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Found 17 results

  1. Hey there, This is my first year of IBDP, and I've chosen Visual Arts at an SL level. We're already in our 3rd month of the course but our teacher is bit of a snob and frankly, I can't figure out what to do with this subject. I'm supposed to come up with a theme for all my SL artworks by monday, and based on that theme prepare a draft sketch of a installation we are supposed to make before December. I've thought about some theme ideas and this is what I could come up with: Desolation: How alienated and desolated we feel from our surroundings. Out of place: Being different from how society demands us to be. Wild Desolation: How animals are driven to desolation with the advent of humankind. I'm not sure if something like this will work, given the hideous pressure of making an installation in under a month. I'm real freaked out! If only someone somewhere out there can give me a direction. Thank you!
  2. Research Question: How do the authors of "Of mice and men" and "The Great Gatsby" explore the pursuit of the American Dream during different time periods? Hi, can you please advise me if my research question is either too broad for an English EE, and if it is how should I adjust it to make it more suitable? Also, I have already done a brief plan, which is to compare the similarities and differences in how the theme 'American Dream (AD)' is explored in the books during the Great Depression and the Roaring 20s, for instance in 'Of mice and men' the author explores the AD using different characters to represent unattainability of the AD; however, I am struggling on which aspects of the American Dream I should discuss about as well as the depth of exploration or analysis is needed. So at what depth should my analysis on the American Dream be? And how should I try to implement the different time periods within my analysis? Can anyone please help me as soon as possible, thank youuu!
  3. Hey y'all I have my IOP due in around 2 weeks and I've barely done anything because I keep confusing myself about what to do. We have looked at a lot of texts in class surrounding themes of class distinction (these include the Dolls House by Katherine Mansfield, The Dead by James Joyce and Opportunity by Charlotte Grimshaw). I want to do my IOP surrounding the characters and their perceptions of class distinction and how it affects their behaviour, but I'm worried there's not enough depth in that. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what kind of ideas I could explore in the realm of the theme of class distinction. I'm not too worried about the creativity aspect of it, but more the analysis as I really want a 7!! Thanks heaps xx
  4. Good morning/afternoon/evening (who knows, right?) I have decided to do my Extended Essay on Film. I do not have it at my school, though it is one of my main interests. My question is on the topic. I have thought about two options, please guys help me out in here: comparison between The Lord of the Flies and The Apocalypse Now (my RQ would be: To what extent does each film reflect the downfall of the oneiric/idyllic and the appearance of the anarchy?). In this first option, I would like to explore the islands and the idyllic as a theme, that is, the idea of perfection in Cinema. If you guys have some other idea than Apocalypse Now please tell me. In addition, I though about comparing Sam Raimi's Spider Man (the older films) and Mark Webb's The Amazing Spider Man (the more recent spider man movies). It would be a cool and original thing to do, also there has been lots of debate on Mark Webb's films as they are considered to be worse and puny, comparing to Raimi's. I don't have a topic for this, since it is simply an idea, but if you think this would be good for an EE... I am kinda frightened with this as I have the feeling the examiners won't really like this... Please guys, I am really in trouble, just let me know of what you think and if you had Film as an EE what was your topic. Cheers, Richard
  5. Hello, Im doing my EE on the contradictions that Starbucks has within what they say and what they actually accomplish. This has themes on helping the coffee growers. It is about the C.A.F.E org that they have. In what study area should I fit it in? World Studies, Bussiness and managment? Thanks a lot ps: I know that I should have started by choosing the study area but it's too late now.
  6. Hello guys! Previously, I picked the theme "myself" or "self reflection", but now I want to change my art theme to "people". I really have no idea if this is acceptable or not but I want to do it because I actually really enjoy drawing people and it is something I want to get better at.
  7. Dear Fellow Readers, Currently i'm still in my first year of IB and was wondering to have some thoughts and opinions for my Visual Arts theme. Currently i'm stuck on the problem of weather to have a lot of mixed media pieces (paintings, Portraits, 3D, sculpture etc.) Here is the question that i am asking, i'm wondering weather i can have all my pieces of art be sculptures or should it be better to have a diversity of media. FYI currently I am planning to go and study Architecture for University thus the reason of having the majority of my pieces to be 3D. I just want your thoughts and opinions of what you think of ideas and if it is better for diversity. I would also like some ideas if you do that i can do for my theme of "DEVELOPMENT" "CHANGE" Thank you!
  8. kleruh

