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Found 26 results

  1. I'm currently choosing courses for my grade 9 year, and I have to choose between grade 10 intro to computer studied and grade 11 comp sci (both require no pre-requisites, and both are available for ninth graders). The grade 10 course is like an introduction to fields in technology and an introduction to Python, while the grade 11 course is programming in Java and an intro to graphical UIs. I’m also taking Python classes right now. I’m really stuck and would really appreciate it if someone could help me decide which course is the best one for a grade 9 student. Thank you
  2. I'm trying to develop a good research question for my History IA that involves technology during WW2, like the atomic bomb and radar. I have considered questions like "How did WW2 influence developments in science" and "To what extent was technology during WW2 affected by the war", but these seem very general and difficult to research. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks..
  3. I want to study in Hong Kong, and am applying to City Uni of HK, HKU, and HKUST I have a predicted 35 Math HL 4 Phys HL 5 Chem HL 5 Lang lit HL 6 Econ SL 6 Spanish B SL 7 TOK/EE 2 I'm quite undecided on what I want to study, I just want to get into one of these schools. Are there any majors that would make my chances higher, at any of these unis, especially HKUST and HKU? I know that at HKU, a 33 makes an applicant competitive for economics and finance (per their website) Any thoughts?
  4. So I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the specimen papers for the 2016 specification. I've found the biology one but can't seem to find the one for D&T. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi all, im currently taking Design Technology and currently being the leading student in our school for the Major Projects / IA's. I tend to collaborate with my teachers about issues with the guidelines and many of the problems that tend to arise. If you have recently heard about the new exemplar that has been released with a grade of 47/54 you may have many questions of which may be similar to mine, and that the issue you may also be talking with other students is the lack of attention that this subject is getting. I wanted to discuss the formats of the MP and all issues involving it as I need to hear other persectives. as well as other issues you are having so we can all come to a consensus and work this out together. Format: I looked at the exemplar format and it was not to MLA, where as I thought we would need MLA to an extent. we all know the format but we are restricted In page numbers not words, therefore I assume that double spacing, and all but font size and style are discounted for as if I double space, I halve the content I can write. Furthermore I evaluated the format of the exemplar and noticed the margins were not to the MLA's inch standard, more like 1cm or a half. After doing some calculations I found it was 180 extra words per page, that being used as words or pictures. while its not a lot for one page, do remember we have 44 pages, so it equates to around an extra 8000 words. That's the difference between 6's and 7's in the major project. I don't want to be at a disadvantage for not using as much of the page as I can when im restricted to the amount I have. therefore i may stretch my margins so i can access the full potential of my pages. otherwise its wasted space. other issues: i speak for my class on this one, ive done GCSE's in the past and did DT, so i have around 7 years of DT practice in my pocket by now, and i do it out side of school as a hobby. I am personally finding this project a stretch to meet everything they ask in the mere 60 hours we have. Many people don't have the technical skill to pull of what needs to be done unless they do it as a hobby. My issue here is, i wanted to know what others had on this perspective as my fellow classmates only have about half to a quarter of my experience and i can see that its no so straightforward for some. does help but were kind of in a country where it takes 5 months or a year to get anything shipped to so =P, or it wont arrive. any thoughts by others. On another note, there haven't been any specimen papers and on the OSC there is no DT revision section, any one have sources, i just feel as though this subject is getting neglected, we don't even have a text book for the new course, where as i take physics and there's tones of stuff to use, DT isn't as strait forward, its a huge field as is heavily based on perspective due to it being somewhat of an art.
  6. Hi, I am current pre-IB student and have to make decision about my subjects in IB. I want to study law, but I also consider political science or something with media, but Law is my priority. Now I have chosen: English B HL History HL Geography/Psychology HL MAths Studies Polish A SL And I do not know which one: biology or DT should I take. Please help, I have no idea what to choose Thank you!
  7. Hi guys, I need help with something... I've been able to find other specimen papers but I can't seem to find the D&T specimen one. If any of you have it, could you possibly send it to me or tell me how to find it? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey guys, so it's summer, and I need to start my Extended Essay since I start school in about a month. I want to do my EE in ITGS ( Information Technology in a Global Society) 1. Subject choice. Done 2. I would like to talk about Illegal Downloads, or the piracy of movies and its impact in the Cinema Industry. But I still don't know which one should I choose. I mean, I have to narrow down my choices, but for sure, I would like something to do with piracy. Could you guys help give me ideas of topics in this area? I already thought of: -Piracy of music To what extent is it okay to download music illegaly? -Piracy of movies To what extent is it okay to download movies illegaly? -Piracy of software -Privacy in businesses And that's basically it
  9. Hi everyone, So, my RQ is "The effect of technology in the construction industry" or basically "To what extent has technology affected the construction industry?" (Computer Science) Now to be honest, I'm not sure whether this is narrow enough. I feel that it might turn out to be really general and not specific. Is there any way I can refocus my RQ to be more specific? I would really appreciate it if you all could pitch in your opinions or any suggestions. Thanks in advance
  10. I don't know how many of you would know about John Titor, but this guy claimed to be a time traveler from 2036 and appeared in 2000. These days I am watching steins gate (an anime) and through this I learned about Titor. Well, I would like to know anything interesting that anyone knows about him and how many of you actually believe that he is not faking it? [if you just came across this topic and do not know anything about Titor I suggest you read about him on the net, 'cause it is interesting!]
