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Found 14 results

  1. Hi! I am currently designing my Biology IA experiment to hopefully conduct this week. I am sure that I want to investigate the affect temperature has on blood pressure because I have my own electric blood pressure cuff. My dilemma is that there are many different ways I could study this relationship and all of my methodology ideas so far have been shot down by my teacher. I would really like to see some decent ideas that can help me better develop the ideas I already have. I know there are many risks I have to be aware of because I am using human subjects and that I also need to control the group of people I choose (gender, weight, etc.) These are what I have already asked my teacher about: -Having my friends over at my house for a few hours and I could change the temperature of my house slightly then test their blood pressures (just a time and control of subjects) -I could put the subjects in my car one at a time and change the A/C and heat of my car then record the temperature of the interior using a probe thermometer (my teacher had a concern of carbon monoxide poisoning even though I was going to do this outside anyway) I know there are so many factors that I would have to control like: what they ate that day, their exercise level, etc. It would be great if I could get eliminate the human subjects factor all together but with my topic that would be impossible. Any and all feedback on my ideas so far or possibly new ones would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi, I've been thinking about my Chemistry EE and came up with an idea, but need some opinions or suggestions on it: "How does the Kc of an indicator made from hibiscus (called Kind) change with temperature?" Another idea I had was "For what type of titration are hibiscus indicators the most effective: strong acid-strong base, weak acid-weak base, strong acid-weak base or weak acid-strong-base?". I'd like some thoughts on the above ideas. Thanks in advance!
  3. T further we go north or south (increase in absolute latitude), the temperature drops right. They say this is because the sunlight falls at a greater slant as you go towards poles. So does that mean that the temperature is related to the latitude or the slope (derivative) of that latitude point?
  4. Hi so for my IA I am doing the effect of temperature on the vitamin C content of pineapple juice. However, I am having some trouble writing my procedure, I was wondering if anyone has done this experiment and if they could please share it with me so that I know I am on the right track! Thank you so much (and yes i know this lab is so mainstream lol) -abi
  5. Is it good to do my IA on correlation between temperature, wind speed and humidity. I have all the data set. But I don't know how to start the introduction. Please help me. Thank you in advance
  6. Hi, I came up with an idea for my Mathematics IA, and the idea is about investigating how the temperature of a cup of tea changes over time. I would take the temperature of the room and the initial temperature of the cup of tea, and the temperature again of the cup of tea at a certain time interval. With this data I will predict the temperature at another time interval. Now there is Newton's law of cooling which has a differential equation that I must solve and eventually you can form an exponential decay function, but i was wondering if this topic would be too easy for a Math HL IA. In addition, thus this topic involve too much physics? I will try to stay away from delving into the thermodynamics of this situation but some background information would probably be required. Thank you in advance for any assistance!
  7. Why does the dissociation constant change with temperature?
  8. Hi! I'm still choosing my topic. I'm doing it on Physics. These are my three final topics but could you help me choose them, thanks! If you have any other suggestions, that would be great too! How does the temperature affect the magnet's strength? How does the color affect heating of water? How does the temperature affect the lift decay of a helium balloon?
  9. So I need help because I originally had a EE topic that I recently discovered wouldn't work out so I have now been scrambling to come up with a new one. My new basic topic is: The effect of temperature on sound waves. But I need help refining this because I'm not sure where to go from here. Any help would be really appreciated, particularly if: - You have finished a physics EE and have advice - You have knowledge on sound waves and their variables - You have any other ideas for a new direction for this topic - Any related research you know of - etc. Thank you!
  10. How am I supposed to include a 5X5 experimental design (5 forms of independent variable with 5 repeats of the experiment) for this particular lab?? It seems fairly simple, so I'm not quite sure how I would obtain the 5 forms of independent variables... so far I only have two independent variables... Research question: How will different temperatures affect chemical reactoin of the enzyme catalayse in hydrogen peroxide? What I have so far: Independent variable= temp of potato; hydrogen peroxide. Dependent variable= reaction time in test tube through measuring time taken for paper to float to top of test tube. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!
  11. Hey everyone, I am writing up my biology extended essay based on investigating the effects of changing heat shocking temperatures on the transformation efficiency of E. coli. I have already started writing up my EE (background information, variables, hypotheses, etc.), gotten to a decent number of words, but I haven't come around to actually start doing the experiment and collect data... To put it simply, I am kinda lost as to how many trials I need to have, and also the amount of cells (ul) I would need in total (my supervisor said a transformation uses around 25-50ul cells). My temperatures are going to be 18, 27, 36, 42, 50 degrees Celsius. Please help me out!! I hope to be able to start collecting data this week! Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, for my Biology EE I was thinking of doing an experiment where I test out different temperatures on the heat shock during bacterial transformation. I've decided to test the effect of temperature because the protocol I'm using has very specific temperatures and times when merging the bacteria (E.coli) and plasmid containing the antibacterial resistant gene, so therefore I was curious as to what will happen if I were to change the temperature slightly. Do you guys have any suggestions? What do you think of this as a Biology EE lab?
  13. Hi Guys! I have decided to do my EE in physics, and want to measure the efficiency of a charging battery, comparing how much electricity is actually used to charge the battery and how much electricity is just converted to heat energy. I was wondering if anyone knew of any temperature measuring devices for such an experiment, because I don't think a simple thermometer will work, or even a standard data probe due to it being a point, I was wondering of any of you knew of an alternate way of measuring temperature in this case, maybe something like a flat pad I can attach to the battery.
  14. Design lab topic: temperature affecting vitamin c content in orange juice temperatures are 25°C, 35°C, 45°C and 55°C. I am going to be using starch to determine how much drops of iodine needed to oxidize it. Question is: will increasing the temperature affect the results (will it damage the starch n iodine content?) Thank you
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