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Found 42 results

  1. I'm taking English A literature as one of my IB subjects and I was wondering whether the following research question for my EE would be relevant to my subject: How and why does the English language influence our way of thinking and hence, behaving in comparison to other languages?
  2. Hello, I'm just starting my extended essay. My subject is English. I want to analyse archetypes in The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. If I picked a few situational archetypes, a few character archetype and maybe a few setting archetype and I discussed them in my essay and took passages from the book that would prove that this archetype is present in this story would that work? Is it too broad of a subject? Should I keep it to one sort of archetype only? This is my school's first year in the diploma so we don't know what would be considered as a vague topic.
  3. I have chosen these IB subjects, and now I am thinking that some of them, such as Geography HL and ESS SL are too weak....IDK. I wanted to change them on Biology SL and History HL, but it was too late. Do you think that my subjects are fine to apply to prestigious universities if I get very good grades on them? English B HL Geography HL Economics HL Maths SL ESS SL Russian A SL
  4. What IB subject(s) do you find most difficult and easy? For me I find English Literature the hardest. I'm more of a maths/science person so I commonly struggle to interpret literature. My easiest subject is probably Economics, being the subject I spend the least time on, because the concepts are quite simple and require minimal studying
  5. Hello people, So I started the IB this September and I chose Physics SL as a science. I want to go into social science, so I just chose the experimental one that I disliked the least. I'm actually a good physics student, but I hate my teacher and I don't think I can handle his classes for much longer. So, I've been thinking about moving to Bio SL/ ESS because the teachers are amazing and they might make me like the subjects (that happened with math - in the 9th grade I hated it, but then I got a good teacher and am now doing HL ) What do I do? Is SL Bio easy? Is ESS too easy (I heard it was kind of made fun of and frowned upon by universities)? Thank you, fellow martyrs!
  6. Im a year 11 student and I would like to know whether my combination is good or whether I should expect any obscure workload and what to watch out for. I take the following subjects- HL Computer Science HL Economics HL Business Management SL English Literature SL French B SL Math (not studies) SL Physics Is this a good combination for any field? If so can you please mention because I am not sure of what to do in the future. Thank you!! >o<
  7. Hi, I need to choose a topic for my EE and I'm unsure between choosing History or Biology. The only reason I would choose Biology is because in university I would like to do something related with either Biology or Medicine. Otherwise I would much prefer to do in History since I'm positive I'll achieve greater marks. My question is if my subject of choice will have any influence on wether I'm accepted into a Medicine or Biology course. I've heard that EE are great to talk about during interviews and can be something that show your interest in that particular area. Is that something I should keep in mind or will I be totally fine if I choose to do my EE in History?
  8. Hello, i am stuck on my EE in History. Currently i am still in first research weeks and i came across this problem: Basically my topic is "The evolution of the enigma encrypting technique and its role during the second world war", and the research question is "To what extend would a failed decipher of the enigma have changed the second world war?". Firstly, i have not included the evolution of the enigma bit in the research question, however i definitely want to include something like a possible change in WW2 in the EE. Is this dramatic, or is this okay? Secondly, i really want to include other information about the enigma in the EE (e.g. the evolution of the actual encrypting technique), however i have read that the History EE has to be strictly argumentative in the IB Guide. Is this a miss interpretation or is it possible to actually combine information with the argumentation? And Finally, is it compulsory to write the History EE argumentative? Yes or No? and if Yes do you guys think that the research question still fits the topic? Thank you very much for any future responses...
  9. Hey, so I'm about to start IB in one month. Hopefully I made the right choice. In university I would like to study economics, finance or marketing, but there is also a part of me who wants to study biochemistry or something like biomedical engineering. My first and almost definite choice is economics, yet I don't know which subject combination would be best for me between: 1. English HL (obligatory course in my school) 2. Spanish HL (obligatory course in my school) 3. Business and Management HL (there is no economics in my school) 4. Math SL (there is no math HL in my school) 5. Chemistry (I will take it HL if I am able to manage the workload) 6. Biology SL or 1. English HL 2. Spanish HL 3. Business and Management HL 4. Math SL 5. History (I will take it HL if I am able to manage the workload) 6. Biology What subjects do you believe are best for me?
  10. subject

    Hello! I'm starting IB2 in Sweden now, but I'm still not sure which subjects will be the best for me. I don't know what I want to be when I'm older, but I want to go to an University in the UK. I chose Math SL, Swedish A Lang Lit SL, English B HL, History SL, Biology HL and Psychology HL. Should I switch History SL with Chemistry SL? Will it generally give me more universities to choose from? What do you think? I really enjoy Chemistry a lot, but I'm pretty bad at it... So I would get a higher grade in History. Thank you!
