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Found 79 results

  1. Hello again, I have already created a post about my subject choices to study law about a week ago, however I was wondering whether these following subject choices would also be alright. HL: English A Language and Literature, German A Language and Literature, History SL: Spanish B, Biology, Maths SL OR: HL: English A Language and Literature, History, Biology SL: Spanish B, Maths SL, German A Language and Literature This second option would only be for the unlikely event, in which I would want to study in Germany, so I really prefer the first option and it would be great if you could give some feedback on this FIRST option I have 3 languages in these choices because languages are one of my main strengths and also our school seems to get consistently good scores in Spanish B (in 7 years nobody got less than a 6 ). I am probably looking into studying International Law or Commercial Law. Thanks in Advance
  2. Hi! I have a problem... I'm a junior and I just started IB in August and now its September and I am kind of regretting my decisions. I am currently taking: HL Math HL Chem HL Bio SL Korean SL ESS SL Lang & Lit Currently, I am getting all 6s for my SLs but My HL grades are nearly failing and I am not very much satisfied. I always sleep late (like 3 am - 2 hours of sleep most of the time) because of work (I know I just started IB) and I don't think I can keep up with this until next year. My mom said I should drop all my HLs to SLs and do IB certificate instead of Diploma. I told my friends about this and they freaked out and told me that I should just do Diploma. Honestly, I feel like it would be awesome if I drop my HLs to SLs because I absolutely hate Chem HL. I'm okay with Math and I love Bio tho...but because I have the 3 most rigorous subjects, I can't focus on my SLs and my Bio HL and so my grades are not good...and my health is deteriorating (getting sick every 3 weeks even if I take vitamins) What should I do? Btw the university I want to go to is Korea (SKY) but they don't have much information about the requirements for IB. And I think they care more about the grades...If anyone knows the requirements...of whether grades is much important than which subjects or program I take...please tell me... Thanks, I hope you help me with this before it's too late.
  3. Hi guys! I would love to know what you think about my IB subject choices. I started the IB programme one month ago, so I still have same time to change my mind. Right now I am studying: English A, French B, Mathematics & Geography - HL Polish A, Biology - SL Could you please tell what you think about this set? What courses could I take at the university level? Personally I have thought about economics, finances, law or something connected with french language. I will be extremely grateful for your help Have a nice day! xxx
  4. Hello everyone, I'm trying to decide between two IB schools based on the subjects they offer and I wanted to ask for your opinion. The two possible subject combinations are: Finnish A HL English B HL, Swedish B SL Economics HL ESS SL Math SL and Finnish A SL English B HL Economics HL, Global Politics HL Biology SL Math SL I'd really like to study both Global Politics and ESS, but that isn't possible in Finland (although I could always try applying to schools in Sweden). I'm not all that interested in sciences which is why I would like to take ESS and I find Global Politics interesting. I've also heard that History is a good subject for law school, but I'm not particularly interested in it. What are your thoughts?
