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Found 32 results

  1. Hi, I am about to start writing my personal statement. However, I'm not sure how to start and what to include in my personal statement. I want to study law, and from what I heard, my PS should be focused on why I want to study law. For those of you who have been through this experience, can you please provide me with information regarding my PS? Thanks
  2. Hey guys, What university do you think I should go for? I have applied to English Literature and Creative Writing in the following institutions: University of Kent and Lancaster (in which I got from both an unconditional offer and could try to easily go for a 2.000 pounds a year scholarship), Warwick (conditional and requests 38 p), Surrey (34 p) and finally Edinburgh which hasn't replied yet. Honestly, I am more inclined to either Kent or Lancaster. My main criterion isn't the prestige, it has never been, otherwise I could have applied to institutions considered to be more prestigious such as UCL or St. Andrews, but I prefer a cozy and passionate environment, for I am a foreign student who is applying to a rigorous and very specific course. On the other hand, prestige isn't relegated totally, I mean the institutions I applied to might not be the most illustrious but indeed are not below top 20 of the UK. I also checked the UK univ ranking and Warwick was considered to be the best with lancaster on its tail. I also dug in to search for the best at the literature area and all were astonishingly well, with Lancaster, Warwick and Kent excelling. What is also encouraging me to go for Kent, besides the rather positive reviews I got from students I know there and the cozy environment, its the degree: it s slightly different its English and American Literature and Creative Writing with a year abroad. The US is one of the main destinies I am thinking about going to to live and knowing about its Literature or incurring in a year abroad in the US would be an auspicious factor for me to then settle there as a writer. What do you think I should do?
  3. Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone could please explain to me what happens when you get a lower score than your anticipated grade. I am solicitous about this. Let's say I am applying to the University of Edinburgh and have the anticipated grade of 41/45. If I get 37-38 at the end, how will that affect my application? I know that in the UK you get a conditional offer but still I am confused about this grading system. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hey guys I've recently just received my IB results and I have selected my firm and insurance choice on UCAS. I then sent my IB results directly to the universities via the IB website. I was just wondering if I was supposed to send it to UCAS and how does UCAS get these results? Does the uni update my confirmation on the UCAS website if i send the results directly to them?
  5. Though I would start this thread for people to understand more about the admission decisions by the unis this year. Post it like this: Predicted grades Other qualifications (standardized test scores etc.) - IB ETC (?/45) Canada: University of British Columbia: Bachelor of Arts (Unconditional) Simon Fraser University: Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (Unconditional) Comments
  6. I'm not completely sure on how to fill out the education section on the UCAS application. I attend an American high school, which goes from grades 9-12. But for 11th grade, I started the IB Diploma Programme. I'm currently in my second year of IB (grade 12). Do I need to fill out all my high school grades or do I mention only IB And If I need to fill out all my american grades(9-10th grade), which qualification is that?? Thanks.
  7. I've just been wondering how it works when you apply to universities and you have no official grades to submit. Since I take IB, my official scores do not come out until July 2016, but I have to complete and submit my medical application to UCAS by October 2015, how will the universities know anything about my achievement so far? I understand that our teachers will make predictions, but how are those transferred to UCAS? Thanks for the information!
  8. When UK universities set requirements for their course (e.g. Medicine), should my IB predictions way higher to get in? Or does it just mean that if my predictions are higher than the requirements, I'll be given a conditional offer? Thanks.
  9. Hey guys! I figured it might be time to start a thread for this in anticipation of the 15th of October - deadline. I straight up copied Erudite's format from last year, because it was pretty great. Fingers crossed! Will send/Sent Application on: 12th of October (scariest thing I've ever done) Course: Geography (mostly BA) Unis: Oxford - Conditional offer: 40 points with 766 at HL LSE - Rejected Durham - Edinburgh - Manchester - Conditional offer, 35 point + at least 5 in English A SL Terrible excited and scared to death! So, what about you?
  10. eoeoeo3

    Law on Kent or Leeds?