    Art HL

    So, school hasn't start for me yet but I'm really nervous for IB. I picked Art HL and two things are bothering me. First, I haven't decided on whether I should do option A or B because I don't really understand the differences between the two. And second, I'm really worried about having a theme that will unify all my studiowork/project. Because I have come up with 3 to 4 ideas for a theme, and I have like 3 themes I'm considering right now. Should there only be one theme throughout or I can have several themes? thank you in advance:)
  9. Heyo, IBers. I'm wondering about my Art theme, because I want to do a body of work in Year 2 that deals with my story of mental health and abuse, all those icky things. I want to exorcise those particular demons, so to speak. Would this be an overshare? Is it just too heavy a subject matter for art class, or do you think examiners would be okay with that? The art is going to get made either way, it's just the question of whether it gets used for IB or not. Thanks preemptively for the help, team.
  10. Hi, I am taking currently taking visual arts HL but I started the IB very late and I have a lot to catch up especially for art. My theme was on world peace and I was trying to relate that to fashion. Another theme that I was thinking was traditions(Korean traditional art) expressed in a modern way. I really can not think of any kind of artwork that I could do for these themes. I'm not even sure whether or not these themes are ok to follow. Could someone give me some advice for my themes and what kind of artwork I could do? Thanks.
  11. Hey guys! I'm about to start Ib art next school year and in required to do 40 pgs in my iwb. I know What I do is suppose to be based on my theme but my teacher had not given us any detail on theme ideas. I was thinking about doing Mental illnesses and the effects they have on people. Do you think this would be a suitable theme? Thanks!
  12. Hey guys, im revising for my philosophy mock exam and I was wondering if any of you took the actual exam in May 2013 and could tell me the questions for the core theme, ethics and political philosophy so I can write some practice essays to prepare for my mock. Thankss!
  13. Hey! So, I got back a commentary I had written in my English final on a poem Behaviour of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden. I ended up getting a 6 on this commentary. The 6 doesn't bother me, what annoys me is the reason I was given for not getting a 7. My English teacher said, "The poem is about a woman seducing and manipulating men with her charm and beauty and seduction abilities." I said the poem was about lecherous men who were tots put on edge by a beautiful, provocative woman who saw no reason to mask her independence and beauty. Suffice to say, I had a very feminist take on the whole thing...and I clarified, that it isn't necessarily the author's intent, but the mood that the poem is like giving off to me as a reader. My teacher disagreed with me, so I got a 6. Is this a good enough reason to petition my result? Can I be downgraded like this because the examiner sees things differently from me? Please help!
  14. If I were to analyse the theme 'Innocence' in The Quiet American, which extract would be the best one? & could anyone give me any exploration ideas concerning Pyle's 'innocence' or any good quotes? Thank you so much!
  15. So I just started the HL B Visual Arts course, and I'm really confused about having themes. Should I be talking about it in my workbook? or do I just go with it and talk about how it developed in my works later? My teacher says I don't need a theme, but it sounds like it would help a lot with coming up with ideas and such... My theme is perspective/reality.
  16. laz3r

    Art HL Theme?

    So, I'm doing Art HL option A and I've been really worried on my theme. Should there really be one unifying theme? My teacher told us that themes aren't really strictly checked because some students from other schools have no unifying theme (as in, their pieces were all out there) and they got a pretty decent grade. Would it be better to have one unifying theme or should I take the risk of not thinking of one and explore lots of stuff? I have been thinking of abuse and war, but is it alright if it's kind of vague? thanks in advance!
  17. I want to write my paper about Nora's struggle to find herself as an individual. I need help forming a thesis and topic sentences. please help! i was thinking for ideas for my body paragraphs something along these line: 1: pet names. Women are less valued. Traditional societal views. 2: facades. The Christmas tree. 3: secrecy. Forced to hid things because torvald might not approve and nora lives in his shaddow. 4: miss linde serves as a realization for nora that she does not need torvald to be happy. 5: self realization/ courage to act on it.
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