  5. Hi guys! So I just joined IBSurvival this morning, so relieved to find an IB community helping one another. I'm a Malaysian student finishing my final high school year in November, but as I'm planning to apply to universities in the U.S., I'm going to take the IB Diploma in Australia next year as my Malaysian high school qualification isn't internationally recognized. A bit about myself: I'm aspiring to be an actress, artist and/or a model, but I understand that it's really tough to make a living out of these jobs. So, my backup plan is to maybe become a journalist, social worker or archaeologist. I'm not entirely sure yet what I will major in in university, but I'm interested in studying Sociology, Journalism, Drama, Studio Art, Archaeology or Anthropology. My parents told me that if I'm going to study fine arts, I'd have to major in business too, though. Except I have 0 interest in business... I'll worry about that in the future Do you guys think you can help me decide which subjects I could take for the IB Diploma to prepare myself for the Uni courses I just mentioned? Currently, here's what I have in mind: 1. English Language and Literature HL 2. Spanish/French ab initio or Chinese B (I'm Chinese and I can speak Chinese, but I'm not the best at writing and reading) 3 & 4. Environmental Systems and Socieites 5. Mathematics SL 6. Visual Arts HL Additional subject: Theatre HL or if possible, Psychology HL or Social and Cultural Anthropology HL (??? Read below) I wanted to study Psychology, as it has some elements of Sociology in it, but I'm not interested in studying any other Science subject so I have to opt for Environmental Systems and Societies, which allows me to pick another subject from the other subject groups, which is why I picked Theatre. But I'd really love to study Psychology. Please tell me I'm wrong and that I can actually pick another subject from Group 3 for the additional subject. Also, will taking Theatre help me develop my acting skills more than just taking regular external classes? Thank you for reading everyone! Hope you have a great day
  6. Hi guys, Basically I've just started DP 1 (it's my first week) and I decided to change my subjects up a bit, therefore I have chosen the following subjects: HL English French History SL Maths ESS Physics I'm not weak in Maths thus the SL and furthermore, I didn't choose a second humanity (despite the fact that I am hoping to pursue a career in history) because I simply don't see how Business Management and Economics can help me out (and I hate Geography). So, I was just hoping for some feedback from you guys: do you think it's a a good subject combination?
  7. Hey, so I want to be an astrobiologist, and I'm a bit confused about subject selection. Here's a link to the subject page. I just want some light on what to consider. Any astrobiologists out there on here, i'd love some advice. Thank you.
  8. Which subject according to the overall experience is better? Both of business SL and ess fit my other choice of subjects (engineering is my track btw) I just need to hear other people's opinions about each. When it comes to the IAs, content, etc. so that I'll be aware of all of the aspects before finalizing any decision. YOUR REPLY WOULD BE APPRECIATED!
  9. i am currently living in Dubai and will start my first year in ib there however in the second year i will move to Egypt so i would like to know if it is possible to continue my second year of ib there with the same subjects ,and if not what are the subjects that i can take that are available there in Egypt .
  10. We're about to start choosing stuff for our EE at school and I literally have no clue! My subjects are: English A literature French B Economics Maths SL Biology Chem Any advice on how you wrote an EE for one of these subjects? Or advice on which ones to choose (or not to choose)? Any help would be so appreciated !!!
  11. Hi, In the next school year I will be a pre-IB student, but we already have to choose paths of subjects which we would like to stretch. My goal is to study something connected with journalism; as far as I'm concerned the best way is to study Media and Communications in LSE. So therefore I am asking you if you could check if my subjects are properly chosen. HL English A lit HL Economics HL VA SL Maths SL Design Technology SL History The path which I'll probably choose is Economics, Design Technology and Visual Arts Also, is it possible to have either history and economics? Thank you
  12. Hi everyone, I will go into my junior year in the coming school simester. My current IB selection is Econ HL, Psych, HL, Bio HL, and the rest at SL. What would be the best Ib combination if i am looking to do a degree in economics/ commerce for university in Canada or Australia. Also should I have physics hl instead of Biology Hl? If I want to maybe keep my options open for computer science? Some help in choosing my subjects would be highly appreciated.
  13. Hello everyone in the beginning, I would like to say that I am new to IB survival I am an myp graduate and I have some confusion about my subject choice for DP year 1 those are the subject that I am sure about taking them HL Economics HL Business management SL ESS - Environmental Systems and Societies SL French the thing that is confusing me is maths and English I can't take any of them as an HL subject. They are hard for me to score in theses two, as I come from a background where English is not my first language. please guide me in this I am really confused, I don't want to take wrong decisions.
  14. subjects

    I'm playing on doing law in college, and the subjects I plan on taking are English HL History HL Economics HL French B SL (anticipated) Math Studies Biology SL Are these subject good? Some people told me that it's better to do math SL. I suck at math but I don't want to loose an entry just because I took math studies. Please help me out.
