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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, so my subject choices are currently HL: Bio, Business Management, English Lit SL: Lang B, Economics, Math *my school doesn't offer economics hl For a competitive university in the US or UK, would it be okay if I take HL: Lang B, Business, English Lit SL: Biology or ESS?, Economics, Math or should I keep my current subject choices? I don't know if I should keep Biology HL since I'm not sure if I really need it - and I wouldn't know what to replace it with. - Does the Ivy League look more on subject choices or the total IB score/predicted??
  2. Hello! I really need some help! I started I.B last thursday with the following subjects... HL: Theatre Business English B SL: Maths Biology Spanish A Business is a new subject for me and I have had four lessons so far of which I have hated all. The teacher who is doing the business course is new to the school and I really haven't liked her method of teaching at all. Nevertheless, business was such a big class that it was split into two, the one I'm in, with the new teacher, and the other one with a teacher I like and am familiar with. Here is my issue, I am not allowed to switch to the other business class, meaning that if I want to carry on with business I need to continue in my current class which I always dread going to. Of course, I also have the option of doing geography or history, and I'm leaning towards the history option at the moment. I'm just concerned that with the I.B I have I will struggle if I swap to History as its so content heavy! What do you think the best option is, business or history? Bear in mind I'm not sure what I want to study at university yet, but most likely something to do with Law or Psychology. My second question is, should I take French rather than Theatre? I have a true passion for drama, and my teacher sees a lot of potential in me. However, I know I won't end up studying anything theatre related, and a third language may benefit me more in the future...My parents insist that I take french, not only for the many benefits of being trilingual but the french class currently contains two students, three if I were to join, so I feel as though I'd learn a lot these two years... What should I do? Thanks in advance for the help!! I need advice! Ellen xx
  3. Hi guys! I am currently a sophomore (finishing MYP in a couple of days!) and the school I go to has just finished finalizing my subjects for next year. However, according to advice from Juniors, my subject choices seem to be too rigorous, time-consuming and as a matter of fact, simply a wrong combination of subjects. These are my subject choices for next year: 1. English Literature SL 2. Dutch Literature SL (Self-Taught) 3. Global Politics HL 4. Chemistry SL 5. Math HL 6. Economics HL What do you think of them? Did any of you take these subjects and can give me any advice? Do you think they would meet the subject requirements for most UK Law programs? It does fulfill the Oxford and Cambridge ones, but I haven't checked on many others. Also, did any of you have to change their subject choices at the beginning of Grade 11? How did you catch up on all the work you had missed? Did it go smoothly? Would you recommend me to switch if I am not content with my choices? Finally, any last advice before I become a prisoner of the IB for the next to years? Thanks in advance! Ps. Please reply honestly, because I have never had experience with the IB and do not know a lot about its nature; this post is a sincere request for advice.
  4. Hi there. Does anybody out there have a sort-of have a recommendation for subject choices? I'm trying to figure out which courses I should take but I don't even have an idea as to what I want to do in the future, so I would like to keep options wide as possible. I've considered law, but I'm not entirely sure. For the subjects I want/have to do are: Psychology HL Math SL French AB Initio English Language & Literature HL Chemisty HL I'm not entirely sure what my final option should be since the rest of the subjects I have to choose from are kind of crummy. (They are: Biology, Physics, ITGS, ESS, DT, Art, Geography, Economics and Music) I know for a fact that I do not want to take Physics, ESS, ITGS, DT and Art. I'm not also entirely fond on Economics either, so I'd rule it out but it's there for kind of a last minute thing. Does anybody have any recommendations as to what I should take or any suggestions? Please and thank you
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