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Found 12 results

  1. Hey everyone. I've justed started my first year in IB and I switched from chemistry to art sl. I only have a teacher for half of my lessons everyweek, and since i've just started I'm very confused. I have no idea where to start or what I should be doing. I'm also seriously confused about what I put in my process portfolio, like do I just explore random topics, or do i start a project and explore within that project. I'm already 5 weekds behind, so I need help pretty badly hahaha Thank youuu
  2. Hey everyone, I've noticed that there is a lack of Theater Arts students on this website and I struggle to find help and advice for my Theater class. Today I decided to put that behind me considering I have been through a lot during my theater journey and decided it would be easier for me to just create a forum for the new Theater Arts students from 2016 onward. This forum will be a discussion point for everything Theater based from the Nov 2016 session and for the years to come (unless they change the syllabus again). Please feel free to ask me any questions that might concern you about the Theater Arts course as I am graduating this November so I've gone through the ups and the downs of being a Theater student.
  3. Ok so I'm stuck in a really annoying situation in my arts class. Basically over the course of the past year I've been producing pieces (mainly photographs) that include nude models and have encountered a few problems with my school when I expressed that I wanted to include these photographs in my final exhibition. Basically I was told to alter the pieces or I wouldn't be able to submit them. Whilst I understand they probably want to appease everyone (teachers, parents who may see the exhibit etc.) and avoid any sort of social faux pas, frankly, I found the experience to be patronizing both towards myself and the potential audience. Even more so because the images aren't sexual (no genitals are even visible) and they aren't even really "nude" because they are covered in body paint. Further, no other students found any issue with the images. Also the model is of legal age, gave permission to exhibit and all that jazz. Does anyone know if there are any official IBO rules on nudity in exhibition pieces? In general I really want to hear your opinion on the issue, for example do you think it was a different media the response would be different?
  4. Hi Guys, So basically I'm trying to do my TOK presentation and I need different perspectives for whether an author should be able to tell true stories through works of fiction. My RLS is Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried, through this we gain understanding of the Vietnam War through the eyes of a solider. I'm analysing this to see if he can tell the truth through his works of fiction, which could be argued as being a lie. So what do you guys think an artist and a historian would say about this?
  5. So.. I'm basically done with my final film but I'm having trouble with music. I thought about not including music in the film but it will definitely be a bore. I tried making a couple of songs through garageband, but I was wondering if it was allowed to include the song loops that are already made from garage band itself. Like I combined a couple of loops together. Would it still be considered plagiarism?
  6. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone could help me think of a more knowledge question-y knowledge question. My current question is "How much should the identity of an artist affect our interpretation of their work?"
  7. Hey all, I am an IB Junior this year (In the US), so this is my first year in DP. This is also the first year that my school is offering IB Music SL. It's pretty sweet, but because my school administration is the worst administration on the planet, we can only actually meet once a week during lunch. :| Because of that we're not allowed to choose what we wanna do for our IA. I really wanted to do composition, but there's not gonna be enough teaching hours so we have to do solo performance. Bottom line, anyone have any tips for how to do good in IB Music, especially since we're not gonna be able to actually go to the class except for once a week? Any good music theory books that will help me prep for exams? I play the violin by the way.
  8. During vacations, I decided to re-do my whole IB workbook from last year and this year (updating it) and I followed this guide: (the very same guide from ibsurvival) http://www.ibo.org/diploma/curriculum/group6/visualarts.cfm(the official site guidelines) http://www.ncbis.net/Editor/EditorImages/Visual%20Arts.pdf(and this one, i think it is official too) Not to worry though, I haven't thrown away or scrapped out my other old IB1 workbook, I still have it. I just decided to re-do and majorly improve it in a different workbook, that's all. After I finished and handed in to my teacher, he said that it probably won't be a good such a idea to do that, since my other IB1 workbook has already been graded. However he was quite impressed when I showed him my freshly new replenished workbook and that he'll maybe considered taking a look at it. The problem is that most of my classmates tell me that I'll probably fail about re-doing my workbook.. (they're probably envious, but maybe they're right??) What happens if I did all this work for nothing? Is this ok?
  9. Hi, I like the look of title 3, but I'm not too sure how to go about it. I was first considering to discuss how emotion can influence our reasoning and relate it to the arts where it can influence our interpretation of a piece. Then give a counter example with mathematics, saying that there is (usually) only one solution in mathematics and so there it can not affect our reasoning but perhaps it can influence our interpretation of the result. Would I need to address how emotion works and whether it works well and how reason works? My initial approach is to just see how emotion influences reasoning in two AOKs but I'm not too sure if that actually address the question. Does anyone know whether that would be a good approach or not? Thanks!
  10. Im doing my tok oral on "What makes a work of art?" and I dont know how to connect it to TOK besides from the fact that every person sees art in a different way. I found a good question that was how do we interact with art, is it rational? emotional? do we need previous knowledge to know about art? I need help to as how to connect this to tok to get a good grade Thanks!!
  11. Hi guys so this is my first post I don't exactly know how to use this thing but I hope I'll get the answer I'm looking for. So first off, I'd like to know what the easiest group 6 subject would be. Last year I took art for my IGCSE's and I was really struggling with the amount of projects that I had and I was finding it difficult to spend so much time on art and in the end I just gave up and went with the flow, not giving a flying **** about my grade (I don't think I even got a mark). Well this year I'm in the same position as two years ago and I don't want to make the same huge mistake of taking a subject that I don't need and wasting more time on it than is actually beneficial for me. I'm planning on becoming an astrophysicist or doing something related to mechatronics or anything that involves maths and physics really, so for me the group 6 subjects are really useless and I don't want to do biology or psychology (although I'm attending psychology classes for now) because I really suck at memorizing terminology and huge ass chunks of text. Initially I had decided to do Film but apparently there was no more space so I had to do something else and my only options are; Visual Arts, Theatre (they're going to open up a classroom because we requested it), ChemHL/BioHL, Psychology, Business and finally Economics (I take this as a group 3 subject in HL though so boo). So my question is, out of all of these, which one would be the easiest to achieve a 7 in at SL. The universities I want dgaf about my other subjects, only maths, physics and my overall IB points, so I just want an easy 7 with minimum work. I know this sounds lazy but I'm taking 4 HLs two of which are physics and maths so I just want to take it easy for at least group 6. Thanks !
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