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Found 37 results

  1. My current subjects are HL Math, Physics, Lang & Lit, ESS, Business, and French ab initio. I have 2 concerns with this: 1. Business and ESS are taught by the same person, and he kind of can't teach 2. Because I take Business, ESS, and ab initio, I'm afraid that it would not be competitive enough when applying to universities As a result, I'm considering one of the following: a) Take Business as a HL (have 4 HLs) b) Change Business to Chemistry c) Change ESS to Economics What do you suggest? I'm leaning towards the first two options, but I really don't know.
  2. With Chem HL, Bio HL and Math HL, does a History SL or Psychology SL make any difference in colleges available? What are the cons and benefits of one SL over another? Please assume equal interest in both History and Psychology. Thanks in advance for your input
  3. Hi I need help deciding between English Lit and Lang & Lit. Is there a big difference in course load? Do Universities prefer one over the other? Which one is easier to get a 6/7 in? Is there a specific set of books in Lit that one has to read and does the teacher pick those or IB sets the list?My English teacher has suggested Lit to me as he feels that Lit has the more serious English students and that keeps the level higher and the discussions more engaging. Thoughts and advice needed.
  4. Hi, I plan to take these courses next year- HL- Computer science, Math applications & Interpretations, Economics SL- Psychology, English lit, Spanish ab initio. Does the work load look manageable? In case I want to take 4 HLs would you suggest Psychology or English lit? Thanks
  5. H E L P ! It’s September and I want to change my subject from group 5. My subjects now are: English A (HL) Spanish B (SL) History (HL) Math (SL) Physics (SL) Visual Arts (HL) Physics SL was in case I wanted to go for architecture in the future, but after 2 weeks of lessons I regret choosing it. My other options for Group 5 are now Biology and Computer Science, I love Biology but I don’t think it will be useful for me in the future as a Designer and I am not an expert with computers. What should I do? PLEASE HELP
  6. Hi! I'm in year 11 right now and I need to submit my IB subjects options in a few weeks. I'm planning on studying economics, political science or something that joins data science with journalism and I'm wondering if these subjects are ok. HL: Economics, Langlit, Computer Science SL: Biology / ESS, Maths, Mandarin Thanks in advance!
  7. I am interested in architecture and economics careers. My HL's : Art and Economics SL's: Hindi A and Math I am confused if i should take physics hl or english hl? In addition, i don't want to spend too much time on physics hl it's going to be of no use. Any suggestions? It's kinda urgent!
  8. So I'm an Egyptian IB student and I want to study software engineering/computer science after finishing my diploma. To study computer science I have to take Maths HL but I don't need physics HL but I took it so I can get into mechanical engineering or something if I changed my mind, this choice made me take this courses : Maths HL Physics HL English B HL French A L&L SL Arabic Lit SL Economics SL But after the first week i can see that French A L&L is very difficult so I was thinking of changing it to French B HL and demoting physics into SL but that will give me no other qualification if i changed my mind about computer science but it will make it easier for me to get a 36-37; so do I do it or not ???
  9. Dear everyone on IB Survival, I have already chosen by subject choices for the IB but I'm reconsidering them before I start IBDP1 in August. These are my IB Subject Choices = Higher Level = Biology, Chemistry, History and Italian B Standard Level = Math and English Lang and Lit My dilemma is that I want to keep career options open because I am not sure what I will want to do in the future. Medicine is highly probable ( the reason for Biology and Chemistry Higher Level) and so is economics, which of course requires Math HL. If I had Biology, Chemistry and Math all to HL then would it be too much work to handle? I appreciate any help and experience from people who have had similar situations or classes.
