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Found 56 results

  1. Hi, I am having a lot of trouble when it comes to choosing my real life situatuion. I don´t even know how real the real life situaution has to be. Allow me to explain, my teacher told us that it has to be real, as in it can happen in real life, but that doesn´t mean it IS really happening. The more I try to explain it it gets even more confusing, what I am trying to say is that I don´t know whether the real life situation has to be an example of something that actually exists or if it can be about a situation the could hypothetically happen. Because I want my RLS to be related to memory and how memory changes with time, and how little details start to blur and also how we might be convinced that something actually happened when it never did. But I can´t think of a real life situation and I still don´t know if I can make it up or If I have to use an actual RLS. If anyone could help me I will be eternally grateful to you.
  2. Hey! I'm really trying to do my Tok presentation, but I'm struggling with finding a good KQ. At first I was interested in the ethical issue that is caused by the creation of "saviour siblings" (RLS Adam Nash) , but I thought that it might be to narrow for a KQ so I tried to find something more general and I came up with this: "to what extent does our emotion influence our ethical judgement" but I was wondering if it was now not focused enough on my RLS, so too general. Let me know what you think! Also, I know that we have to do around two developments, but, do we have to come up with different knowledge questions for each development? for example, for D1 I would ask "is moral belief constant" and for D2 "how do we form an ethical position" (those are just supposition), then I would link the three questions together, link back to my RLS and do a big overall conclusion. Thanks for your help and also if you have any ideas for my presentation don't hesitate sharing them :))
  3. I am going to perform a TOK presentation and decided it would concern the censorship of offensive language or curse words. My focus is going to be on how 'the freedom of art" and the ethical issues, meaning the freedom to express oneself and to protect (ex. underaged people). Meaning it will mainly concern censorship (language) in art. However I am confused as to how to formulate my KQ. Which one of the following knowledge questions should be more appropriate to the TOK Presentation: To what extent is art censorship justified by the government? To what extent should the government censor television? To what extent is censorship in television industry justified? To what extent does censorship of language affect our knowledge? Should offensive language be censored? What is the relationship between language and ethics? To what extent should offensive language be censored? Any better ideas?
  4. Hi. I'm still struggling to find a decent topic for my TOK presentation. So far, I'm thinking about using this one: To what extent does religion affect our lives? Is this a good question to use? I'm not sure if it touches upon the WOKs AOKs. Thank you
  5. So my TOK teacher informed us that we're not permitted to submit the TOK presentation in a form of a video, only a PowerPoint presentation is accepted by the IB. I was a bit conflicted by this new information so I asked the librarian and he said that we're allowed, as long as we present ourselves throughout the video occasionally. And then for a confirmation, I inquired the IB Coordinator and she said we're not allowed to use a video as our final presentation. So should I follow what my IB Coordinator said or should I just do what's easier for me and make a video?
  6. Hi all, I'm currently doing a mock TOK presentation and I have gotten my main RLS and the RLS that I will link everything back to in the end. The AoKs that I am focusing on are Ethics and partially History. The WoKs that I chose are reason and emotion. Specifically, I am trying to focus on how ethical decisions can be justified by reason and emotion. I still need news example for the counterclaim and claim. I have two claims; The first being that reason is the most reliable justification for an ethical decision and the second being that emotion is not a reliable justification for ethical decisions. My two counterclaims are basically the opposite of the claims. These claims are derived from the main RLS of mine which is the revoking of the net neutrality law. These claims are then later further validated by my other RLS for the ending when we link back to the main RLS and another RLS that is different but relevant. This is what it currently looks like: RLS: Net neutrality law was removed Definitions: Ethical decision making and Emotion 1. Claim: Reasoning is the most reliable justification for an ethical decision Example: ? 2. Counterclaim: Example: ? 3. Claim: Emotion can cloud one’s ability to make ethical decisions Example: ? (Possible psychology study) 4. Counterclaim: Emotion strengthens the justification of ethical decisions Example: ? (Something about religion) Link back to original RLS and then link to China's strict omission of information both online and physically. I need help to find issues or news that are linked to this topic since I had only found two so far. I will appreciate any sort of recent publications that I could link back to my KQ. Any news or issue suggestions for Claims or counterclaims will be greatly appreciated. If I am at risk of being plagiarised, please tell me. Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi everyone! I would highly appreciate it if anyone would like to share their previously done TOK presentations from last year or later. This is the first year that my teacher is teaching TOK and our class kind of needs some presentation videos to see the proper way to present. We've currently seen around 4 videos and none of the presentations were from last year so they're all using the old format. Any recordings of any TOK presentations would really be helpful for our class to learn about making an A grade TOK presentation. I do hope to receive some good presentation videos that my class could see and learn from. Thank you in advance for anyone who sends a link to their presentation. - K
  8. Hi everyone! I'm Kathleen and I was wondering if anyone that has already done their exams has any TOK presentations with the TKPPD and score and comments that their teacher and the moderator gave. I am helping my teacher try to find more examples of TOK presentations closer to 2017 since the video that IB has are both from the same school and are from 2012. If anyone would like to share their files with me. I will send you my email. If you wish to keep your name anonymous, you can send it without your name in the TKPPD. I hope to hear from someone soon
  9. Hi, I am doing a tok presentation and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a counter claim to the claim: Cultural experiences cause people to interpret cause and effect relationships differently thank-you
  10. Hi everyone!! I am in very very very deep need of somebdoy helping me with creating some subsidary knowledge questions:( My title is "To what extent can government invigilation on the internet be justified?" The presentation itself is on Monday and I HAVE NO CLUE how to do it!!! Please, help
  11. Hello everyone I am quite confused as to how the ib grades you for tok.. do they get an average of the essay and the presentation or ....what? I got a 10 for my presentation but according to my teacher's comments i think I'll only be able to score a 3 or 4 on the essay, so is this a C? Thank you!
  12. I've been working on my knowledge question for my tok presentation, but I'm still uncertain on whether or not this would be suitable as a KQ. My topic is on GMOs, it's about the Cavendish Banana going extinct and how scientists are trying to find ways to maintain them. My KQ is: To what extent should ethical implications be considered in experiments that are carried throughout the natural sciences? Can someone give me feedback on this? Is there any way I can improve it? Or is it good enough to be a KQ? thanks!!!!!!!
  13. I got my TOK presentation coming up and im stuck at the planning. So my question is that do I really need to include any WOKs in my presentation. I have used a couple of AOKs (and have explored a few more to show how conclusion fits to other RLSs). But I cannot seem to fit any WOKs in because my persepctives do not direct me to any. So can I just explore the different perspectives from different AOKs only. Or do I have to have WOKs also??
  14. Hi! i am doing my practice tok presentation in a week or two's time, and i have found an rls that i kinda know how i would answer it for my presentation. My rls is a ted talk abt why we should listen to vivaldi's four seasons (rly entertaining!) my kq might either be "under what circumstances does language play a role in the arts" or "how does imagination/emotion help us perceive the arts" <if someone can give their input/opinion on this that would be amazing :)> i have other ideas for a presentation (theres this article about how a tribe in africa uses music to communicate with their ancestors instead of entertainment, so i was thinking of using a KQ like "how can the arts give us knowledge about cultures/societies?") that i know is TOK worthy but i dont know how to answer -- should i use my current rls for my real one and just find another rls of similar AOK to work with now? -- please let me know what you think!
  15. So for the TOK presentation, is it ABSOLUTELY necessary to use BOTH areas of knowledge AND ways of knowing?
  16. Hi. I just have one simple question to ask. Are you allowed to read off your script in the TOK presentation, as long as you look up and engage the audience? I could not find a site anywhere saying that you are not allowed to read off from your script, but I just want to make sure. Thanks
  17. Hi! My class is starting to discuss the TOK presentation and I have to come up with a knowledge question. I want to do something about cults because I recently read a book about Charles Manson and found it very interesting. Any ideas?
  18. Hello! I will have my TOK presentation soon and my outline has this: RLS KQ. AOK: Knowledge WOK: Reason First Perspective Second Perspective Third Perspective Conclusion (Personal opinion) Application Regarding the application, can someone explain me the application of the outcomes in other situations? Is it has to be a specific real situation or is it has to a situation in general? What does the IB actually want?And what advices do you have on this criteria or in the general outline? Thank you!
