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Found 25 results

  1. Hi everyone, I just finished the IB and am trying to sell my books to buyers in the European Union! Please message me if you're interested in any of them. I am willing to send pictures of books, explain their condition and discuss prices via email. Buyers must pay postage depending on weight/size and German Post Prices. IB BOOKS: Pearson Baccalaureate Biology Higher Level 2nd edition IB Economics Course Book: Oxford IB Diploma Programme 2nd edition Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Geography Course Companion IB Geography Study Guide: Oxford IB Diploma Programme Biology Study Guide 2014 edition: Oxford IB Diploma Programme Economics Study Guide: Oxford IB Diploma Programme Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma GERMAN BOOKS: Besuch eines Handlungsreisenden Der Besuch der alten Dame: Eine tragische Komödie. Neufassung 1980 Die Verwandlung von Franz Kafka: Text und Kommentar Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit Kanak Sprak / Koppstoff: Die gesammelten Misstöne vom Rande der Gesellschaft Die Vermessung der Welt Texte, Themen und Strukturen - Schülerbuch Gebundenes Buch – 1. April 2014 ENGLISH BOOKS: The Handmaid’s Tale Macbeth: York Notes for AS & A2 SAT BOOKS: Barron's Math Workbook for the NEW SAT, 6th Edition (Barron's Sat Math Workbook) + a sabis math book
  2. Hi! I'm starting IB this August and I was wondering what supplies (notebooks, binders, folders, etc)/textbooks/resources I would need. Or if any of you have any useful tips or websites, I would really appreciate it. My subjects are : HL - English A Lang/Lit, Psychology, Business SL - Biology, Spanish AB Initio, Math Application and interpretation (starting this year) Thank you!!
  3. I am interested in selling a number of my IB books (many of which have never been opened or used, although some have plastic contact on them)! I took my exams in November 2018 so these were the books that were suited for my year and possibly for future years to come! - Edible English 4th Ed. [BRAND NEW] = $20 - Biology Study Guide Oxford (2014 ed.) [BRAND NEW] = $70 - Biology Course Companion Oxford (2014 ed.) [BRAND NEW] = $45 - SL Maths for the IB Diploma Haese 3rd Ed. [BRAND NEW] = $70 - TOK 2013 Ed. Oxford [BRAND NEW] = $50 - Extended Essay Oxford Course Companion = $40 - Economics in a Nutshell Exam Study Guide Tragakes = $40 I would prefer to only send stuff to Australia but if you are from elsewhere just let me know! Thank you and good luck with your IB studies!
  4. I'm a first-year IB student taking Maths HL and our class is currently using the Oxford textbook (the one with the purple flower on the cover). Personally, I find that the explanations/examples are lacking in this book which is a real problem since I practically have to self-study the subject because the teacher is crap. Also, lots of people say the questions in the Oxford book are a lot easier than the questions on the actual Maths HL exam. I have every Maths HL textbook on PDF so getting them won't be a problem. I just haven't gotten the time to reference any other book besides the Oxford one since the class progresses really fast. Please leave your textbook recommendations below and your thoughts on other textbooks in the hellish realm of Maths HL. Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi everyone, Next year I am going to be taking Chemistry HL , Biology HL , Economics HL , Math Sl and Lang/Lit SL. Now I was wondering if anyone had good textbook ( textbook, study guide etc.) suggestions for these subjects that I will be taking? Since our school does not require to buy or use a specific book. Thank you:)
  6. im starting the IB this coming school year and i dont really know which textbooks and guides to buy from. my subs: bio, psyc, geo thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, I am starting IB in a few years, and I was thinking of practicing and solving problems by myself beforehand. Can you recommend me which textbooks have the most content, explanations, and problems? Our school uses harris & hease, but I don't think there is much content to it. Thanks
  8. So, I go to Lo-Ellen, and have been having some trouble finding a certain textbook. Our IB teachers gave us a large stack of books in june to read over the summer, including two history textbooks. However, all we need from these two books is the first chapter of each. They told us that we would need to buy their OSC IB Revision versions for the rest of it. The names of the textbooks are: Peacemaking, peacekeeping and international relations 1918-36 and Causes, practices and effects of wars. The OSC Revision version of the first I found easily enough, but hit a wall that had me more confounded than a meteorologist in a thunderstorm: the OSC Revision of the second didn't seem to exist! I can find no mention of its mere existence anywhere. I havent been able to contact anyone in my classes, and would like to clear this up. Also, if anyone from Lo-Ellen is reading this, could they please email me where I should purchase the books?
  9. Hey there! I was wondering if any of you knew where I could find free IB textbooks? Here are my subjects: Physics HL Chemistry HL Math HL Eng Lit SL (I know there's no textbook for this one ) Econ SL French SL
  10. Does anyone happen to have a pdf version of the IB oxford course companion for Bio the 2014 edition? Or a pdf of the cambridge textbook also for Bio the 2014 edition. Your help would be greatly appreciated
  11. My teacher doesn't really teach very well for mandarin and so I'm looking for suggestions for textbooks to use (I already have some of the easy steps to chinese books) I was also wondering if anyone had any experience with this book: http://www.amazon.com/Mandarin-IB-Diploma-Yan-Burch/dp/147182909X and if they knew that it was good
  12. Contact me through this forum if you would like to know which books I am selling I did HL BUSINESS MANAGEMNT HL ENGLISH HL BIOLOGY SL ENGLISH SL CHEMISTRY SL FRENCH
  13. Which are the recommended textbooks for the two extra topics in Further Mathematics HL, Linear Algebra and Geometry? Moreover, are the normal HL textbooks good enough for the other topics in Further Mathematics HL? Thank you for your help!