  10. Hi guys, I'm not really sure if I chose my subject well, but I can change them in the beggining of the school year, so... helpme plz Polish Literature SL English HL Psychology HL Computer Science SL Math SL Visual Arts HL I feel that it's quite ****ty choice help me
  11. Hi, I am a pre-IB student planning to go on to do a philosophy major. I do not know what subjects I am going to take, however, I have got the following outline in mind: English B HL (I think I could have done A2 as a second language, however, it is not offered in my school) Maths HL (Inspired by Bertrand Russell on this one) Turkish A1 HL/Physics HL/Economics HL (I am pretty much in turmoil) Philosophy SL (If I could take it HL, I would, however, it is not offered in my school and IB Online only has philosophy in SL Physics SL Turkish A1 SL (If I take one of last two in HL, I am going to replace the one I took with either chemistry or economics SL) Now, you may be all over the place as I am. That is why I shall be explaining this peculiar choice. In Turkey, no matter what we do, the national curriculum imposes upon us near-HL-level workload on chemistry, biology and physics. If I take any one of these lessons -except physics HL, which I think can be useful for understanding the philosophy of science and the point to which modern physics has come from a philosophical point of view- it is solely to reduce my workload. I do not think I will even so much as glance towards the national curriculum if our normal exams in school are not in that style -probably they are not, though I have to ask that. If our exams are just on what we learn in the IB, then I will probably choose the following courses: Hi, I am a pre-IB student planning to go on to do a philosophy major. I do not know what subjects I am going to take, however, I have got the following outline in mind: English B HL Maths HL Turkish A1 HL/Physics HL/Economics HL (Turmoil continues) Philosophy SL Physics SL/Economics SL Turkish A1 SL/Economics SL Let me add that if I take economics, I will be taking it online just like I did philosophy. Now, here are my main questions, but all advice is welcome: 1. Will physics SL or HL help me to achieve my objective (i.e. understanding how Newton invented the concept of mass and from that the philosophical foundation of Newtonian physics in general)? 2. What can be the contribution of economics to my study of philosophy? The only thing that I can think of is that some great philosophers after the 19th century (Karl Marx comes to one's mind but John Stuart Mill counts as well) were economists, and I believe that only a basic comprehension of economic principles can support my learning in university on these topics. 3. Can Maths HL have any contribution? You know, maths being an important source of knowledge from Plato in the antiquity to Spinoza and Descartes and modern attempts to rederive the whole of maths on the basis of logic are pretty strong reasons for me to take maths HL. Plus, I am very good at maths; the natural curriculum sucks and the only thing we do is to memorise long theorems in advanced Euclidean geometry, but even in that I could prove by myself many of the theorems we studied. 4. Can Turkish A1 HL have a contribution? Well, let me be pretty straight-forward in here: New Criticism and close inspection of the text to derive meaning is horrible, and I am certain I am not going to ever read a novel in that way. However, literary criticism seems to have strong ties with philosophy, especially with Derrida and his deconstructionism, and Lacan and his "philosophical psychoanalysis" and I try to create my own independent way of looking at literary texts, one that I feel is more meaningful. In view of all this and also considering that the skills that are necessary for writing a well-structured, coherent essay are crucial in all fields, doubtlessly so in philosophy -unless you are Nietzsche, but I digress- I think that Turkish A1 HL might be a good choice. Thank you all for your response and for sticking with me until the end of this very long post. Bonus question: Do you know a way in which I can take English A2 as a second language? I passed FCE with distinction, which means that my English proficiency level is C1, and I think I can very well go beyond the curriculum of English B. I spent the last year studying English B from the Cambridge textbook and it was like having a leisure ride- I had zero difficulties.
  12. So I am currently taking psychology SL. I don't like the subject, our teacher doesn't know ib psychology very well and the classes are just a mess. I also feel like I don't understand anything and everything just sucks. I was thinking of switching to visual arts instead if I'm allowed. Is that a terrible idea? Could I possibly catch up on their work? I know they haven't done a lot yet, and I'm also prepared to do a lot of work seeing as this is something I really want. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello, I started the IB about 2 months ago and my subjects were English A Lang&Lit HL, Physics HL, Math HL and Chemistry SL, ITGS SL, Turkish A SL. However, I did not feel quite confident with English A HL because English is not my first language, and I couldn't take English B because my school does not allow me to (they say I should challenge myself because that's what the IB wants). I'm not saying my English is so bad that I can't manage English A HL, but I don't feel comfortable with HL so I decided to drop it to SL (being the only one in my school). But I had to take one subject HL instead, so I figured I should take Chem HL. Now I know that taking two science subjects HL is really hard especially if you're already taking Math HL. But the only reason why I decided Chem HL might be better for me isn't because I'm afraid of English