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Found 12 results

  1. Does anyone know a pH 10 buffer recipe? I showed my teacher one but we didn’t have10M ammonia so it didn’t work out. This is for an EDTA titration and I’m not sure if ammonia buffer is the only one I can use but I’m desperate for any recipes bc i’m conducting tomorrow!!
  2. Hi, I'm planning to do my IA on investigating the effect of different concentrations of cyanuric acid on the chlorine concentration in swimming pools. Any idea how to find out the concentration of chlorine in the water? I've heard of the use of titration before, anyone know how the titration works? Help is much appreciated. Thank you
  3. Heey guys, I have am kinda stuck with my extended essay, I mean I kinda figured out a title: "Determining the acidity level of (insert fruit) and determining which is safer for (insert illness) patients?
  4. hey, so I recently started brainstorming on what I can do for my chemistry IA. I am doing HL chemistry and I am going into the final year of IB. I have somewhat of a basis on what I want to do. I want to do titration, having the acid be hydrochloric acid and using various basic solutions. For the basic solutions, I want to create solutions from some antacids and compare how each antacid works by seeing how much of each is needed for the pH of the acid to reach and maintain a neutral pH. I'm not sure if this is going to work because this idea is still in the works. Any ideas or tips on how I can improve??
  5. im doing an extended essay in chemistry, and i plan to determine the effect of storage temperature on L-ascorbic acid using iodometric titration and the briggs rauscher reaction, i need help with adding content to my introduction, please help.
  6. I have quantified the calcium amount using EDTA titration in milk powders. Later I used this to check the effect of milk powders on chicken bones. The second part is solely based on observations. Is this a valid Chemistry HL topic? How can it be made better.
  7. Hey I am really stuck for my Chem IA. I am doing vitamin c content in lemon juice and how it is affected by temperature and the thing is I have no idea how to calculate what the vitamin C content is in the juice. I have done the experiment whereby I titrated it all with an iodine solution and starch indicator and so on, I just don't know how to get the number which tells me what the vitamin c content is so I can compare between the heated samples. Right now all I have is some numbers saying how much iodine solution was needed to titrate it until a blue colour appeared, which does not really help. So if anyone knows please tell me!!!
  8. Hi, I need help in finding a topic for my chemistry extended essay. I have already had some ideas such as doing an acid base titration. Maybe use honey as the acid or something. Or investigating the levels of acidity in different fruits and how they could be able to neutralise a specific base. Or maybe using vinegar. But that's all I have. I am not asking for a topic (because that would be cheating), but I would like to have some help in getting me on the right track to finding a suitable topic. Thanks.
  9. I should write a full investigation on back titration of Fe. I will react Fe with HCl and then NaOH. I dont have a problem with procedure and calculation but I cant find a variable to manipulate. My teacher told me find alloys containing iron. Then i will calculate the percentage purity of the alloy but i need to find an independent variable. Any ideas ? Is "type of alloy" convenient ?
  10. In this experiment I am supposed to count the concetration of vitamin C in tested sample. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has the formula C6H8O6, and can be oxidized to dehydroascorbic acid C6H6O6, using iodine. Oxidizer comes from potassium iodate and potassium iodide, which react with each other in presence of hydrochloric acid. KIO3 + 5KI +6HCl → 3I2 + 3H2O + 6KCl Iodine reacts with ascorbic acid as shown below: C6H8O6 + I2 → 2HI + C6H6O6 Due to this reaction, formed iodine is immediately reduced to iodide as long there is any ascorbic acid present. When ascorbic acid has ran out, the remaining iodine reacts with starch indicator. In order to make that reaction happen, linear triiodide complex is formed: I2 + I- → I3- The triiodide slips into starch, forming starch-iodine complex which has an intense black-blue colour: 2 I3- + 2C6H10O5 → 2 C6H8O5 +6HI Method: Pipette 5 cm3 of the tested sample into a conical flask and add about 100 cm3 of distilled water, 5 cm3 of 0.6M potassium iodide (KI), 5 cm3 of 1M hydrochloric acid (HCl) and about 1 cm3 of 5% starch indicator solution. Titrate the sample with the 0.002M potassium iodate solution (KIO3). The endpoint of the titration is the first permanent trace of dark blue colour due to the starch-iodine complex. Repeat the titration three times. Now my problem: I have counted, that the whole amount of iodine is 0.001503 moles. I assumed that density of starch is 1g/cm, so the amount of starch in 1 cm3 of 5% starch indicator is 0.05 g. Using proportions I have calculated the amount of triiodide, which was 0.000309 moles. As i know the reaction no. 2, I've also calculated the amount of iodide, that was made from the reaction no. 1 - also 0.000309 moles. Having this data obtained I was able to calculate the concentration of ascorbic acid. now it is 0.54% (not over 3%). It sould be 0.012% Now the problem is: What am I doing wrong? Or the other question: I was using commercial juice, not ascorbic acid dissolved in water, so there were also some other substances present. Could they affect the readings? Please, write if sth is unclear, I will explain it more deeply.
  11. So tomorrow marks the adventure into an ecosystem for my Biology (SL). I'm testing to see what the dissolved oxygen level is in certain sectors of a stream in relationship to the crayfish population. I've assembled all my materials and things like that, but I'm wondering about controlling variables. I understand that in my conclusion I will be writing an error analysis on how the variables I was unable to efficiently control may have skewed my results. But I mean the stream is constantly flowing, so turbidity, temperature, depth where the crayfish was, and murkiness of the water could all really play a factor, only some of which I can control. My question is: Is it alright that my experiment contains these essential flaws, so long as I analyze them in my conclusion? Thank you xx
  12. Guys, i'm currently in my first year of IB. I have a chemistry IA for titration due tomorrow. I know this is a very simple question but please help! For example I have an equation : H2SO4 + 2NaOH -> 2H2O + Na2SO4 mole of NaOH = 0.05 mols with uncertainty ± 0.01 mols To find the mole of H2SO4 I need to divide 0.05 mols by 2, since the ratio of H2SO4 : NaOH is 1:2. Now what is the uncertainty of the H2SO4??? do i divide it by 2 or is it the same??
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