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Found 16 results

  1. hello, can someone please help to find something that would relate to reaction time? I can't do music, and doing sports,, age, cell phone use etc is a bit old. I want to do how do different air refresher scents affect reaction time but im not pretty sure it will... does anyone have any other ideas?
  2. Hi guys! For my IA, I'm investigating on the relationship between time fall a parachute to fall and its surface area, but I can't get a linear relationship. The parachute didn't reach the terminal velocity, so the velocity is changing when the A is changing and it's also accelerating downwards. What can I do? Help please!!!!!
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering how much work I should have been done with by now considering my exams are in 9 months? My subjects are: Economics HL Business Management HL Lang B HL Math SL English Language & Literature SL Biology SL In terms of IAs, I haven't really done any, except the first 2 of my Economics commentaries, and haven't started my EE either. Do I have enough time? What's a realistic deadline to be done with everything internal? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi guys! So, I know this might be a TOK type of thing, but I really would like to hear the opinions of others about this. For about a year now I've been thinking that eating is a huge waste of time and a human flaw. We spend over 3 hours everyday eating, preparing the food, or even ordering it in a fast food restaurant. Don't you think that this time could be used much more efficiently doing other things such as research, creation of new technology and many other things? Think about it in a perspective - what if people didn't have to spend so much time eating everyday? What if we could just eat some kind of smoothie every morning (or once a week) that would have the correct amounts of every part of a great food diet. If that had been possible a hundread years ago, we would have been far more advanced, as people would have more time on more productive things. Wouldn't that be great? There would be some positive outcomes too. People wouldn't overeat, and therefore obesity and many sicknesses linked to it would basically disappear. Everyone would be healthy, as everyone wouldn't eat too much sugar, fat or other things. Also, it would be much easier to fight hunger in the world, as it would be much easier to give everyone a year-worth of the substance that would feed them and keep them full. Now I know that it's close to impossible for anything like that to be possible in the near future, but what is your opinion? Do you like spending so much time everyday eating, or would you rather eat someting once a day/week that would have the sufficient amount of nutrients? I'm very interested in your responses!
  5. I sent out my request to remark the day after results were released. I read that it could take a few days up to a maximum of 4 weeks.. How long does it really take though? I sent it out ASAP so I'm assuming it'll be faster than average. Does anyone have any experience on this?
  6. Hi there! I've recently found a website and app that has really been a life saviour time managment, tasks completing and exam revising-wise. mystudylife.com I hope it can help someone out there!
  7. Hi, I have run into somewhat of a problem. We are supposed to hand in all ESS reports and fill out a form called PSOW where we list all experiments conducted and list the hours spent on each experiment. This has to add up to 42 hours it seems like. Me, being somewhat of a procrastinator, and having an ESS teacher that's not very aware of how everything in the IB works, I need help from someone here. I have not done all of these reports, and I will not be able to finish them within the deadline set by the teacher to hand in the form. What does this mean? Will I fail the course? I am getting 5's in ESS mocks, if that is relevant at all. Also, I am pretty behind in the biology reports as well and it's the same story. We haven't been told of any "PSOW" form in biology, so I am wondering if there is one, and then the same question. Will my lack of reports result in me failing the courses of Biology and ESS? I am a first year IB student, meaning that my final exams are not to be done until next year around May. So my next question is: Given that my lack of reports will result in me failing the IB courses, is it possible for me to make up for it in the next year? Can I for instance hand in the missing reports in the next PSOW handin, if there is one? I am sorry, I know there are a lot of questions, but I am really freaking out right now as I had no idea this was going to happen. Please reply asap.
  8. 28 downloads

    How to cope with exam stress, especially now that it's just a few months away.
  9. Hello there IB people! Yesterday I did both History Paper 1 and 2, but the thing is that in Paper 2 I answered the two questions in like an hour. Previously, I had read some posts here that suggested no taking too long on writing the essays, as sometimes you can run out of time, so I was kind of concerned that my answers hadn't been long enough. I wrote about one page and a bit more in each question, and did answer specifically to what the question asked. So, what do you think? Will I get very low marks on this one? Thanks a lot for your answers!
  10. Hello. I'm doing a research based world studies(chemistry and biology) EE and I have done some research on my subject, eutrophication in the Baltic sea, and my question is that is a research based world studies EE possible to get good marks and can I complete it with good/moderate marks even though I'll start my IB2 year within the next week. What kind of deadlines should I set myself? For example two weeks and 1000 words or? How long does it take approximately to research, plan and write the essay while doing school work(what experiences you had?)?
  11. Hey guys So basically I would like to ask you how you spend your free time when you have no assingments or tests for the next day. Do you start doing assingments with later deadlines, revise or maybe just rest since you have free time? I'm asking because I have nothing to do for tomorrow but I'm aiming for 35+ score so relaxing the whole evening just because I have no urgent work wouldn't be very wise. I'm looking for some advices on improving my free time left from doing all the compulsory IB work. How is it with you? Do you do for example some additionary reading on the subjects you take whenever you have the possibility or only do what you really have to do (what is already a lot!) and then spend the rest of your time on something not IB-related? I hope that my English is clear enough. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi! What papers (1, 2 and 3) of Biology SL/HL do you think are the most difficult? Can you post them with their TZ as well? Thanks
  13. Hey guys, I'm just wondering how much time I should allot to my Math Exploration. I am doing my IA on transformations. Also, what topics are suitable for SL? Is transformation of curves a good topic for an SL student? Thanks!
  14. I am working on my exploratiion and am absolutely stuck after solving for n=2 through geometric probability, any ideas on solving either questions? a) If n people go to place X and wait for 30 min each, in the span of 24 hours (one day – from midnight to midnight), what’s the probability that any two shall meet? b) If n people go to place X and wait for 30 min each, in the span of 24 hours (one day – from midnight to midnight), what’s the probability that n shall meet each other?
  15. Hi guys, Can you guys share ideas of how you remember your Biology notes or what books or websites you recommend to revise Biology, it such a good lesson! But there's things within the Chemistry of Life section or another topic where it talks about pentose sugars,hyrdolysis, amino acids and R-groups and drawing monomers and just generals along those lines and I'm curious as to how you remember it and what books/websites do you recommend? Thank you
  16. Last film you watched and when? Film: Death at The Funeral When: During the half term, so 18th Feb
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