  15. Hello people, I am new and kind of desperate...yesterday I got my achieved grades for March and I am kind of close to failing the IB right now. My problem is that changing a subject now after being almost done with the first year of IB is very difficult (not to say impossible). Another problem: 3 of my subjects I cannot change under any circumstances as it is a legal requirement for the school that I take them My grades were: German A (SL): 4 French A (SL): 4 Math SL: 2 Geography(HL): 4 Biology (HL): 5 Theater (HL): 5 Out of those, I HAVE to take German A, Math SL and Biology, there is no chance for changing anything. Theater I have a 5 because our teacher doesn't give good grades in the first year in general (because we would become lazy) and Biology I had a 6 the previous term, but I missed a lot of classes that's why it is a 5 now. As for Geography, I just joined the class mid-February (I had Anthropology before but changed) so I am confident that I could have a 6 by the end of the year. My main problem are my languages: German is my native language, and I am not too bad at it, but my teacher just hates me-my classmates also say that, basically my teacher has her favorites who always get good grades...that is so annoying because I can't do anything against it French is not my native language, and the only reason why I took it was that it was the only other language fitting into my timetable. And honestly, it is not the French that is too hard, I do understand everything, but I am horrible at analyzing (and if a language is not your native language it is very hard to simply bullsh*t about something). I am now thinking of changing to English A, even though that might mean having to change my other classes as well...because I think that I can't pass my IOC next month in French, it just seems impossible. I mean, my Director of Studies would probably rip my head off for that, but as I am close to failing the class he might consider the possibility for me to change. On the other hand, I have no clue how "hard" English A language and literature is...I would need to catch up on almost a year's work Any advice? Should I change to English A or stay in French A? - A very desperate and kind of helpless IB student-
  16. Hey guys, so I'm finishing 10th grade now and I have a possibility to enroll into IB DP programme in my school. I'm not sure about it yet, since I don't know what I want to study at university (it means that I'm still not sure whether I will enroll the course). But for now I just need some advice on picking subjects at HL and SL if I decide to enroll the programme. I am thinking of studying something related to economics or sciences/computer science(and I believe that these are very different areas of study). So for now I have: English HL (compulsory in our school) My native language SL Mathematics HL (I'm afraid of it, since people say it is very hard, but I think it is one of the best options to fit for the science courses offered by most of the unis and also it helps for economics too I guess) Chemistry HL (I just love chemistry, and I might study something related to it) I still need to choose some SLs EDIT: I chose my subjects, but I'm not yet sure and might switch them later. Anyway, here they are: SL native language and economics HL chemistry, biology, maths and English(compulsory in our school) Do you think it's doable and what career prospects do I have? What could I do with these subjects in the future? I hope I'll meet someone who could help me find the courses that would give me the widest range of opportunities to get into different unis. P.S. I'm really concerned about biology because everyone in our school says that the teacher often fails to teach the subject and prepare students for the exam and all the classes are boring and useless and students have to learn everything for themselves. I've heard that HL biology has lots of reading and memorisation so I'm afraid it will be too hard with a bad teacher teaching the course. P.S.P.S. I also have computer science SL/HL, physics SL/HL, history HL and arts SL/HL offered in my school.
