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Found 28 results

  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a list (or a link to a list) of all the experiments required in the physics syllabus, like Young's double-slit experiment, Einstein's photon experiment, etc. Annoyingly enough I couldn't find such a list online.
  2. Hello, I hope you guys are doing well. Does anybody have the official Mathematical studies guide (syllabus) by the IB? I have not found it yet. I will appreciate any response. Kind regards, D.
  3. 16 downloads

    English syllabus 2016.
  4. English Syllabus (Language and Literature) View File English syllabus 2016. Submitter SC2Player Submitted 03/18/2017 Category Language and Literature  
  5. 9 downloads

    Syllabus for IB Chemistry, from 2016.
  6. Chemistry Syllabus 2016 View File Syllabus for IB Chemistry, from 2016. Submitter SC2Player Submitted 03/18/2017 Category Chemistry  
  7. Hi! I would like to ask you if you have analytically all the concepts that are out of the old syllabus. Thank you!
  8. EE Guide 2018 View File The new EE guide! For examinations in 2018 and later. Submitter kw0573 Submitted 12/11/2016 Category IB Syllabus & Data Booklets  
  9. Hi, I've been unable to find a syllabus which covers the 2018 November exams for Geography (SL). The only one which I have been able to find is one with years from 2011-2017. Soo, does that mean the current syllabus ('11-'17) will last until 2018 or will there be a new one out soon? Thanks !
  10. So, I'm two weeks into computer science HL and so far I feel really nervous and lost. It's the first time our teacher teaches CS at the same time as he is really unorganized and confusing(I had him before but in another subject) and all we've been doing for the last two weeks is basic programming in Python and HTML(very,very basic) without any real goal or objective. He also gives the impression that he doesn't really know the course since he hasn't really told us anything about it at the same time as he's kind of a nervwreck in class. To get to my point and question, what did you guys do in the beginning of Computer Science and how did your classes develope as the course progressed? I hope I'm just too fast too judge and overreacting but it sure doesn't feel like it, appreciate any answer and info you can give me!
  11. Does anyone know in what way the new history IA (2017) is different from the old one? And what exactly stays the same? Would really appreciate it!!
  12. Hi! I've just begun my IB course, and I'd like to print the syllabus content for economics so I can use it when revising or checking which topics I've gone over, but I don't know where I can get the official syllabus. I'm also not sure which edition to use (is it the 2013 version? or was there a syllabus change like the sciences?) I'll be sitting my final exams in 2018 since I've just begun the course. If anyone can help redirect me to a link or show me how, it would be very helpful! Thanks
  13. I start grade 11 in September and I'm going into Math HL . I'm really good at math but I still want to prepare myself for this course. I can't seem to find any syllabus on the IB website and I'm not sure other syllabus i find on random websites will be updated or accurate. Anyone know where I could find an accurate syllabus or maybe pdf versions of books? Also, any other tips for preparing for math HL? And anyone recommend a graphic calculator? edit: literally minutes after posting this i found the syllabus docs/Mathematics (GT-MA1)/IB – Mathematics HL Curriculum Guide.pdf But I don't know which books to use to start prepping myself!
  14. I'm planning to resit my HL biology exams and was wondering what changes there were to the syllabus since the new syllabus has been introduced for the exams in 2016.
  15. Hey so... is there even a history syllabus? Or just something which tells us what we absolutely need to know? If anyone knows where I can get it, pleaaase tell me
  16. Hello! I was wondering if someone could help me out here... I'm currently doing chemistry sl and my IB exam is in May. I'm wondering if anyone could recommend me any textbooks or resources that can help me learn the material? My teacher tends to skip over some lessons and the notes I currently have..doesn't really help me understand the topics very well... Thank you! Chantel
  17. Hi guys, I know this will be unlikely. But does anyone have copies of the new syllabuses for 2016 in Physics and Chemistry, As you all know, the syllabus is going to be changed. The syllabuses were released to teachers in december of 2016, but I want to have a look at their content for some personal reasons. So if anyone has a copy of the syllabuses, please send them to me! You can attach them as files in your replies or send an email to n_______ Thanks.
  18. Hey everyone, I was wondering how much of the Psych HL syllabus should have been covered in the first year of study. Our teacher is quite inexperienced, and I'm worried that she left too much to teach on our second year. So far, we've learnt the biologcal, sociocultural, and developmental units of psychology. That's a total of 90 hours of teaching according to the IB syllabus (30 hours each), which leaves 150 hours of teaching for the second year, out of the total of 240 teaching hours in the Psych HL syllabus. So, how much of the syllabus are we meant to go through in year 1, and will we realistically be able to learn the rest of the syllabus by May?
  19. 14 downloads

    This file is the syllabus for the new Visual Arts course, first examinations in 2016. I hope you find it useful!
  20. 138 downloads

    I noticed that the latest Chemistry subject guide was missing for the files, so I thought I'd upload my copy.
  21. 164 downloads

    Final Examinations 2015, not the new Syllabus! (Sorry =.= left out atomic structure~ otherwise would exceed max upload amount.. but hey atomic structure is just the really basics!)
  22. Soooo.... the other day, I remembered that while going through the syllabus we had been told that there would be a few substitutions we would be required to memorize for integration by substitution. However, in the syllabus, we have this: What exactly are 'standard substitutions' that we have to memorize? It's very vague to me. These are the ones our teacher gave us: integral of sqrt(a^2 - x^2) dx => x = asin(theta) integral of sqrt(x^2-a^2) dx => x = asec(theta) integral of sqrt(x^2+a^2) dx => x = atan(theta) (unfortunately, I don't remember how to get theta...) Are there any others we need to know? And I would be grateful if anyone could kick start my memory as to how to get theta EDIT: Lemme rephrase, are there any useful substitutions that we can memorize? Such as these ones? These you can probably solve brute force, but in some questions just knowing these can be helpful. ctrls provided a few useful ones a bit down.
  23. Hey guys, I recently found a two youtube channels (one Chemistry,the other one Physics) that you may have already heard of here on IBS and that hopefully can help you improve your marks. Chemistry: Mr Thornley (Chemistry videos) covers all SL&HL topics plus options A + D. He has multiple playlists (the videos cover the syllabus point by point). Most of the videos are quite short (no more than 3min I'd say). Physics/ Maths SL: Mr Campbell also does a great job with his videos (I believe) but sadly he doesn't have as many as Mr Thornley. Do you guys know any other youtube channels (or other websites)? I hope that at least some of you find these useful
  24. 33 downloads

    Worksheet for Economics SL - Microeconomics. Curriculum statements with space to write notes in.
  25. 25 downloads

    Complete Syllabus focused notes for Chapter 3: Human Population, Carrying Capacity and Resource use for Environmental Systems and Societies