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Found 19 results

  1. I am on the verge of choosing my subjects: Math HL Economics HL Comp Sc HL/SL Spanish ab initio English LangLit SL For my final subject, which subject should I choose to get into the finance field because seemingly Business Management is considered a soft subject by Ivy League and top UK Universities?
  2. Hi! I have a problem... I'm a junior and I just started IB in August and now its September and I am kind of regretting my decisions. I am currently taking: HL Math HL Chem HL Bio SL Korean SL ESS SL Lang & Lit Currently, I am getting all 6s for my SLs but My HL grades are nearly failing and I am not very much satisfied. I always sleep late (like 3 am - 2 hours of sleep most of the time) because of work (I know I just started IB) and I don't think I can keep up with this until next year. My mom said I should drop all my HLs to SLs and do IB certificate instead of Diploma. I told my friends about this and they freaked out and told me that I should just do Diploma. Honestly, I feel like it would be awesome if I drop my HLs to SLs because I absolutely hate Chem HL. I'm okay with Math and I love Bio tho...but because I have the 3 most rigorous subjects, I can't focus on my SLs and my Bio HL and so my grades are not good...and my health is deteriorating (getting sick every 3 weeks even if I take vitamins) What should I do? Btw the university I want to go to is Korea (SKY) but they don't have much information about the requirements for IB. And I think they care more about the grades...If anyone knows the requirements...of whether grades is much important than which subjects or program I take...please tell me... Thanks, I hope you help me with this before it's too late.
  3. Hi, I'm thinking to applying to British universities for the course of accounting and finance. I was initially thinking to have my economics teacher write my recommendation letter but I read on the page from LSE for accounting and finance that you would be assessed on high numeracy skills and on strong analytical skills. So, I started to think that maybe I should get my maths teacher write my recommendation letter. I have good relationship with both the teachers and I take the 2 subjects as my HL courses, but I am doing better in Economics than in maths. What do you guys think?? Any suggestion/advice is very much appreciated!!
  4. I want to study in Hong Kong, and am applying to City Uni of HK, HKU, and HKUST I have a predicted 35 Math HL 4 Phys HL 5 Chem HL 5 Lang lit HL 6 Econ SL 6 Spanish B SL 7 TOK/EE 2 I'm quite undecided on what I want to study, I just want to get into one of these schools. Are there any majors that would make my chances higher, at any of these unis, especially HKUST and HKU? I know that at HKU, a 33 makes an applicant competitive for economics and finance (per their website) Any thoughts?
  5. Can I get into engineering at university without Chemistry as a subject Im taking Maths HL and Physics HL because i really dislike Chemistry
  6. Hey, so I didnt manage to get my diploma and therefore plan on doing retakes. I might not be able to make it to apply to November retakes by the deadline, but I was wondering if I do the May retakes, can I use my predicted grades to apply to any University around the world?
  7. Hi, I am a pre-IB student planning to go on to do a philosophy major. I do not know what subjects I am going to take, however, I have got the following outline in mind: English B HL (I think I could have done A2 as a second language, however, it is not offered in my school) Maths HL (Inspired by Bertrand Russell on this one) Turkish A1 HL/Physics HL/Economics HL (I am pretty much in turmoil) Philosophy SL (If I could take it HL, I would, however, it is not offered in my school and IB Online only has philosophy in SL Physics SL Turkish A1 SL (If I take one of last two in HL, I am going to replace the one I took with either chemistry or economics SL) Now, you may be all over the place as I am. That is why I shall be explaining this peculiar choice. In Turkey, no matter what we do, the national curriculum imposes upon us near-HL-level workload on chemistry, biology and physics. If I take any one of these lessons -except physics HL, which I think can be useful for understanding the philosophy of science and the point to which modern physics has come from a philosophical point of view- it is solely to reduce my workload. I do not think I will even so much as glance towards the national curriculum if our normal exams in school are not in that style -probably they are not, though I have to ask that. If our exams are just on what we learn in the IB, then I will probably choose the following courses: Hi, I am a pre-IB student planning to go on to do a philosophy major. I do not know what subjects I am going to take, however, I have got the following outline in mind: English B HL Maths HL Turkish A1 HL/Physics HL/Economics HL (Turmoil continues) Philosophy SL Physics SL/Economics SL Turkish A1 SL/Economics SL Let me add that if I take economics, I will be taking it online just like I did philosophy. Now, here are my main questions, but all advice is welcome: 1. Will physics SL or HL help me to achieve my objective (i.e. understanding how Newton invented the concept of mass and from that the philosophical foundation of Newtonian physics in general)? 