    Quite some time ago I applied to some universities, and got my offers- I received my last offer couple days ago, and now I need to reply to two of them. I am stuck between Kent and Leeds. Those two both seem to be great, but which one should I choose? Kent is 15-minutes away from the sea and 45 minutes away from London, which I literally love, but on the other hand I know that location is not the feature I should look at the most. Leeds is part of Russell group and has great facilities. As you can probably see I am not from the UK and at the moment I don't really have time to visit the two (although if I don't decide within a week or so I may need to think about scheduling some tours). What are the pros and cons? What would you recommend? Why Kent? Why Leeds? Or perhaps Bristol is worth considering? I want to study law, as I mentioned in the topic. Thank you!
  11. Does anyone have the same problem as me? My prediction marks come out in December and Oxbridge applications are due by October. Is it necessary to state the predicted mark on the UCAS?
  12. I am applying to UCAS soon, am I right to think that there is nowhere to add in extracurriculars? Apart from the statement of course There are some activities that I would like to mention but won't fit in my statement... Thanks for any help!!
  13. Hello everyone, I want to do Law and I can't decide which university I want to go. What do you think is Royal Holloway better than Westminster or vice versa? I can't decide help please....
  14. So I need help in writing my UCAS personal statement for biomedical sciences course. Any tips on how to write a convincing personal statement? Any help would be highly appreciated!
  15. Badalyan