A, it's also because I can't understand much from the SL Chem teacher. However, the HL Chem teacher is awesome and teaches in an excellent way. I'm not saying that the SL teacher is bad at teaching but the way he teaches just didn't work out for me. Since HL Chem teacher would motivate me more, I thought it might be a good idea to change SL Chem to HL. I should note that I love sciences and mathematics, but in the IB loving is not enough (as far as I know). There are lots of work to do, and I'm scared taking these three hard subjects (Maths, Physics and Chemistry) might consume me. Whenever I tell someone I'm taking these subjects they tell me I'm crazy and maybe they're right. Chem HL is not a prerequisite for most of the areas I want to study in (though a few of them requires HL Chemistry). So I still can choose lots of areas to study without HL Chemistry. I already feel really tired because of the pressure on me and the amount of time I have to study even though it's been only 2 months since I started the IB. What do you think? Would English A HL take as much the time Chem HL does? Most people say English A HL is really hard especially if you're not a native speaker. Is it that hard? Or should I give up Chem HL and start taking English A HL again? I'm really confused, and would appreciate a little help. Thanks
  14. Hi. According to you, which one is the easiest to score a grade 7 in? Maths HL or psychology HL? I'm doing 4 HLs and I wanted to drop one of those two. I'm doing Chemistry HL, Biology HL, psychologyHL and Maths HL. And I would like to study medicine for the future. However I'm not sure whether or not I should drop 1 HL, will it make any difference if I do as Psychology HL is very similar to SL except for some additionals. Thank youuu
  15. Hello! I'm new to this forum and I have a few questions in regards to my subject choices for next year (we're being asked to choose now at my school), please help! I'm looking at doing either Further Mathematics HL or Chemistry HL as my sixth subject, since I won't be doing Arts. For a bit of background, I'm taking: English A Lang&Lit Mandarin ab initio Economics SL Physics HL Math HL I'll most likely be doing Math or Physics at university, and I'm quite passionate about math, but I've read that Further Math is crazy hard and I should refrain from taking it. I'm doing IGCSEs right now and I'm breezing through Additional Maths, but Chemistry is a whole different story! I'm not horrible at it, but I find myself working thrice as hard in Chemistry, yet I'm still getting better results in Maths. However, I believe that I will be the only student (if not one of the few) doing Further Math at my school, whereas Chemistry I'll be taking with a larger class. Which subject do I pick? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello everyone! Recently, Poland's government has passed a law which requires taking Polish A Literature. Because of this, I am now forced to change the subjects I've chosen and I would REALLY appreciate your help! I plan to study medicine either in England or in the French-speaking country. I have 3 choices: Polish A Literature SL English B HL Economics SL (not needed, as I would like to study medicine) Biology HL Chemistry HL Mathematics SL The second choice is to try to get an irregular diploma, where I would ommit group 3. Polish A Literature SL English A SL French HL Biology HL Chemistry HL Mathematics SL The third choice is taking an extra higher level French class. Polish A Literature SL English B HL French B HL Economics SL Biology HL Chemistry HL Mathematics SL My question is: which choice will improve my chances of getting into top UK/French universities? Is it better to take English A SL or English B HL? Lastly, will irregular diploma and lack of social studies decrease my chances?
  17. Hey guys so at the moment I have chosen English HL Physics SL Psych HL Bio HL Maths SL Indo AB. I'm thinking of changing physics for business management, purely because it seems easier to get a 7. IN terms of my strengths, I tend to do best in english based subjects but I'm mainly pretty equal throughout all areas. I chose physics because I think I will enjoy it but I usually like all subjects, also I don't need it for university. Also I could swap bio for exercise science, anyone know much a bout that? Any help asap would be great, or just tips/resources to get me through the diploma cheers
  18. Hey, so I'm about to start IB in one month. Hopefully I made the right choice. In university I would like to study economics, finance or marketing, but there is also a part of me who wants to study biochemistry or something like biomedical engineering. My first and almost definite choice is economics, yet I don't know which subject combination would be best for me between: 1. English HL (obligatory course in my school) 2. Spanish HL (obligatory course in my school) 3. Business and Management HL (there is no economics in my school) 4. Math SL (there is no math HL in my school) 5. Chemistry (I will take it HL if I am able to manage the workload) 6. Biology SL or 1. English HL 2. Spanish HL 3. Business and Management HL 4. Math SL 5. History (I will take it HL if I am able to manage the workload) 6. Biology What subjects do you believe are best for me?
  19. Hello! I'm starting IB2 in Sweden now, but I'm still not sure which subjects will be the best for me. I don't know what I want to be when I'm older, but I want to go to an University in the UK. I chose Math SL, Swedish A Lang Lit SL, English B HL, History SL, Biology HL and Psychology HL. Should I switch History SL with Chemistry SL? Will it generally give me more universities to choose from? What do you think? I really enjoy Chemistry a lot, but I'm pretty bad at it... So I would get a higher grade in History. Thank you!
