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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! Yesterday I found out that my supervisor had gone on vacation, leaving me without any guidance until the middle of August. I wasn't done with my research question (I have myself to blame really) and now can't afford loosing two more weeks withour any reasarch on the specific question. I've come up with 3 research questions concerning the Rwandan genocide (history), I would be very grateful if you could help me. Can I rephrase anything to make it better? Which one do you consider the best option for an EE? Is any of these questions even doable? 1.To what extent was the Rwandan genocide a result of a state plan made by the authorities? 2.To what extent did the propaganda spread by the media in Rwanda lead to the genocide? /Why was the media propaganda before the Rwandan genocide so effective? 3.To what extent was the Rwandan genocide a result of the society build up by the German and Belgian colonization? Thank you in advance!!!!
  2. Hello! I'm currently in IB2 in Sweden and am starting to plan for the summer. I think I want to go to an IB summer camp, but I don't know if it's good or worth it. Money is not a problem. Have you gone to an IB summer camp before? Where? Was it helpful and fun? Did you get time/help with your extended essay? Do you recommend it? Overall, how was the experience? Thank you so much!!
  3. Hey hey hey I'm planning to get a head start on HL Math by working my way through a textbook over my summer break. I currently have PDFs of the Pearson textbook, Cambridge textbook, and H&H textbook. Which one is the best for a clear, thorough introduction to math for a person who is quite nervous about HL math and can a) explain the material clearly (I don't care if its a long explanation- it needs to be good), b) provide lots of practice questions and c) have challenging questions that can test my abilities, similar to ones on the exam? Or is there another textbook that is better? merci beaucoup
  4. I know the transition from Grade 10 to IB1 is going to be a tough one so I want to start preparing for it now. How do you guys think I should go about doing that? I can only think of some ways right now: -Start reading the books on the English HL reading list (does anybody know what these books might be?) -Get the IB Chem and Math course companion and go through it to see what's coming up -brainstorm what activities I could do for CAS (If it helps, I'm taking HL English, Chem, Psych, Bio and SL Math and French. ) I really want to be productive this summer so I can at least lessen the stress in the first few months of IB.
  5. IB is nearing in really quickly. This week will be my last exam week for IGCSE .. I was wondering what sort of preparation can I make over the summer to better assist me into having a head-start, especially since I am going for 4 HLs. If you have any specific tips for my subjects, or any general advice, it would definitely help a ton! Btw, my subject combinations is this.. Biology - HL Chemistry - HL English A LAL - HL French B - HL Math - SL History - SL
  6. How are you all doing? I cannot believe that we are reaching the end of the IB program... Us having the exams now anyway. So what are your plans for when the exams are over?!? Celebrate and party? Sleep for days? Read a book to make the transition to normal life smoother?
  7. Just wanted to hear what you guys are doing, since my summer is pretty much filled with ib stuff I'm on IB1 now so I'll be doing my psychology EE during the holidays. I also have to finish my Written Assignment and do some summer reading for Finnish (probably for English as well). I also thought about starting my Biology IA this summer so I'd have less things to worry about next autumn. Of course I'm doing CAS: running, swimming and taking dance lessons
  8. While many people are discussing school work in the summer break (at least it's still summer break for me), not many people have mentioned their choice of literature this summer. Which books have you guys read this summer, while trying to relax? So far I've finished North and South for my EE in English, as well as having read these books for leisure: - Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami - Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence - A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin - Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll - The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum ... And right now I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. So how are you guys doing? If you haven't been reading, what have you been doing to relax this summer? Can't wait to see your replies!
  9. My final grade from this year was a 5. But, I need a 7 and soon. I'm starting a study group online on G+ over the Summer. Possibly an hour a week. I already have a few people signed up from my school but still, the more the merrier. Productively using the last Summer before school ends could make your year. Tell me if you're interested. With the internet, borders really aren't barriers. Cheers!
  10. Would it be possible for me to start getting CAS hours during the summer before I begin my first year of IB (the summer after graduating from the MYP)?