  14. Hi This September I'm going to start the IB and I'll take geography SL. I'll use Nagle&Cooke Course Companion, however I've realised that there are two editions (2011 and 2012) and both books basically look almost the same if you look inside. Could please advise me whether it woould really change anything if I buy the 2011 edition? Are there many discrepancies between these two books? Thanks in advance
  15. Hello people, I'm looking for good textbooks for Chemistry and Biology and I do not know which publisher makes the best textbooks for the IB curriculum in terms of understanding, relevance to the syllabus, and presentation. Both Oxford and Pearson are publishing new editions of their textbooks for the new 2014 syllabus. Oxford is making a '2014 edition' and Pearson's is a 'Pearson Baccalaureate 2nd Edition', so it is most likely that a lot of people have not seen the new publications yet and they are not yet in use. However, let's judge based on their post-2009 / 2011 books. If any of you guys have or previously owned any of these books, what do you think of them? and if you have completed the IB, has it helped you achieve well in the course, and get a score of like, say, 7? Thank you in advance.
  16. Hellooooooo IB lads! Do any of you IB survivors have any effective study methods for Math HL? I haven't started IB1 yet but I would really like to hear some study tips for doing well in math. I'm a real noob at studying and I would love to hear some of yall's study-methods.
  17. I'm currently in pre-ib ant my school and graduating students are selling their science textbooks. Before buying them, my dad wants to know if the curriculum is changing soon. I'll be writing my exams in May 2016, so will the science curriculum (bio and chem) be different next year when I'm starting IB? Will I need to get different textbooks?
  18. Hi everyone. We have a history teacher who is new to IB and is not really sure about what's going on. Unfortunately, our lovely school has failed to provide us with any text books either- and I am planning on buying some abroad when I go for break. What text books are essential, and which books do I need to cover the topics that I need for IB? Desperate.
  19. Hey guys! I sat my exams in the November 2013 session and seeing as I am now done with the IB, I am looking to sell the massive heap of textbooks that I have left at very reasonable prices!! I did the following subjects: - French HL - English A Literature SL - Biology HL - Chemistry HL - Physics SL - Maths SL I have an assortment of textbooks and subjects guides ranging from OSC, Pearson's, Cambridge, Oxford, etc I also have some novels/texts from English SL (Atonement, The Outsider by Albert Camus, Jane Eyre, The Glass Menagerie, Pride and Prejudice, Hamlet, A Room With a View, Pygmalion, etc) that I can sell at a much reduced price compared to that of bookstores. Please feel free to message me if you're interested
  20. Hi, I'm starting IB this fall at a school in Texas which uses the Hearse Hease books. I want to buy really good books for Econ, History of the Americas and Biology. Which books would you recommend and why?
  21. Hi everyone, I just finished the IB and are trying to sell my books! Message me if you're interested in any of them. Willing to send pictures of books. Prices discussed of email. Buyers must pay postage depending on weight/size and German Post Prices. ONLY SELLING TO EUROPEAN UNION COUNTRIES Theory of Knowledge books NEVER READ BRAND NEW ! 1. Through The Language Glass by Guy Deutscher ISBN - 978 0 09 950557 0 2. Why People Believe Weird Things by Michael Shermer SBN - 978 0 285 63803 7 3. Irrationality by Stuart Sutherland ISBN - 978 1 905177 07 3 4. The Secret River by Kate Grenville ISBN - 978 0 85786 084 2 5. Sophies World by Jostein Gaarder ISBN - 978 1 85799 291 5 English books good condition ! 1. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi ISBN 978 0 099 52399 4 2. The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee WIlliams ISBN 978 0 8222 0450 3 3. The Reader by Bernhard Schlink ISBN 978 0 7538 0470 4 Geography hardly used very good condition 1. IB Oxford Study Guide Geography (SL+HL) by Garrett Nagle and Briony Cooke ISBN 978 0 19 915241 4 ALSO HAVE THE BIO OXFORD STUDY GUIDE FULL OF WRITTING (SYLLABUS POINTS AND STICKY NOTES WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION) WILLING TO SELL ITS FOR 10 EUROS STILL GOOD CONDITION BESIDES THE WRITTING. THANKS!
  22. Hello all. My school does not offer a textbook specifically made for Chinese IBSL. Does anyone here have recommendations on what textbook I can purchase online to guide me towards the exam? I'm from America, so IB is fairly new here. Also, any advice on the exam? Is it in complete Chinese? I have been learning traditional characters, will I also need to know simplified? Thank you. Help is appreciated!
  23. Guest

    Buying Textbooks

    Hiii!! I need help deciding if I should buy textbooks or not. I'm in Biology HL and Chemistry SL and we're using books from Pearson. I've heard good things about Pearson, for example, its very detailed in explanations but I've also heard that the study guides and course companions are also good in terms of exam revision because they're more concise and answer the assessment statements. Thus, I'm unsure if the Pearson textbooks are enough :T And if I do decide to buy extra books which one should I get? The study guide or course companion? Also, is buying these textbooks a good investment for university? in terms of, is the material generally the same and can i still use them? Long story short, I would like to know your opinion on the matter, and if you've bought any of the books, your experience with them, etc. Thanks in advance
  24. Hello! I'm very interested in studying Geography at university, but my school doesn't offer it as an IB subject. So, I want to read some about it on my own. What textbooks do you guys recommend? Which books are you using in class, for example? From what I've read so far, Planet Geography seems to be common. Is that a good one?
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