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Found 25 results

  1. I want to write a TOK presentation question about Human Error. I had something along the lines of: To what extent can human errors negate the theoretical backing of the natural sciences. My RLS was the Jeju-Daegu air korea plane crash - where the crew were negligent and forgot to read all 12 steps of the safety procedure plan - resulting in a crew miscommunication leading to the crash. What are some other questions related to human error? Is the scope of my TOK presentation a realistic one?
  2. Hello! I'll be doing my TOK OP soon and my teachers aren't very helpful.. so I was wondering if I could show you all my brainstorm here and if you guys could deduce if it is doable? To what extent is language a reliable way of knowing in the natural sciences? My RLS is: The Father of Genetics, Gregor Mendel, in 1865 presented his results in German, the language of the Austro-Hungarian Empire of which he was a citizen living in Brun now in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, his work was not noticed by the rest of the world until it was rediscovered by American researchers in the early 1900s. Much to their credit, they attributed the discovery of Mendel's Laws to him. How much more would the Science of Genetics have progressed had Mendel's work been known by the rest of the world instead of just among the German speakers since 1865? I'm arguing whether language is a reliable WOK in the natural science and my stand is that it is not because of it's inherent flaw as a WOK (language is subjective, the ubiquity of languages makes it difficult for the AOK in natural science because natural science is an objective study and language is tethered to emotion, culture, etc.) There's also the issue of loss in translation. In my presentation, I'm planning to talk about how monolingualism is a solution to the issue of the unreliability of language in natural science (i.e. adopting a universal language in natural science, it's always been a thing. Today, it's English) and real life examples of this is the use of IUPAC. On top of this, the use of models, diagrams help to overcome the unreliability of language. The reason why people need to come up with ways to work around the flaw of language is because without language, scientists would not have access to earlier established and accepted theories which means they would all have to start from the very beginning, the very basic ideas in their science. My counter-argument is that in practice, this 'homogenous' attitude selected a very specific way of looking at the world (due to monolingualism), therefore one can make it easy to discount other types of information as nothing more than folklore. I'm arguing that knowledge that isn't produced via traditional academic research methods which commonly exists in other languages still have scientific value such as indigenous tribes in Indonesia who knew from oral histories how to recognize the signs of impeding earthquakes, enabling them to flee higher ground before the 2004 tsunami hit. Furthermore, the very act of eradicating different languages in the approach to natural science might actually be a disadvantage to the construction of knowledge in general as less scientists may be motivated to conduct these experiments if the audience is not wide enough in their native tongue. What do you guys think? How can I improve? Thank you!
  3. Discussion for the May 2017 TOK prescribed titles: “It is only knowledge produced with difficulty that we truly value.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
  4. Hello all, I am entering my final year in the IB diploma and have chosen to complete my extended essay about oligopolistic pricing and interdependent behaviour with respect to prices in the UAE (where I currently live) international airline industry. This is data I have collected over the past month, consisting of prices of flights with the two largest airlines to nine different destinations, however I am struggling to analyse the data with consideration of the theory of interdependent pricing. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could enlighten me with methods of analyzing such data or make any conclusions based off of it. For those concerned, my research question is: To what extent does the commercial airline industry in the UAE exhibit interdependent behaviour with respect to prices? Thank you in advance, Ben. data.docx
  5. Hey my teacher just told me that you should never ever stay up at night and that it's crazy. Do you guys agree? Because sometimes I stay up all night but I don't really think I'm crazy. Also if you do believe staying up all night is crazy are here any situations which justify staying up all night? Thanks, BongSoldier OUT.
  6. HI y'all I would appreciate some pointers on the Theory of Knowledge presentation. I don't really understand how you can formulate a second order knowledge question from a real-life situation or even what a second order knowledge question is. I believe a knowledge question is just a question about knowledge so would a second order knowledge question be a question about a question about knowledge? Very confused. Any help would be much appreciated and accepted. Thanks, Crash «MemeReviewer» Bandicoot
  7. Dear IB Survival, I'd like to do a TOK presentation about the Torture at Abu Ghraib and I'm trying to find an overall knowledge claim to fit with it. I want to focus on who is to blame, where does the responsibility lie when no one said anything? It's based on the bystander effect and the human sciences in general. I have no clue how to structure this as a knowledge claim... please help
  8. Hey, so I finished writing my IA on proving Fermat's Little Theorem, however I am really confused about what could possibly be a limitation in the writing process? I was just proving a theory with mathematics out of the syllabus that I learned on my on. Help??
