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Found 10 results

  1. I want to study astrophysics at university and my IB option choice deadline is in a few days. I am debating between taking SL Chemistry or Theater Arts. Currently I am planning on taking: HL Physics, Maths, English Lit SL Economics, Spanish B, Chem/Theater The problem is that I love both chemistry and theater equally and consider myself to be pretty decent at both. I am not willing to drop any of the two because I thoroughly enjoy both so now I don't know what to do as I don't require either of them for studying physics or even astrophysics at university level. (I am taking HL English because I might consider studying Law btw) Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, I've noticed that there is a lack of Theater Arts students on this website and I struggle to find help and advice for my Theater class. Today I decided to put that behind me considering I have been through a lot during my theater journey and decided it would be easier for me to just create a forum for the new Theater Arts students from 2016 onward. This forum will be a discussion point for everything Theater based from the Nov 2016 session and for the years to come (unless they change the syllabus again). Please feel free to ask me any questions that might concern you about the Theater Arts course as I am graduating this November so I've gone through the ups and the downs of being a Theater student.
  3. I'm new to this so I'm a bit confused but anyway.. I'm struggling with an extended essay title. I'm doing mine on Theatre and wanted to focus on Kathakali theatre.. possibly costume and make-up or hand gestures and facial expressions. I was thinking of linking Asian (Kathakali) costume and make-up to Western theatre. Does anyone have any ideas of a type of Western theatre I could use that has elaborate costume and make-up? Or any ideas of a question I could use which focuses on Kathakali but is detailed enough? Thank you!
  4. I am currently researching my theatre EE and am trying to decide on a research question. The problem I am finding is choosing an aspect of greek theatre to focus on in my research question. I currently have a few options of where to go, and I would simply like some feedback regarding which sounds more interesting or doable. 1. The first option is to look at the movement of the chorus in a specific play of greek theatre. I would use textual evidence and existing artifacts to determine the types and styles of movement of the chorus, including dance moves, etc. I would then probably apply this to a real-life performance of a chorus which I would assemble out of friends. Because a lot of the information about the movement of the greek chorus are theories, I could also apply different theories in practice and analyze their effectiveness. Not much information already exists on the topic, only a handful of books or articles, and none of them are definite, but there are an abundance of clay pots and physical artifacts which could inform my topic. 2. This is the topic that I am probably the most interested in. In researching the evolution of the chorus from ancient to contemporary theatre, I discovered a common thread between the greek chorus and the modern day narrator in terms of purpose and action during the play. A modern play which I think emulates the spirit of the chorus through a single narrator is Sondheim's Into the Woods. I could choose any greek tragedy, though I'm leaning towards Sophocles or Euripides as playwrights. In my EE, I would examine the common thread of a choral element and would then compare the two somehow. I could perform excerpts from the two in practice and compare/contrast the narrator and chorus's roles. I could also swap the narrator and the chorus in excerpts from the two pieces (i.e., I would use a single narrator in the greek tragedy and a full chorus in Into the Woods). 3. I could also simply evaluate/analyze how the ancient greek chorus has evolved in contemporary theatre. This would give me the opportunity to look at all of the topics above in less depth, but I fear this thesis may be too broad. I am also having trouble defining why these topics are worth investigating. I believe the IB won't look too kindly on the simple pursuit of academic knowledge, and "it's interesting" seems like a cop-out. Thoughts/questions/concerns, please? I would like some outside insight into which of these I might choose. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey guys, Um....so I'm doing my research investigation for theatre, but I can't find any specific plays for Theatre of the Oppressed I know I have to have a specific play to do it on, so I'm a bit confused. Help please?
  6. Does anyone know when all of the 2013 theatre assessments are due to IB? I heard April 15 but I'm not sure
  7. I'm in theatre arts SL and we haven't really done much with our workbooks. Do we actually send those in, or are they more of a suggestion or aid for ideas? I guess what I'm asking is should I be freaking out and trying to fill my workbook up in the next couple weeks?
  8. can you help me come up with a research question for theathre i wanna do african folk theathre and like talk about the element of story telling. but how do i approach that? please help Like im not sure how fromulate a question...
  9. I was wondering if someone could help me out. I'm taking Theatre Arts HL and I'm still not very clear of all the IA's I'm supposed to do. Could someone kindly tell me every assessment that I'm supposed to undertake in the course of the next 2 years? Much appreciated. Thank you! - Fern
  10. So I haven't really started working on my PPP because I though it would be the easiest so I shrugged it off 'til the end, now I'm not so sure because I've seen a few samples and it's obviously a lot longer than I thought and I'm really confused and my teacher is confusing me more. My stimulus is The Crane Wife a Japanese Folktale. Really cute but sad story, but it gives me some really good themes to work off of like the importance of trust in love and relationships and greed as the greatest downfall for humanity (why else do we tear apart our planet?). So even though the crane wife is originally a japanese story and the usage of a crane has a lot of signifigance to the japanese and the criteria specifically sort of mentions the important of the cultural social settings of the play... does that mean I have to make the play in a japanese style? I'm confused because they want to see Creative interpreations but its already a story and I feel like i'm going to end up copying the story as my plot unless I can think of some crazy twist and sticking the the Japanese culture I won't want to change much about it, if you understand what I mean? Would it not be possible to take the dea from the foltake (basically the plot) but approach in a completely different fashion, like in a modern way? Sorry if I sound unclear. Just sort of confused. Thank you!
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