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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, For my physics IA, I"m investigating how the time period of a bifilar pendulum changes with length of the pendulum and linear mass density of the thread. Is this too simple a topic for HL? Plus, I feel that linear mass density and the length of the pendulum are too related to be separated into two variables. I also don't get a very strong correlation for linear mass density and time period (even for a cubic curve, the R2 - correlation coefficient - was only 0.927). Any help will be appreciated and thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I have decided to do a poem for my IOP since it seems like the easiest option, but I really don't know which one I should do. Does anyone have any suggestions for good poems? I would also appreciate suggestions regarding presentation ideas for Wide Sargasso Sea or Zoo Story!
  3. Hi, I'm doing my Math HL IA on finding the volume and surface area of a frustum (from a cone). I'm determining the volume in three ways, out of which one is integration. I'm calculating the surface area in two ways, one of which uses integration too. However, though the formula for surface area is out of the HL syllabus, I feel like this is a very simple idea, and might not fulfill the 'Use of Mathematics' criterion as formulae for the volume and S.A. is available online. My Math teacher says this is sophisticated enough, though I feel the opposite. I would like an opinion on this topic and whether I can do anything else to make this topic more sophisticated. Thanks in advance!
  4. So me and my friend are looking for CAS activities to do together. Personally, I think I'm doing fine on CAS hours given that I'm around 90ish hours in at the end of my first semester in the DP. (I know that CAS is no longer recorded in hours, but it's a nice way of measuring how my progress is.) -- So currently, my activities are: Creativity: - Learning how to play the Piano - Computer Club Activity: - Waterpolo - Swim-training (both recorded under one activity) Service: - Teaching Dutch to small Dutch children - In-school clothes recycling - Assisting in organisation of swimming tournaments for charity and my friend's activities are: Creativity: - Diversity Club Activity: - Kickboxing Service: - Salvation Army (charity kinda thing) -- I currently have no CAS projects but I do have one planned for in the future. So if you have any CAS project suggestions, that'd be very appreciated! In case you need it: We live in Singapore and we'd prefer activities in Singapore.
  5. Well, guys, I'm not sure how to write about the outline of my EE. I choose economics as my EE. My Research Question is about the effectiveness of increasing the minimum wage in reducing wage inequalities. Any suggestion of the main parts I should include in the essay to make it logical and deep? Thanks a lot!!
  6. Hi, Im currently writing an extended essay in visual arts, but im not sure if the topic i've chosen is too ambiguous or broad... Comparison between the influences of Art nouveau on Antoni Gaudi’s earlier (i havent decided yet ) and later (Casa mila (Naturalist period 1906-1910)) works. I would really appreciate any sort of suggestion since im quite clueless..... Thanks
  7. What I Need Help With I figured it'd be helpful if I provided my original research question: To What Extent is Typography an Integral Part of Effective Propaganda?But since I've found out, it has been near impossible looking for an assortment of sources to help me type out 3500-4000 words of unadulterated typographical insight, resulting in a reformulation of my research question! To What Extent has the Helvetica Typeface Revolutionized Modern Typography?What You Can Do To Help! I understand that as a Visual Arts EE, its important to include plenty of images to help portray my research. Unfortunately, typography doesn't share the same plethora of books and websites that a Literature or History paper might have. Would anyone have any suggestions how I could possibly make this easier? Perhaps broadening the question allowing a wider range of sources to be found? Or how I'd go about creating an outline? (How many words to be allotted for defining typography, history of it, helvetica, etc?)It's a pretty hard topic in general as far as I know, but it's what I would rather research and type 4000 words about than other topics. Thanks!
  8. 713u

    Chem EE?

    Hey guys! Im new here on IBSurvival! I really want to write my EE on chemistry since it interests me! But the problem is, I don't even know where to start, finding out what to write about, what kind of lab I want to do etc. Please if anyone has suggestion, I would be grateful to consider them! My teacher hasn't really helped me and the first draft is supposed to be handed in right after the summer, and I want to do experiments, therefore must complete them before the summer and start writing during. I don't have a lot of time to finish it (I think, lol) so I would me pleased if you could help me! Thanks, D.
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