  11. Hi guys! It's been a while since I've made a good ramble. Here goes: It's the year 2015. With technology and innovation rapidly moving forward, there is literally a plethora of new products at our disposal. However, some things that technology has achieved can be said to make society counterproductive- things that we use or binge on that prevent us from being efficient, or getting work done. For example, when too much time has been spent on social media, gaming, or just scrolling your new phone,work is not getting done(I am guilty of all three). Some particular advances in technology will continue to hinder our efficiency, distract us from working, or simply make us become lazy, because its job is to do something for us in the push of a button. Now I understand if you think it could work the other way,- how technology has helped us make great strides in science, leading to breakthroughs etc...but I would like to focus the discussion on its negative implications. Just the other day I had some relatives come over with their two kids, sort of like a half botched family reunion kind of deal. Both were under the age of 10, and they both had iPads. While we were about to take a family photo, one of them had to be told several times to put it away. It was clear that my little friend's interest was more on his iPad, and not on a potentially memorable family experience. An iPad was able to undermine the idea of our family spending quality time together. With all this, I'd like to focus your attention towards how technology can affect the lives of young children, those who haven't matured enough to understand what time management and priorities are, or how hard it really is to get a university degree and making a living for some of us out there. Living a life where you are able to get a quality education, technology will always be part of the environment you are raised and grew up, even more so today. If some young adults such as ourselves find it hard to control how much time we spend on something such as social media, think what could happen to future generations if parents didn't regulate the amount of "stuff" their kids are exposed. Children might be obsessed with that new app, phone or game. My dad has gotten me to think the world is coming to **** because of "all the new junk people make". Even now I find distaste in seeing six-year old kids on their iPhone 6's. It's gotten to the point where I generally don't like interacting with kids and even younger students because of how technology has spoiled them. Even hearing babies cry irks me -anyway- the way I was raised, and the way my parents and probably your parents were raised, the idea was that when you're young, you should be exposed to more valuable experiences to learn, develop yourself and find out what you really love doing, not whiling your days away on this, that or the other. Technology comes in the way of that idea. "But mom," I said. "All the other kids in school have a cell phone." Completely taking away the source of entertainment might elicit a more than negative response from the child. Some quote I heard a while back really made me think it relates at to this thread(the second part anyway). It goes something along the lines of: "Objects are made to be used, and people are meant to be loved. What's fundamentally wrong with our world today is people are being used, and objects are being loved." How is technology and innovation really affecting younger generations? Is it becoming a problem? What can we do to effectively get younger children to stay focused, and how much regulation is necessary? Does it just boil down to effective time management? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter, whatever you have to say.
  12. My current topic is along the lines of "How effective are the warnings given to high school student on the dangers of technology?" My main problem is I'm not sure where to specify and focus in the parts put in red. Should I state: what type of warnings; which high school students; what dangers(e.g. health/security); of which technologies(e.g. media/cellphones/games/computers); should I also try focus in on a country or even a school. Any help would be appreciated even if it doesn't directly relate to my topic. I still need to think about conducting my own testing and wondering if a survey is the way to go and how to go about that, or if there is a another way I can test. Any questions I should further research or changes to my topic would be great to hear about. Please leave any thought, thanks.
  13. Hey, so today, in ITGS there was a huge debate, I was alone, against two people, arguying whether computers could think or not. So, I think computers cannot think, as thinking is considered as a "mental act" . I gave the argument that they are programmed to obey commands, made by human beings, and this is what can even give Artificial Intelligence for video games, anyways, what do you guys think?
  14. As technology rises every year, (And this was one of my English B HL presentation Topic) most of the time, we use technology to help us, wordprocessors, search engines wikis, forums etc.. However, does this new way of making researches, homework and classwork really benefit us?
  15. I recently stumbled upon a comic online: www.theoatmeal.com/comics/tesla (while you're at it you might want to check out The Oatmeal's response to Forbes critisism of the comic: www.theoatmeal.com/blog/tesla_response) I've been doing a lot of research on Tesla's work and accomplishments. And right now I am compelled to feel that he just might be the most genius person in the field of science after Galileo and Einstein. Isn't it a freaking conspiracy how his name rarely ever comes up in any physics textbooks?
