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Found 9 results

  1. So I'm doing my EE in Biology and my research question is "To what extent does constant cold acclimation at the temperatures 18˚, 5˚, and 0˚ degrees centigrade affect the seed germination rate and subsequent total biomass yield produced in Phleum pratense L. (Timothy grass)?". The experiment was supposed to investigate the effects of seeds germinated under cold temperatures and the effect on the biomass produced in seeds after germination among different temperatures. I even had some data with around an 80% germination rate for the seeds at 10˚C. But 10 days in, and 100% of the seeds at 18˚ (my control group!) germinated and 0% of the seeds germinated in both the 5˚ & 0˚ groups. I have no ideas for any other topics in Biology. What do I do? Continue writing the EE with my failed experiment and try to come up with reasons why it failed, and even attempt to state that this could be beneficial to the scientific community? Try to switch research questions within Biology? Or do I all out switch subjects to English and just "type away"? I need answers quick, because I have 9 weeks left until I have to present an EE without a conclusion. Future message to those who reply: Thank you for taking your time to read and answer!
  2. Discussion for the May 2017 TOK prescribed titles: “It is only knowledge produced with difficulty that we truly value.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
  3. So it goes like this, I had my IB examination due in May and I got my result on 6th of July. Before IB exams begun, I had already filled the form in order for my result to reach the university I had applied to, I could even see the name of the University on one of the tabs where it showed the list of universities that will be getting my result, however, here is the catch its almost 20 days later now and still my result didn't reach the university. If my result doesn't reach then the university can't process my fee bill and the last date of paying the fee bill is 4th of August which is pretty close. I just wanted to know if IB generally delay's this much as it's really getting me freaked out now and if yes then when should I expect it to be delivered if anyone knows? Thank you in advance
  4. Hello! So I am going to do my EE on Economics, and I am planning to do one on the contact lenses industry in Japan. My rough RQ is: "Which market structure best characterizes the contact lenses industry in Japan?" Could you give me some aspects of my RQ that I can improve more on? I feel like it sounds too plain. Also, because there is so many kinds of contact lenses (e.g. Soft lenses, hard lenses, colored lenses, one-day, one-month, etc.) I am not sure if I should just focus on one type of lenses. Or should I discern it by the brands (e.g. Acuve) and dont mind about the type of the contacts?
  5. Alright, let me explain how to play this game. The previous poster will post three things about him/her, and the next poster has to guess which one is the lie. ( only one of the three has to be a lie) Let me start -I'm a surfer -I think IB is a waste of time -I love reggae
  6. Just wondering, would this count as a relevant CAS activity/Is it relevant for CAS hours?
  7. For my mocks, all I ever really did to study for paper 1 was play videogames and eat cheetos. I'm predicted a 4 despite only understanding close to 5% of the vocab words (and by vocab I mean complicated words LOL) in every paper 1 I take, mostly because my paper 2 keeps pulling my grades up, but honestly I don't want to leave that up to chance if I can afford not to. Would any of you fellas know how to study for it? Or would any of you happen to have a list of the most used vocab words in paper 1 or something to that effect to help me and others study for it?
  8. M.A


    So I am simply wondering what you guys think is the best way to learn a new language or at least recall a language I used to speak spanish fluently as a child but stopped using it on a regular basis and now I understand some parts of it but my grammar is absolutely horrifying and my speaking is terrible. I just cannot formulate correct sentences anymore and for the past 2 weeks I have really been into learning the language again since I truly think that it is a beautiful language, I would like to know some of your tips and suggestions I guess
  9. I'm currently working on my visual arts extended essay and so far my main concern has been how to cite my main source. What makes me uncomfortable is that nearly all the information I intend to implement has been solely from a single documentary, as it is essentially a series of designer interviews stitched together to form the history of the Helvetica typeface. Seeing as they're interviews, I'm assuming they're all primary sources, within a documentary. So does this make the documentary a primary source? How would I go about citing material from different interviews, within the same documentary? Is it acceptable to have a large, large block of text (1000+ words) be solely derived from my main source, if it comes to that? Will I lose marks for not using physical text sources? I feel like I'm merely paraphrasing and summarizing this entire film into an argument, which I'm assuming is not what I should be doing! Many thanks in advance!
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