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Found 5 results

  1. I am really stuck on how to solve these questions and I don't understand why the mark scheme says that the answers for question 8, 12 and 14 are A, A and D, respectively. I would greatly appreciate any help/suggestions/tips!! These questions are from the Paper 1 in May 2018 Timezone 2.
  2. Hello, i am stuck on my EE in History. Currently i am still in first research weeks and i came across this problem: Basically my topic is "The evolution of the enigma encrypting technique and its role during the second world war", and the research question is "To what extend would a failed decipher of the enigma have changed the second world war?". Firstly, i have not included the evolution of the enigma bit in the research question, however i definitely want to include something like a possible change in WW2 in the EE. Is this dramatic, or is this okay? Secondly, i really want to include other information about the enigma in the EE (e.g. the evolution of the actual encrypting technique), however i have read that the History EE has to be strictly argumentative in the IB Guide. Is this a miss interpretation or is it possible to actually combine information with the argumentation? And Finally, is it compulsory to write the History EE argumentative? Yes or No? and if Yes do you guys think that the research question still fits the topic? Thank you very much for any future responses...
  3. Okay I have to present in two weeks and I am freaking out on a topic. Any ideas? I was thinking of doing something affliated with authority's manipulation of knowledge, or how superstitions affect our subjective/objective knowledge.. Still stuck.. Would appreciate it if someone helped me out
  4. Okay so basically, here is my problem: I am no protégé scientist, I detest math, History bores me like no other and my liberal art/cultural interests are next to nothing. Basically I dabble. I like to learn, but as soon as I begin one topic, I become enthralled by another. I am never able to set myself on a course, stay with it, and immerse myself in the topic. The only topic that truly interests me – and that I am somewhat good at – is writing. (I also like computer programming but just for the fact that it sounds cool - I'm at a loss when it comes to actually learning and implementing the techniques) __________________________ I am just asking for an array of Essay topics to choose from. I have scoured this site and made no headway in choosing the topic for my EE (furthermore, I have sat, dumbfounded, for nearly 2 months trying to figure out what I want to do.) I believe it would be extremely beneficial for a majority of students who visit this site, not to mention me, and fail to find the topic that will allow them to complete this titan of a diploma, while utilizing it in a positive way to enhance their own lives. Pardon me if this post is not pursuant to the guidelines outlined in the multiple different posts, however, I truly feel like a thread of random, wishy-washy, chaotic ideas could do a great deal to clear up the confusion surrounding ones choice for their Extended Essay topic.
  5. Okay, I REALLY need your help. It's about the Extended Essay. I'm stuck between choosing two subjects, Biology and English. I'm stuck because I have NO idea what to do later in my life, career-wise, but I may do something like psychology (maybe. and also it's not a subject available at my school) So my first question is: 1) How much does the EE count in later life? Like can it affect your admission into unis? Do they look at it? Is it really important? 2) Which topic do you think I should choose? How did you choose your topic? The reason why I'm so conflicted is because I think English is pretty good and I think I can do it well, but my adviser would then be an inexperienced (and from what I've seen- she's been my English teacher for 3 years) a really uncooperative teacher- I"m not really sure if she's done this before. Also, she's not the most reliable at times. The bio teacher is amazing, and she can really help me, but the bio topics are Plant Tissue Culture or Molecular Biology (DNA). I'm really not interested in Plant Tissue Culture, and Molecular Biology is interesting enough, but then I"ll have to tell the teacher ASAP. I also kinda feel a bit guilty, because one of my friends wants to do molecular bio too, but no room for pity here, right? I mean I really will go crazy if I do plant tissue culture. Please do let me know what you think, your views, and how you dealt with the EE. It would REALLY help me out.
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