  16. Hey guys, Thank you so much for taking your time to read this thread. This is going to be my first TOK essay... and I am so lost. I have no experience in any philosophical/knowledge thinking. I have been taking TOK classes for around one month now (8 hours), but in terms of understanding the course and formulating knowledge questions, I haven't really understood anything. That aside, we were given the task of writing a 1,000 word essay due in 2 days. Originally we were given 5 days, but I only managed to finish all my homework today. We went on a TOK trip to 2 museums, and we have to include 1 example from each museum. "To what extent can technology help and hinder our perception of reality and trigger our emotions?" I have a brief plan and it was marked by the teacher. That's all. So yeah, need some help Thank you very much!
  17. Hi everyone! So here's my story: I am thinking to change school and the new school asks me to bring in at least a draft on my EE as soon as I go back to school after my summer vacations. The only problem here is that I did not yet start it and neither I know what to write about! At the beginning I was planning to write an EE for Visual Arts discussing about design innovation and how it changes through time but the art teacher did not agree very much my idea. Sincerely, even though I love art and modern design I surely would not give my best because I'm not that good to analyze the different artworks. Therefore I went on the IB website in order to see if maybe there was a subject in which I could do better. Finally I encountered this new subject called Design Technology (found in the Group 4: Sciences section of the site) which will be introduced next September. "The current design technology course is under review and teaching of this new course will begin in September 2014, with first examinations in May 2016." Since technology and innovation are my favorite two things both in school and within my everyday life, I wanted to know if it was possible to write an EE based on the Design Technology course and if a title such as "How technology is changing our lives: advantages and disadvantages." PS. I know there is already the Computer Sciences course but I am not sure if an EE written for that subject must include something about coding or programming in general and I would avoid this since I do not know anything about it. Thank you for your help! - Carlo.
  18. My partner and I have been throwing around ideas for the knowledge issue (KI) of our project that is due in a few days. Help as soon as possible would be very much appreciated. The idea we want and have talked about the most, because it "intrigues" both of us, is something to do with technology. We're looking into and talking about basically implications of technological advancements. "How can we tell or how do we know that any strides in technology are a true advancement for humans(in what sense we have yet to specify)?" Or how can you justify that they are to put it into ToK terms. We need help generating our knowledge issue and whether or not the ideas we've thrown around are awful. Another possible KI we've discussed is "in what ways has technology influenced or changed and 'progressed' the human livelihood?" I know technology is very vague of a topic because it is just the application of science to create anything. We just NEED help coming up with a good open ended question. Thank you.
  19. Hey guys my research question for now is: How will the ever-evolving computer systems with an emphasis on cable technology/fibre optics affect (specific business)? My trouble is finding a specific business and i need to specify 'affect', Fibre Optics are basically strands of engineered pure glass which carry information, thats how we're able to download watch tv etc...and im troubled with primary research, I dont know what kind of numerical data i need... and one question: does primary data have to be numerical? To get a gist of what i have to write heres a small part of my intro its first draft so its not that sophisticated Nowadays a business’s main aim is to make profit. With the freakishly rapid evolution of computers, production speed, efficiency, costs, and most importantly communication have been greatly optimized to their liking, leading to profit. The driving force behind this optimization are fibre optics. Fibre optics has connected all of us, its not the iphone or the Samsung Galaxy, that has connected us, its more specifically cable technology.
  20. 155 downloads

    Notes for World War 1 along with model essays for Paper 2 (Causes, Practices and Effects of War) (PDF files)
  21. Is ITGS really such an easy subject? I really want to take it because encryption and all sounds so interesting but everyone term it as an "easy subject". I'd be removing Economics if I take up IGTS....but I suck at economics..im getting 3 out of 7 in my internals and exams in Eco.....(Grade 11 ib). Should I take ITGS...and is it actually THAT easy?
  22. Hey guys, So I was looking more into this google glass project. It seems like a pretty amazing piece of technology. Basically you would be able to search the web and get maps and books and everything whenever you wanted to... has anyone else heard of this or have any thoughts about this...? It seems pretty amazing to me... If you go to techradar.com you can see a pretty sweet video about it...
  23. Anything related to Technology design subject and Extended Essays on it.
  24. Hey guys, So for my bio 20 ib class, we have to create a design lab about how technology affects humans. Though this is a very wide topic, I have no clue in how to design a lab I would actually be able to perform. I really want something do-able within around 2 hours and not requiring too much equipment.. Help guys ! Thanks in advance !
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