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Found 27 results

  1. how can i analyze a science fiction fantasy novel for my extended essay and what do i analyze exactly? Need help!
  2. Hello! I am currently working on my TOK essay and my title is "Disinterestedness is essential in the pursuit of knowledge.” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge". "I'd like to ask whether I am allowed to work on more than two AOKs or it is a requirement to have just two? Thank you!
  3. Currently, I am a bit confused. Looking over the extended essay May 2018 guide I see that the title of the essay cannot be stated in the form of a question (I take that to mean that it also cannot be the research question itself). However, in the mathematics section of the guide it says that "In mathematics, the title of the essay must be in the form of a question" (taken directly from the guide). Then, they proceed to give an example of an essay title when describing how you must explain the title early on, but the example they give is not in the form of a question (they give the example "Methods for approximating Π throughout history"). So, that begs the question, should the title of my maths EE be my research question itself, or just a regular title (a statement)?
  4. I would like to ask you guys about my extended essay topic, and honestly, tell me if it's fine. Can we successfully genetically engineer E.coli bacteria to fix nitrogen?. As the title suggests, I would chemically engineer e.coli bacteria to go through the process of natural nitrogen fixation. Concerning tools, I got in contact with a university nearby and they agreed to help. Am sorry if this sounds like it was written in a hurry because... well.. it was.
  5. Hi guys, So I am formulating my psychology EE title and wanted to ask for suggestions. Do you think that the title "To what extent can idealization and devaluation be considered defense mechanisms?" is too broad? Maybe "To what extent can idealization and devaluation be considered defense mechanisms within a child's development?"? I found a lot of research on this theme: cycle of idealization and devaluation, narcissism by Freud, stage of child omnipotency, defense mechanisms against stressors etc. I didn't find experiments yet and wanted to ask if they are essential? Can I just research on the theme a lot and write about findings and evaluate, without having to have specific studies on the topic? Any help appreciated Thank you
  6. Hi! I'm currently deciding on a title for my history investigation. It's probably going to be something like: To what extent was the Soviet Union responsible for the start of WWII? What do you think? Is it too broad? Should I maybe rephrase it? Or should I think of something completely new? Thanks in advance!
  7. I need some help improving the title for my english EE. I want it to be along the lines of how a character is characterized and evolved throughout the book. Can you help me make it stronger? I am doing it on "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Greetings fellow IB (ex)students! I have written my Physics IA under the title "Investigating the Relationship between the Type of Material and the Coefficient of Static Friction". In my lab , I have used 6 blocks of different materials and put them on a wooden ramp. I then tilted the ramp until the block would start to slide, hence recording the angle of inclination and finding out the coefficient of the block's static friction by a derived formula. I conclude stating which one of the tested materials has the highest coefficient of static friction and that there is a direct relationship between material and friction. Is this a valid IA topic or too simple? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, Just read an online guideline that says that chemistry IA research questions should use a chemistry-based independent variable. Unfortunately, i've just finished my IA with the title "An investigation into the neutralising properties of different antacid tablet brands" in which i take different antacid brand and determine which neutralise the most acid using a back-titration. I also explain this using the chemical equations for each base used, and i measure the initial rate of production of gas of the tablets, in order to determine which would cause the least discomfort. I'm now worried that my IA may be too "supermarket" based, and not enough in chemistry. Do you guys think this is a serious issue? Thanks.
  10. I'm very new to theory of knowledge and writing on titles. I need guidelines and help. Where do i begin how do i know i have enough info on my title to begin a paper. this is practice but we I have a paper due at the beginning of the semester for the class. Anyone?
  11. hey there! I am choosing my topic for the written assignment of Part 1 - Literature in Translation. I want to know if I have to choose one literary device (i.e. narrative voice) and explain all the purposes, implications and effects or I can chose a theme from the novel and explore different techniques used (i.e. the theme of machismo, exploring the techniques of characterisation and symbol) My idea would be exploring ONE theme (machismo) and the way it is conveyed through ONE LITERARY DEVICE (characterisation). Could that be a valid possibility? Thank you very much
  12. Hi everyone, So we've just done our TOK presentations and are now onto starting our TOK essay's in preparation for the november 2014 exams this year (I'm in year 12 now, final year of IB in Australia). I've chosen this title for my TOK essay, as I believe it'll be the most easy to BS about 1. “Some areas of knowledge seek to describe the world, whereas others seek to transform it.” Explore this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge.So I'm thinking the most relevant areas of knowledge for this would be history (describing the world), mathematics and natural sciences, and in terms of transforming the world; ethics, human sciences, and the arts. However, I cannot choose which of these is the most important two. Obviously I need one for the 'describe' part, and one for the 'transform' part. Need help! Only have a few weeks to write it!!! Cheers, Harrison.
  13. Do the title's 'What factors induce the zigzag motion of a knuckle ball?' or 'Can we predict the destination of a knuckle ball?' Sound like good EE Physics titles. The answers for the questions have not been given a firm answer by scientists/physicist yet. What I want to do is collect data from researches that have been done on that topic and use it on my ee and give reasonable conclusions. So would it be a good idea to just explore the idea for my EE???? HELP!!! plz. My EE first draft deadline is in two weeks!
  14. Hi, So, I had been thinking for a long time on doing my EE on P&C Studies but after thinking more about it, I've come to the conclusion, that I am not really that much interested on the subject. Additionally, I don't take P&C Studies as a subject at my school, so I don't know a lot about the subject, like war and peace theories for example. So now I'm thinking on doing it on History which is a subject that I'm coursing at my school as a higher level subject. The Freemasonry has always been a subject I've been interested in and I've thought I might write my EE on that subject. Specifically on how that organization influenced the foundation of the United States. I know the subject is too broad, but that's not my problem right now. I'll be able to come up with a question narrow enough, since I have like a month more until I have to give out my research question. I just need your help by telling me if you think the topic's actually appropriate for writing an EE. If not, my topic on P&C Studies is about the application of transitional justice on peace talks between the FARC and the government in Colombia. I do know, i am nowhere near an actual topic, but I just need your opinion on my idea of a topic. So, do you guys think the topic about Freemasonry is good and reasonable enough for an EE on History or do you find the P&C Studies topic better? Thank you.
  15. Hi everyone! So I am starting to plan for my EE and I still need to decide which subject should I write it on. Therefore I selected these subjects (each one with its research question): English - To what extent can Shakespearean stanzas be readapted in modern contexts? Information Technology in a Global Society - How do social networks affect our community? or How do social networks affect our personality? Economics - Bitcoins and virtual money: ​To what extent are these new type of currencies changing our economy? Visual Arts - How is modern architecture (in London or in Dubai or in New York) changing our society and environment? I would like to know if some of these titles were too broad or not good for an EE, moreover which one could be more "enjoyfull" and not so time wasting and which ones is best to ignore. Thank you very much, Carlo.
  16. Hello, guys! I've decided to do my EE in Business and Management and for now my title is "To what extent will Tesla Motors, Inc. be successful in Chinese Market?" But this is too vague. I'm doing it in marketing, so the question can't be about profit or revenue. How do I make it better?
  17. My extended essay is on chemistry and I am examining the effects of lead in lipsticks. Basically my essay describes the Chemical Information, manufacturing process, human health implications, economics of lead , impact of lead on the environment, and ethical and moral implications of lead. Also, I conduct an experiment in the lab by testing the percent composition of lead in 3 lipsticks I chose. I was wondering what I should make my title so its more sophisticated than "the effects of lead on lipstick"... and also I had a question if the chemistry extended essay is suppose to be more "lab report" formatted or like a general essay on topic with support of some type of laboratory. My essay incorporates my experiment but not that much since it was a very small experiment and the data cannot really be furthered developed into being a complete extended essay. Thanks!
  18. Eus3bia