  11. How much would I approximately need to study to get high marks with the following subject combination? English Lang & Lit HL Physics HL Economics HL Bio SL Math SL Swedish Lang & Lit SL Also, kindly give your thoughts on these subjects.
  12. Hey! I'm might entering the IB curriculum starting this week, so I would appreciate some response regarding my IB subjects; English Lang & Lit HL Economics HL Physics HL Math SL Biology SL Swedish Lang & Lit SL After thorough consideration, I personally figured out that this may be a reasonably challenging combination with a balance of essay writing and problem solving. However, I am concerned about me being prepared for the subjects academically. 1. English is not my first language, however throughout the years I've always attained a good grade in as it's been one of my stronger subjects. Being nearly fluent in writing and oral communication, is it possible to get a good grade in it even though I'm not a native? 2. Is Physics HL mathematically too hard if I take Math SL? From what I understand, physics is more about learning new concepts and applying them to problems using math as "support". Am I wrong/ is it solely based on math at a higher level? 3. Is Bio SL an easy/hard subject? I've decided on Bio SL though elimination of the remaining subjects I don't enjoy. I also believe that it'll maintain the rigour of my combination (as it's respected by colleges), but in a "less challenging" manner. I've also had quite some experience with the subject, hence why I believe parts of it will be more of a repetition. 4. Is it too hard to juggle two language A courses? Swedish is my first language and I've always been pretty good at in school so taking it isn't really a question for me- (But if you guys have had this subject, please share some insight on it's difficulty, content etc). Also, I'm assuming that the two Lang & Lit subjects go in line with each other since they're the same in terms of structure. Won't that make it easier, considering that I can do similar work in both subjects, only in different languages? To sum it up, I would be very thankful if you can answer as many above mentioned questions as possible + give me some general tips and insight on the subjects I'm taking (like how you find the subject etc). Thanks!!
  13. Is this subject combo good enough if I want to study econ at top uni's in the US. Econ hl Bio hl english l&l hl Swedish L&l math sl physics sl I want to keep my options open, hence why Im doing bio and econ hl. will it orherwise suffice for ivy's anyway? Is it too "all over the place" and unclear or does it show that i am well rounded+ "strong" in many areas? Btw, are there degrees which combine econ and bio (or just science and economics) as I am inclined towards both areas. Do you have to declare / mention your major when applying to Us colleges? Is math HL required for ivies econ? thanks a lot!!
  14. Does this subject combination sound too rigorous? If possble, please share some thoughts based on your experience with the subject(s). English A2 HL Econ HL Math HL Swedish B SL Physics SL Biology SL Also, do top US uni's require math HL for economics?
  15. Hi guys, I will be entering the IBDP program in a few months and I've been sorting out my subject choices. Do you think this is too ambitious, or is it doable? English Language and Literature HL Spanish Acquisition HL History HL Chemistry SL Mathematics SL Theatre HL I am still doubting Theatre/History HL because I heard that these two subjects are very challenging. Any input is appreciated. Thank you!
  16. Hi, I'm wondering if my choices are fine for someone who wants to be a doctor in the future: HL: English Literature, Chemistry, Biology SL: Math, History, National Language A Is Math SL too low? Also, is this combination considered rigorous enough for top universities (and good enough for merit based scholarships if I score high enough?). Thanks!
  17. Hello everyone, This is my first post. I am currently doing my IGCSE's (Year 10), in them I take Co-ordinated sciences (double awrd.) History, French (mistakes were made), Drama, Mathematics and both Language and Literature for English and Spanish. I am taking the extended course in all subjects that allow it. My school stopped offering A levels some years ago, and we now do the Dip. Programme. I start next year and these are the subjects I am thinking of choosing: English Literature HL Spanish Literature HL History HL Anthropology SL Physics SL Mathematics SL I wanted your opinion on these: are they too hard? Is it too much? I would love to apply to Cambridge to do Law in the future; so I did try to choose the more essay based subjects, and steer away from B&M, ICTGS, and Theatre, etc. But my favourite subject is History anyway and after looking at the syllabus and asking around I prefered the literature courses anyway compared to the Language and Literature. Thanks for your help. P.S: I also do my national high school diploma, it is not impossibly hard, and the syllabi are fairly matched up so you do not actually end up doing two systems, but not all courses have a "pair". So for example spanish is both IB & CCH (national high school) but History of Mexico is only CCH. So I am going to have a slightly higher workload regardless of choices anyway.
