the Math HL course. I knew what I was getting into and I am determined to get that 7, but the pace at which the topics are being covered is my huge worry. I tend to understand the theory behind the topics but can never relate it to the questions from the past papers or in a test. I am currently on a 3 and 2 months into the course. I aim to raise my grades within the next month so that my predicteds dont suffer. Any tips?

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