    Applying to LSE

    Hi, I have applied for the Social policy and economics course at LSE this friday. However, my other University choices were either economics or economics and management. My personal statement, though, is weighted a lot towards economics, but DOES have a section on social policy. Predicted 42/45 IB points (HL - 7 in Economics, 7 in English B, 6 in Mathematics and 6 in History, SL - 6 in Physics and 7 in Russian A, TOK - A, EE - A). Do I stand a chance of getting an offer from Social Policy and Economics course?
  16. Hey guys! I thought I'd start this since peeps will have started finalising their apps and unis for the UK. I thought maybe everyone can write about their choice of subject and which unis they're applying to and maybe their predicted score (only if you want to)? I figure we can all like support each other through the LOOOOOOONG wait that is coming up for us. I'll start: Will send/Sent Application on: 30th September 2013 Course: Law (M100) Unis (in order of preference): University of Oxford (Merton College) London School of Economics Durham University (St. Chad's college) King's College London University of Warwick Current status (20th January): Oxford - Conditional Offer LSE - Conditional Offer (successfully complete the IB Diploma) Durham - Rejected King's College London - Conditional Offer (achieve 35 points in the IB with at least a 766 in HL subjects) Warwick - Conditional Offer (achieve 36 points in the IB with at least a 5 in English HL) Predicted scores: 43/45 (with a 7777 at HL) + 14/14 for extra certificates in Theatre and Dance HL. + 5 in AP Calculus (achieved in IB1) Additional Tests: LNAT (National Admissions Test for Law) for Oxford, King's and Durham - completed. Scores not released yet. I've always wanted to study law and my dream is to become a lawyer someday. So this seemed like a natural choice. What about you guys?
  17. Hi I'm writing my history personal statement for UCAS. My tutor has already looked at it, but the only comments she made were regarding diction or grammar. I was wondering whether anyone was willing to give a second opinion, perhaps giving suggestions on the content or on how to reduce the character count? Thank you!
  18. Hi! I'm currently in the later stages of writing my personal statement for UCAS applications for Law. There are a lot of things which my tutor in school doesn't want me to include/wants me to change radically and I'm not too sure whether I should take on board absolutely all the advice which is given to me... However, I just wanted a second opinion from someone who has gone through the experience of writing personal statements and see what you think about my PS. Be warned that I am currently shifting the order of things a bit/my conclusion is far from finished etc. Thank you in advance!
  19. Hi everyone, I hope you guys are enjoying the rest of the summer! Quick question, this following school year will be my last, and I'm already thinking about universities and possible courses. For now I'm really liking the idea of an Art and Design Foundation Course, and I have a couple of unis in mind. Nonetheless, London is pretty expensive and I'm thinking of living in a dormitory rather than renting an apartment (at least for the first year). But I recently went to visit the universities in London during April and spoke with the administration to talk about prices and all that, and they all said that I would be given a dormitory ONLY if that university I choose at the end was listed as my first option in the UCAS program... Is this true?? If so, I'm really confused and quite intimidated. At this point everything is a possibility and I wouldn't want to risk listing the wrong one as my first option because I wouldn't be able to afford renting an apartment the first year /: ...Help? Thank you (: Regards, Sofia
  20. Gahh. I got 37 and my condition was 38 for St Andrews! What should I do? Should I email them asking them if they could pardon me? Or should I wait for the grade boundaries to leak for me to see if i should give any papers for re-evaluation? how long does that take anyway? (I have to still apply for my student visa etc) Any other ideas? Thanks so much, and good luck for your results!
  21. Keeping in mind that UCAS only lets you apply to 5 universities, I'm trying to figure out whether it will be worth applying to Oxford for Experimental Psychology; or in other words, do I stand a chance? I'm quite aware that my IGCSE's are sub-par, however, personal circumstances in Year 11 meant that I did not perform to the best of my ability. Considering that my IB predicted score proves that I am capable enough to manage at Oxford, does it make sense for me to apply? And if I do apply, will writing an Extenuating Circumstances Form explaining my low grades in Year 11 affect my application negatively (I've heard rumours that it does)? My IGCSE grades: English Lang A* Math A* History A* English Lit A Biology A French A Economics B Physics B Chemistry C IB Predicted Grades: Biology HL 7 Economics HL 7 Psychology HL 7 English SL 7 Math SL 7 French SL 7 Overall 42/42
  22. So basically I have replies from 4 universities already on UCAS, and now it would be possible for me to apply for accommodation, if I could just accept my offers. The thing is, one university, Heriot-Watt, hasn't responded to me yet, and thus I am unable to do my firm and insurance since there is still one pending decision. They were kind of a back-up university, but it still bothers me that I have received zero communications from them. If I applied for accommodation now, I would stand a better chance at getting the housing I want from the university I most want to attend, but I would need to remove Heriot-Watt as a choice, which could possibly be an easy insurance for me. My first choice uni is Glasgow, where my offer is 38 points with 666 in my HLs, which is pretty daunting compared to what the offer would be at Heriot-Watt, which is really the only easier school I applied to. Is it normal they haven't emailed me at all? Also, should I wait, or should I go ahead and remove them from UCAS so I can put Glasgow in as my firm so I can apply for accommodation? I do have another "insurance" since I got an unconditional offer from St. Andrews. However, they classified me as an overseas student for fee purposes, which is why I am hesitant to go there. I could apply for a change in fee status, but that wouldn't help, as at best I would get an offer as high as Glasgow's was, and at worst they would reject me since applying in the home applicant pool is a lot more competitive. So I still wouldn't really have an insurance choice. My fee status is kinda iffy, so some unis classified me as overseas and some home. That's why Glasgow is my only real uni choice (in Scotland) at the moment, since going there wouldn't be prohibitively expensive. I'm sure my parents could afford the overseas fees at St. Andrews, but if they'd have to pay they'd much rather have me go to university in Finland for free. However, going to St. Andrews would obviously be an amazing opportunity, and I could always ask for a change in fee status after going there for a year. So what do you guys think I should do with regard to uni and everything
  23. Good people of IBS. Since the application deadline for Oxbridge and all the fancy Med courses is on Monday, and people sometimes send their applications off earlier (or already know where they're going to apply in January), I decided to make this thread. This way, we can all moan about how much stress it is to wait for offers and meet people applying to the same unis. Therefore, post your predictions and choices here, so we can keep it all nice and organised. soooooo.... My predictions are in my signature, so I'm not going to repeat myself. Choices: Oxford (Merton) - Law (BA in Jurisprudence) LSE - Law QMUL - English and European Law Newcastle - Law Exeter - Law with European Study Let's get this thread going!
  24. Hello fellow IB Survivors! I have an urgent problem to settle, regarding UCAS and universities in general. On my UCAS application I selected the STEP examination as a qualification that I would be obtaining. STEP is an entrance examination in the field of mathematics, which is mandatory only for prospective students at the universities of Cambridge and Warwick, and usually only for those wishing to read mathematics, although there are some exceptions. Because I was applying to Warwick, I just put it down, as they require STEP for future (?) mathematicians. Other universities I applied to have a different policy towards STEP: Imperial College and Bristol, for instance, don't require STEP, although they encourage applicant to take it. This means that you are supposedly more likely to obtain an offer if you are taking STEP, but if you do so, they might ask you to obtain a certain grade in your STEP papers (that is, you might be getting an offer on STEP as well). I obtained offers from the three aforementioned institutions: Warwick gave me a STEP offer, but I declined it. Bristol and Imperial College gave me offers as well, I declined Bristol but firmed Imperial. However, none of them asked me for a certain grade in STEP (they only want me to get certain grades in the IB Diploma, hence no offer has been made on STEP papers). I am not living in the UK, and STEP papers are fairly expensive where I live (about 4x the amount in the UK), so I ended up not sitting the examination. Now, my offer would mean that even if I didn't score any mark on the STEP papers (Say, I would leave them blank!) and get the required IB grades I would meet the offer and live happy afterwards. However, I did not take them. Is this a big difference? Should I start worrying, and e-mail them? I really didn't think about this before, and now I feel pretty terrible and naive, not to mention that IB results will be published in less than 6 days!
  25. elizac96

    Personal Statements

    is it true that if you write a good personal statement that some universities will lower their entry requirements for you? subjected to each person ofcourse.
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