  18. Hello everyone who is experienced in IB!!!! I need help. I am currently in grade 10 and choosing my IB subjects, I want to take two science higher level courses and was wondering what is another HL course that could probably help me get an IB diploma. I am also not doing as well as I expected in English I currently have a score ranging from B+ to A- , and our English course is mostly based on analysis of poems and short stories. We had two diary entries that I really enjoyed writing and I really want to score high in English and was wondering whether Lang and lit might be easier than lit. I am also really interested in Psychology but most people tell me that if I do psychology instead of business and management HL it might make me struggle because of the amount of work included. Here is the list of my courses, currently: (I really don't want to struggle because I am taking Bio and Chem HL) Biology HL Chemistry HL Bus&Mgt HL Farsi SL English SL Math SL Can someone please help me!! I plan on majoring in biochemistry in the future and I really want to get into a good university like UCLA. I was wondering if the subjects I chose could probably help me land myself there? Please Help me and someone tell me if what I am taking is too rigorous!!
  19. To provide some context: I am a junior at an IB school and I really want to write a Computer Science EE. The issue is my school doesn't offer IB computer science. I'm currently taking AP Computer Science and am part of a computer science club which competes regularly, so I'm pretty confident in my ability to write a Computer Science EE. Can anyone provide some insight? Thank you!
  20. So over the next week, I have to choose my IB subjects and I am having trouble picking my HLs. I plan to study either in the US or in the UK with my main career paths being business and finance or computer science as I am not entirely sure yet. Because of this, my subject choices could look like this: SL English LangLit SL Spanish B H/SL Econ H/SL Compsci or Chem H/SL Math H/SL Physics Now the question is, which combination would leave me open to taking finance or comp. sci./engineering in university and if the workload of taking all 4 at HL would be too much. I am not entirely sure of the specific uni requirements but if someone could help me with this too then that would be great. Thanks!
  21. IA

    Hello there, I'm a student in SL Math, and I'm having difficulty coming up with a topic for my IA. I was thinking along the lines of medicine and diseases. If you could offer me any sound ideas, you'd be a hero. Thank you, Lee
  22. im starting my IB diploma this august.... HLs: bio, geo, psycho SLs: math, english langlit, chinese langlit (yes both language A) are they too demanding especially with my 3 HLs? (as they are memorisation based subjects) how hard are bio HL and psycho HL? my current igcse subjects are: bio, phy, econ, geo, art, english 1st lang, chinese 1st lang, international math, world lit, global perspectives
  23. Hi, I am currently in grade 10 attending an IB school in Australia. We have recently started to pick our subjects to match the prerequisites of our university course interestes. I'm very interested in doing medicine at university, and I am determined to put in the effort to do so. I'm a bit stuck on wherether to go with Business & Managment or Economics. What are your thoughts on this subject selection? My current subject selection is: Biology HL English A1 HL Economics HL Maths SL Chemistry SL French Ab initio
  24. Hi, right now i'm in Pre-IB and I have to choose the subjects i'm going to have in DP1 and DP2. I'm pretty nervous because I don't know what i should choose... Im sure im not the first person to have this problem, but i need some help from previous IB students. Before you ask, I don't know what I want to work with in the future, but I know i'm interested in the "social direction", meaning i'm interested in the social sciences etc. Some things that i'm not good at: speaking/presenting in front of a lot of people and chemistry/physics. So this is basically what I was planning on taking (yes i'm thinking of 7 subjects): # 1. Swe A langlit SL/HL 2. Eng B HL 3. Economics SL/HL 4. Environmental systems and societies SL 5. Math SL 6. Business & Management HL (7. Global Politics SL or Spanish SL) - Could someone please tell me something about the difference in Economics HL and SL? Because i'm not really gifted in economics, but I still think its pretty fun and relatively easy. - What are your experiences with the subjects i mentioned above? Are they worth taking etc. - Is it really that hard having 7 subjects, when 4 are SL and 3 are HL? Thanks! UPDATE: So i chose : 1. Swe A langlit SL 2. Eng B HL 3. Economics HL 4. Environmental systems and societies SL 5. Math SL 6. B&M HL I'm really happy with my choices and I can't wait to start taking the courses Thanks for the help!
  25. Dear all, I am pondering about my EE topic. At first I gravitated towards Physics (pun not intended!) as it is one of my favourite subjects and reflects my career goals, but then I found this website http://www.physics-i...ended-essay.htm which states that getting a high mark is quite difficult. So, my question is, out of the subjects listed in my signature: Which subject is the easiest to write an Extended Essay for? Share your ideas and thoughts, and possible essay titles that you or others have done or thought of! I would like my essay to involve as much personal research as possible, and avoid interaction with the public through surveys, event planning etc. as much as possible. When answering my post, please quote me so I receive a notification. Thank you!