  9. Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone would like to exchange some conspiracy theories. There are many floating around here and there. Please do not hesitate to say what is on your mind and also provide evidence for your claim or counter-claim. Thank you.
  10. I have no idea how to revise for computer science! It's my weakest subject and I'm dreading the exam... Any useful tips?
  11. Hi everyone, I need to come up with an idea about what to talk about in my TOK presentation. I would like the area of knowledge to be history, as I take modern european history as a HL subject, but I would like it not to be 'mainstream'. Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. Hi guys! Currently, I am working on this research question: To What Extent is Japanese Media Influenced By the Atomic Bombings of WWII? and the approach is: To What Extent are the Japanese Films Godzilla (1954) and Grave of the Fireflies (1988) Influenced By the Atomic Bombings of WWII? Since I do NOT take Film as an IB subject, I have a few questions to ask and maybe you guys can give me some suggestions or directions? Is the RQ and approach narrow enough? I feel that the research question and the approach are quite similar, so I am not sure if I've phrased it nicely... or not? I'm starting with some background info on WW2 and statistics etc related to Japan. Would that be suitable and count towards the context, or am I drifting off-topic? I'm trying to look for some theory relating to media along the lines of "To understand a society, you have to understand the media, as it can highlight the culture"... Any ideas/leads? Are there any good guides out there for writing a Film essay (structure, areas to analyze etc)? I can only find a few outdated versions... (it'll be great if you can give a link to the website or smth)Thanks,
  13. My research question is: "What are the theoretical economic effects of a downturn in New Zealand’s milk Industry on a small farming town?" For those that are unaware, New Zealand's largest exports are milk, butter and cheese, earning roughly 11.32 billion New Zealand Dollars a year. The next largest export earns less than half of this in export revenue. At first I wanted to look at the effects of my country's main export being drastically reduced, but for obvious reasons this was way too broad so I have narrowed it down by looking at a small town. The problem is, I am struggling on which economic theory to include in my essay. The main theory I am currently planning on using is the multiplier theory, as a reduction in the dairy industry mostly effects farmers, and in farming towns there are obvious flow on effects to the producers/businesses in the township. I have thought about import/export theory and the currency exchange that comes with that, however I'm not sure that it applies as I am looking at just the town. Also I have considered aggregate demand theory but again this is on the macro level which doesn't really fit my research question right? Some ideas would be much appreciated!
  14. Hey guys, I've never quite understood the microeconomic topic theory of the firm, and Ive searched online for help on it but haven't had much luck. Does any one know of any websites/ videos to help with it. Anything to help with my understanding I've tried reading the textbooks but to no avail. Thanks.
  15. Hey guys, I was wondering if this question would be good as the title for my TOK presentation? How can reason be used to justify religious belief? Also, what would the knowledge issue in this case be? Is Einsteins meeting Tagore (intellectual debate between two great thinkers) a good real life situation? Reason induced science vs religion http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2012/04/27/when-einstein-met-tagore/ Cheers.
  16. Hi there! I'm doing language and the Internet as a ToK presentation and I need some words/expressions that you use on the Internet or words/expressions that come form Internet and that you use in "real life". Even one word would be great! Thanks a lot!