  19. Hi guys, I want help from alumni's or experienced members in this site who did their ToK presentations by individual. Everybody finds a peer for presentation but nobody chose me so I want help from you. I'm better in single projects but this is a ToK presentation and I don't know what to do. I have 2 weeks to reply my teacher. Can I get your advices/ not to do's? Cheers...
  20. Hi, I have to chose my TOK presentation topic and I was thinking about doing it about Human Capital, mostly focused on the whole process of calculating someone's productive capacity and using it to calculate the sum to be paid as indemnization once someone dies. I could relate the topic to almost all ways of knowledge and a few areas of knowledge, but I started to read more about the topic (most of what I knew was based on a movie named human capital) and I think perhaps it's too complicated. Basicly, I want to have somenes opinion about the topic, and before I keep on working to know if it would be better if I changed the topic.
  21. I have came up with multiple real life situations but have been struggling to come up with and effective knowledge question. My real life situation is assisted suicide, I want to talk about how people who are on their death bed and how doctors can not legally help them pass away with a painless death or a person who is sick that is laying in a hospital bed like a vegetable who wants to stop their suffering and just get it over with. I honestly have no clue what my knowledge question should be, it shouldn't include ethics and my TOK teacher would like it to be a to what extent question. I've tried all of the brainstorming and looking online how to generate one but i just am stuck on finding one. So, im asking for someone to help me one my way with finding one and to push me in the right direction to finding one, thanks.
  22. HI y'all I would appreciate some pointers on the Theory of Knowledge presentation. I don't really understand how you can formulate a second order knowledge question from a real-life situation or even what a second order knowledge question is. I believe a knowledge question is just a question about knowledge so would a second order knowledge question be a question about a question about knowledge? Very confused. Any help would be much appreciated and accepted. Thanks, Crash «MemeReviewer» Bandicoot
  23. I have my tok presentation in 2-3 days and I am still unsure of the structure I should be using and if my KQ is even a good KQ?? My KQ is: To what extent does culture influence beauty ideals? My real life situation is the Kayan people of Myanmar who wear rings around their necks. This is what some others have recommended for structure: 1. real life situation 2. derive KQ 3. AOKS 4. perspectives 5. biases 6. WOKS 7. JOKS 8. subsidiary questions 9. reflection I am confused about what I apply my AOKS, WOKS, JOKS, and Perspectives to. Do I apply them to all three KQs or just my main one? Do I need to make any claims? What is the order I should use? Thank you!
  24. My TOK presentation is tomorrow. My partner and I want to focus on the different perceptions of body art, such as tattoos, body piercings and hair being dyed. This is a controversial issue among different religions and cultures. Today, some people are rejected from getting a job once they show up in a job interview with arm tattoos. Others are simply asked to conceal them during work hours, but is this a suppression of self-expression? Our Knowledge Question would be: How does perception help shape our values of art? HOWEVER, according to our TOK teacher, this idea does not go under the AOK Art, since “art is permanent, tattoos are not….” So if this is not considered to go under Art, which AOK would this go under? We also want to focus on Ethics, and Perception and Reasom as a WOK. Heres a brief outline of what Im trying to explain: Cultural Perspectives on Tattoos Japan: tattoos associated with yakuza (japanese mafia), people with tattoos not allowed in public bath houses or asked to conceal them Hawaii: Originated in polynesia, hula dancers have alot of tattoos, socially accepted Religious Perspectives on Tattoos Christianity: First of all, making marks on the skin is mentioned in several verses. Lev. 19:28, "‘You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead, nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the Lord." Hinduism: The marking of the forehead is encouraged as it enhances spiritual well-being and is one of the chakras on the body. Many Hindu women tattoo their faces with dots especially around the chin and eyes to ward off evil and enhance their beauty. The local regional tribes use tattoos to distinguish between certain clans and ethnic groups. Generation Perspectives on Tattoos Older generation: bad, criminal associated, underground society Younger generation: accepted, fashionable, self expression, human right
  25. hey so im currently freaking out right now, i have no idea whats a good kq and whats not so i made this one up To what extent is it ethical for governments to place restrictions on citizens? my rls is the virginia tech massacre my overall thing is gun control is my kq ok????
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