    EE Title

    So I've finished my English language and literature extended essay (category 1, I believe) on the manipulation of language in 1984 and The Handmaid's Tale, and now I have to name it. Are there any particular guidelines for naming EEs? I came up with a kind of creative one ("Chess, Churches, and Communication") but I'm thinking of scrapping it and thinking of a more informative one. Also, subtitles? To recap because I tend to ramble: Guidelines for naming EE's? Are creative titles acceptable? Should I include a subtitle?
  19. Hello fellow peeps, Hope your day is splendiferous. Question for you - what sort of things did you investigate for your IAs, to give some sort of idea what possibilities there are out there? We haven't done any yet (despite being May 2014 exams) but we're starting them all now. First one I'm doing is about potatoes and hydrogen peroxide (enzymes woo!) What's some (hopefully fun and not too tricky) topics you've experimented with? xx
  20. So I've hit a roadblock with my title,1500 words in. The title is "The drive towards a Theory of Everything more compatible with Paul Feyerabend’s theory of science as an anarchistic enterprise than with Karl Popper’s theory of science as a hypothetico-deductive method." The problem is that there simply is not enough accessible information on the history of a theory of everything and how we have come to it, so I have decided to scrap it. However I'd like to keep the philosophy of science area. Any idea please?
  21. I'm doing a history paper for my EE, and I have a couple of questions: 1. If English is my primary language and is used in the paper, and my topic is history, would "Subject: History Group: 3 Category: 1" be correct in formatting the title page? If not, what is? 2. Does anybody have any example format sheets, the one my school gave me seems outdated and I'd just like to have another one handy. Sorry if any of these questions have been asked somewhere else, I read through the readme but didn't see anything. Thanks!
  22. Hi!!!! I´m having problem with the title for the EE, actually my question is something like this: How decisive was Hitler´s charisma to gain the loyalty and support from germans? Does it make sense? Is it too broad? Is it a good question? Any suggestions? Please, I need your help Thank You
  23. Can someone please give me a title for my history IA to do with Edith Carvell? I have to give in an IA topic for history very soon and i would really appreciate it if someone could help me come up with a question to do with Edith Carvell's assassination during world war one and how to cause many people to side against germany. The IA question should begin with "to what extent.." "To what extent did Edith Carvell's death lead to ..." I just have trouble putting the words together, Thank you!
  24. Hello everyone already have a plan but I wanted to ask if you have any suggestion or ideas which could be related to our subject: Does the way we describe something affect the way we see it? 17:08 Thanks for the help!
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