  20. Hello everyone , I keep changing my mind about what subjects I want to choose thats why I really need advice. I want to study Neurobiology as an undergraduate degree in an Ivy League University, and then either a Phd in Neurobiology or an MBA. For Ivy League Universities they don't have entry requirements other than to trigger yourself with choosing hard subjects, on the other hand, I would also like to apply to UCL as its known for being very good in Neurobiology. These are my subject choices for now: ENGLISH A LIT. HL SPANISH A SL (Spanish is my first language but maybe I should drop this to B HL but then I would start with 5 high levels) HISTORY HL (Ivy League prefer History I think) / BUSINESS HL BIOLOGY HL MATHS SL ECONOMICS/CHEMISTRY HL (probaby better for neurobiology but know to be extremely hard) They ask for over 40 points, so I need to find a balance between hard subjects and getting very good grades in them. What do you think about my subjects? Can you give me feedback about the ones you took? How should I plan myself to be succesful? Thank you so much
  21. Hi, I'm just about to start my IB DP and I was wondering if unis would consider ESS for Business as a ''soft'' subject? Also, is taking an ab initio language bad? I would take both of them at SL (+ Maths SL) and English A, Econ and Psychology at HL.
  22. Hi there, I'm new and I'll be starting my IB next year. I'm super excited, my only problem is that I can't decide on my subjects. I originally planned to take Ma SL, Eng SL, Spa B SL, German HL, Bio HL and History HL. But than everybody I asked told me how terribly hard History HL was going to be. Since then I considered either substituting History HL with Economics HL (although I haven't really done Eco yet it seems very useful to me) or taking Spanish HL and History SL. It's kind of a decision between reason and passion lol So, basically, my questions are: - Is History HL as terrible as everybody says and will it prevent me from scoring at least 39 points (my goal)? - How hard is Spanish B HL? Do I have to be fluent for doing well in the exam? - Would you recommend Economics HL over History HL? Is it actually going to be more useful in the future? Oh and by the way, I've got no clue what I want to study after school... so I can't base it on that either... I am aware that this is probably one of a thousand questions about this topic but I thought I'd have a try anyway. Looking forward to any answers... thanks a lot in advance!!!
  23. Hi to anyone reading this! I'm contemplating my subject choices as I will be starting the IB this September. I mainly plan to apply to US universities such as Harvard and MIT, but I'll also apply to UK universities (Cambridge) just in case. I am aware that in order to gain entry into these prestigious universities (US), one has to have an amazing extra-curricular background and other activities outside of school, that is why I opted for Music in Group 6 rather than another science subject; plus, I love music. The subjects in bold are the ones that I need to pick my last HL in. And for Group 3, I'm still not sure if I wanna take up History or Economics. For my academic background, I got 7A+ and 3 A's for my SPM last year (the Malaysian National Examination, similar in level to the IGCSE's) so I think I will be able to handle the IB *hopefully I have been reading a lot on the workload of the IB, so I've been preparing myself for it Intended field of study : Physics, Environmental Science, Mathematics (listed in descending order of interest, with Physics being the one I'm most passionate about) Group 1 : English - Language A: Literature Group 3 : History / Economics Group 6 : Music SL Group 2 : Mandarin ab initio HL Group 4 : Physics HL Group 5 : Mathematics My questions are : 1. Which subject should I do my last HL in? 2. Would History or Economics be more useful? Thank you so much for reading this and helping me out, it means a lot!!
  24. Hey there!! I'm in pre-Ib now. Need to choose subjects for IB. I'll say directly, I'm pretty good at Math, but I need to decide if I take Math SL or Math on Studies. The problem is that I'm also taking Chemistry HL and English A SL(and I'm not a native English speaker) So I'm afraid that it would be too hard. And also I don't really need math in the future. I wan to go for a jurist or marketing manager. They don't need math on SL, to take you to the university for above said courses, right? Looking forward your advices
  25. Which is a better subject to do in IB? I am already doing Chem and Bio, so I have a lot of science on my plate but I don't mind doing another (even though its technically not one). I've heard that Psych has A LOT of essays but I've never done business management before in my life. I know its subjective but are they both enjoyable subjects? Is one easier? (not a big factor bit nice to know). If you did/do both and could only do one which one would u choose? thank you very much for any information you can share
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