  17. Hello. I am fairly new to these forums, and I was wanting to seek assistance on my ToK presentation that is tomorrow. So my knowledge issue is, "To what extent can information kept from patients be justified?" Now, I am not sure on what to put in my presentation exactly, and this is stressing me out quite a bit. I plan on beginning with 2 different situations where the patient would receive information, and another where the patient would not receive information. Then, I am going to interact with the crowd and ask if the scenarios presented were appropriate. Then I will lead into other questions such as "Can anyone else gain information about patients?" Example being insurance companies, to make sure that they receive the correct knowledge on patients. Then I will go into some other questions such as "How do we know when to keep information from patients?" This is about as far as I got, as I am unsure of what else to put in the presentation. I was wondering if anyone on here would like to help me out and guide me in the right direction. Any help would be appreciated, such as commenting on my current plan, as well as suggesting different ways I can address the knowledge issue. Thanks everyone! (In advance)
  18. Hey, I am writing my Economics Extended Essay on the influence of non-price determinants on the demand for airline companies in my city. Specifically, I am discussing such factors as access to lounge, in-flight dining etc vis-a-vis prices. However, I feel my content is extremely qualitative/empirical and more focused on behavorial economics. Any ideas/suggestions for solid economics theories? I tried thinking about elasticities but can't figure out a way to apply them. Thanks!
  19. Hi guys, i was thinking of doing my TOK presentation on the perception of beauty, but don't have a clear Knowledge issue or RLS in mind. What points could i talk about in the presentation? Do I have to take into consideration AOK as well as WOK? I can't really think of a AOK which would relate to my topic.. Is my topic good enough? Do you have any other suggestions? Any help/tips/advice is appreciated thanks!
  20. Hi, I'm doing my Extended Essay in math, and I've been considering a lot of different possible topics. Right now, I'm thinking about showing different real life situations where the Prisoner's dilemma is present (politics, economics and such), what the dominant strategies are and where we find the Nash Equilibriums. I've been writing a bit, and so far I haven't really been doing math, just writing. Is this a problem? Is this topic not suitable for Math as it seems to also be very relevant to psychology, politics and econnomics?
  21. What is the logical relation between the existing four ways of knowing? I've pulled an all-nighter and I am having lots of trouble in retaining my clarity, so I need someone to help me out (this is the second night.) I need to have this question rephrased as it is unclear to me what it means by "logical relation" between the WOKS. Please rephrase this in order help me gain insight to this question SO THAT I MAY SLEEP SOONER! Many thanks.
  22. Hi all, I am doing the following ToK question: The traditional TOK diagram indicates four ways of knowing. Propose the inclusion of a fifth way of knowing selected from intuition, memory or imagination, and explore the knowledge issues it may raise in two areas of knowledge. Here is my essay structure: 1§ Introduce how imagination can be considered a WOK 2§ Argue for it being a WOK (differentiate imagination from other WOKS regarding what it offers that the others don't) 3§ Argue against it being a WOK (conflicts with other woks) 4§ Evaluation/Criticism (include conflicts with AOKS etc) 5§ Conclude "I believe.."/"I don't believe..." refer to paragraphs in their respective numbers, I need help regarding how to open up this question, I think it is very broad and I need to focus in on what I want to talk about. Anyone interested I am willing to elaborate on my approach. But for now please help me regarding my structure and what to include thanks A lot!
  23. So, this is my first year in IB. My junior year starts tomorrow. I have to say that I am really looking forward to TOK. I don't know why exactly, but the idea of it when the teacher came around and described it just sounds so cool. Anyway, I was hoping that some of you more experienced current or former IB-ers could describe to me what TOK is like, what I should be looking forward to, what I should be wary of, how I can do well in this class, etc. I am really open to any suggestions, advice. Anything at all that you guys would be able to offer me to help me, even if it is the cold, hard truth about TOK. Thank you!
  24. Hello, IBS. My essay title has to deal with theories and truth. How do you think that i should direct it? Are the natural sciencies and history good AOK to consider for the essay? How do you think that i can relate it to WOK? Could it be, that we perceive something with our senses and then we starting theorizing about it? Thank you!
  25. Hi guys this is my first question on this Site. I have physics,chemistry and math HL and business and management, and others at SL. I wanted to pursue engineering since beginning. However, now I am interested in the theoretical part of physics and chemistry more. Which degree should I pursue? Engineering or Bachelor in subject degree. As an IB student, which career in science will benefit me more?
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