  17. Hello all, I'm in the process of selecting my IB courses for the next 2 years. I'll be completing the full IB at an established IB school so I have quite a few options. I'm interested in studying law or a social science at a UK university such as Oxford, or King's College. I think I have narrowed down my IB choices to the following: English A Literature HL History HL Economics/Business Management HL ESS SL (I know this is a 'soft' subject but I'm not a great science student!) Math SL Spanish A Literature/French A Lang&Lit SL What do you think about this subject combo? Do you think it's too hard, too easy? Also, do you think it's good for UK entrance and for the courses I'm interested in? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  18. Im starting with IB in next year and my schools says that i have to choose 3 HL and 3 SL So far i've made up my mind about Maths SL,Spanish SL,English language SL,Biology HL and Business HL i have to select one more HL subject and ive narrowed it down to econ and psychology if it were up to me i would select either of these at SL but i dont have a choice. Im doing economics in igcse right now and im good at it but i dont necessarily like it thaaaat much but i like that its simple and most of it is common sense and you dont have to memorize much at least in igcse I find psychology interesting but i've heard you do need to memorise alot and i think i would get fed up with it in like 2 months aahahaha since i dont like it much either I dont know what i want career wise in the future but i know definitely its going to involve biology and/or business (its weird i know) it would help sooooo much if you could tell me which one is worth taking at HL and like more interesting and stuff THANKS ALOT
  19. Hi It's my second semester in the DP and I have already started wondering what subject to choose for my EE. (I want to make preparations as early as possible to avoid procrastination). The problem is like this: I have lots of different academic interests and I don't want to focus on single interests. I initially thought about doing a history EE about French revolution (focus on Marie Antoinette) or fashion in the victorian times because I like European classical culture (like history, classical music and art) a lot. I watch BBC history documentaries, costume dramas, and I subscribe to accounts introducing classical culture. I had a talk with my teacher and he is very supportive of my topic choice. However, my history writing skills isn't so good and I don't want to get a bad grade on my EE which could potentially lower my IB score. I am also not sure whether I should avoid writing about my higher level subjects for the EE to keep me balanced. I have chem, design and math as my highers, and I am going for dual degree in chem and graphic design in university. The reason I don't want to write chemistry is that I spend lots of time doing EC's about chemistry. I write a blog, work with chemists internationally on science writing projects, and now, collaborate with Beijing University of Chemical Technology (probably once a week) and Tsinghua Univ. to run STEAM (STEM+art), science illustration and chem outreach programs. I also subscribe to various chem magazines and shows. (Similar reason with design tech.) I have always loved being multidisciplinary and learning about different topics. I don't want to restrict myself. Another reason is that I want to write a really good paper if I choose to do chem EE (which is probably, to use the labs in BUCT and get formal instructions). However, my teacher told me that he needs to supervise me when I am doing my EE, and he once had a student who worked on the EE in a good lab and got a B. I don't want to do it at school--the school has much less facilities and good chemicals. It will make my EE a 'crappy' school lab paper. So guys, what can I do?
  20. What IB subject(s) do you find most difficult and easy? For me I find English Literature the hardest. I'm more of a maths/science person so I commonly struggle to interpret literature. My easiest subject is probably Economics, being the subject I spend the least time on, because the concepts are quite simple and require minimal studying
  21. Hello everyone, So, I'm enrolled in the IB since this year. However, even though I was pretty sure about my subjects in the beginning I'm a little bit struggling now and I need help. I wasn't sure what I want to study but during winter break I've decided that I like biochemistry. That means I need to switch Chemistry SL to HL (uni requirements).For now, I have the following subjects: ENGLISH LANG AND LIT HL FRENCH B SL GLOBAL POLITICS HL (going to switch to SL) BIOLOGY HL CHEMISTRY SL MATH SL All of my subjects are fine for now, but I have some problems with Global Politics. I'm not so good at it. I don't know if I should switch to Econ SL or just try harder and do my best in Global Politics. Can someone tell me how hard is it to get a 7 in Global Politics or Econ on the exams? Keep in mind that I've already finished first term so I have to work on everything I've missed during that time.
  22. Hi guys! Do you think doing maths studies will hurt my chances of getting into top universities, for an art & design degree? And is it better to get a 7 in maths studies or a 5/6 in maths SL? I think id be able to get 5/6 in SL if I work hard, but I'm wondering if I should take studies to be able to focus more on my Art HL... I was in IB MYP extended before, but wasn't one of the strongest ones in my class... subjects: Art HL English HL ITGS HL Physics SL French AB initio Maths SL (thinking about studies) let me know what you think? thanks!
  23. If I'm not wrong, for the majority of US universities, you can't do medicine straight out of high school. Of course, your principal will know better about that, and if there are any universities that allow undergraduate courses. If you're going to apply to some school in the US that doesn't allow you to do medicine straight out of high school, I very much doubt your subjects will impact your ability to get into medicine - you'll just want the highest score possible and to impress universities, so in that case go with what you feel you can do. It really depends on whether or not you have a degree of certainty as to whether you can make it to an American university. With either of the subject choices you've put down, you're closing doors to India. Technically, if you want to remain on the safe side, you can do an irregular diploma and all three sciences at HL, but that would be a pain in itself, and as you said, you don't think you'd be comfortable with it. It is, however, something to consider. Are you applying to any other country or just the US? In terms of if Physics is better than Biology, I wouldn't say so. I haven't started medicine yet, but I would say that Biology is more important but that doesn't mean Physics isn't important too, particularly for areas of medicine such as radiology. While you've specified you'd prefer psychiatry, remember, you still have a bunch of time to try all the areas. In the case of the second science, go with what you think will work better for you. What you like, what you're better at, etc. However, I would keep in mind where you're planning to apply, and if you want to apply to any other country what their requirements may be.
  24. I'm currently enrolled for the IBDP and will be starting school this July. We had to submit our subjects and I was pretty satisfied with my selection until the moment where we had to discuss everything with the headmaster and the coordinator. I wish to pursue Medicine, preferably in the US. (For several reasons) The principal recommended I take HL: Chemistry, Physics, English SL: Psychology, French, Maths when we were discussing my interests, ambitions, etc. But I'm not sure if I want to take Physics anymore because Physics HL does look exceptionally difficult and though I am sure I can do it if I try hard enough, I don't want to take it if I can do better in another subject. This is what I think I might finally take HL: Chemistry, Biology (I like Bio better than Physics), English SL: Psychology, French, Maths I personally find Biology to be more favourable as it interests me more, and is more relevant to what I want to pursue in Medicine. (Currently focused on Psychiatry, not sure) I am an Indian, and my principal is American, so he isn't too familiar with how Indian universities work, so that's why the coordinator puts in her opinions as well. However, Indian universities require THREE sciences. So basically I will be "closing my doors to Indian universities" if I go with my selection. There's the whole thing where I can give out a student proposal to take up three sciences but honestly, I don't think I can perform my best with all of my HLs being sciences. And is Physics somehow better than Biology? Just curious. No complications with Chemistry, though. I'm new here and I apologise if I've made any mistakes like posting to the wrong forum, etc. Anyway, I am really hoping that I'll be able to go to an American university (again, for several reasons), but I want to be safe here IF that is possible. If not, I honestly don't know what I should do...I've got some time before I have to give in my decision. I hope that's enough information, if not, I'll try my best to add more if I can. If anyone would be kind enough to guide me here, I'd be REALLY grateful. Thanks. x
  25. Hello! I'm doing my O Levels next year, and it was suggested to me that instead of taking A Levels, I should opt for taking IBs. I've done some reading and it seems that the IBDP program is quite challenging and highly valued, which seems perfect for me as I'm sort of a natural hard worker. However, there's kind of a downside - in IBs, you have to take a language, right, but unfortunately in Maldives, where I'm from, the public education curriculum does not have any additional foreign languages being taught - we only learn English and our mothertongue. So, could anyone tell me whether the IB subjects that I've picked out are compatible with my IGCSE subjects? Please and thank you IGCSEs: English as a Second Language, Maths(extended), Economics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry [Note: My predicted grades are As/A*s] IB subjects that I would like to take: HL English, History, Economics and SL Maths, Physics,and Chinese. I'm not entirely sure about doing Maths SL, because it's one of my strong subjects, so I may swap that with Econ. I'm not really sure yet, and it's not like I'm in a rush or anything aha. I'm most worried about the Chinese - I don't know Chinese at ALL, or any other language, so please tell me whether doing IB would be possible. Thank!