2. What can be the contribution of economics to my study of philosophy? The only thing that I can think of is that some great philosophers after the 19th century (Karl Marx comes to one's mind but John Stuart Mill counts as well) were economists, and I believe that only a basic comprehension of economic principles can support my learning in university on these topics. 3. Can Maths HL have any contribution? You know, maths being an important source of knowledge from Plato in the antiquity to Spinoza and Descartes and modern attempts to rederive the whole of maths on the basis of logic are pretty strong reasons for me to take maths HL. Plus, I am very good at maths; the natural curriculum sucks and the only thing we do is to memorise long theorems in advanced Euclidean geometry, but even in that I could prove by myself many of the theorems we studied. 4. Can Turkish A1 HL have a contribution? Well, let me be pretty straight-forward in here: New Criticism and close inspection of the text to derive meaning is horrible, and I am certain I am not going to ever read a novel in that way. However, literary criticism seems to have strong ties with philosophy, especially with Derrida and his deconstructionism, and Lacan and his "philosophical psychoanalysis" and I try to create my own independent way of looking at literary texts, one that I feel is more meaningful. In view of all this and also considering that the skills that are necessary for writing a well-structured, coherent essay are crucial in all fields, doubtlessly so in philosophy -unless you are Nietzsche, but I digress- I think that Turkish A1 HL might be a good choice. Thank you all for your response and for sticking with me until the end of this very long post. Bonus question: Do you know a way in which I can take English A2 as a second language? I passed FCE with distinction, which means that my English proficiency level is C1, and I think I can very well go beyond the curriculum of English B. I spent the last year studying English B from the Cambridge textbook and it was like having a leisure ride- I had zero difficulties.
  8. I'm starting this topic so as to help people asses their portfolios and what can be done in order to improve their chances of getting into colleges of their choice. I'm really open to solving any of your doubts and have a casual chat if u need one.
  9. Hello! I'm currently doing my IB year 1 and it's time for us to decide universities. I want to do Marketing and management in the UK, and I take math studies. As far as I checked pretty much all the universities I want to apply to say math SL/math studies, but some of my friends keep saying that eventually universities would place an offer for a person with Math SL instead of a person with math studies. So my question is, do universities prefer math SL candidates over math studies even thought they accept math studies?
  10. Guys, I am in a hurry. I was doing my application for IE University in Segovia to take a dual bachelor of Law and Business Administration, when I "stumbled" in the admission tests. They require either the IE Admission test or other as SAT, LNAT, CAS or ACT. The Cambridge Assessment Test (CAS) includes those Language tests like the First (FCE), the Advanced and the Proficiency, right? Because I have done my First (FCE) Exam and if it does count, then I must use it as I haven't done any of these. Could anyone who knows or has been confronted with these admission tests explain help me? If I am not able to upload my FCE result, then can you explain to me how can I do one of the other exams and am I still on time? Really I need fast answers! Thanks in advance, Richard
  11. Hello there fellows, I am currently in the beginning of my 2nd year and I was planning to go study in the UK, though I am in a dilemma as to what what degree I should take. On the one hand, Law would be great, on the other hand I would also like to take something related to Literature or Arts, since I want to become a writer. However, english is not my native language, so being a writer in the UK or taking a degree in Literature would be harder for me than for other fellow british students. I have to get in touch with the universities now in September, so I am a little bit anxious with this. What do you think it would be better to study in the UK? Literature/Arts or Law? Would law in the UK still allow me to eventually move, for example, to the US? Do you happen to know very good colleges for each of the two areas mentioned? If so, which ones? Feel free to...
  12. Hey , so I am starting the IB this September and I want to get into a university in the UK. And I wonder, whether they look at the grades you had before IB? Last school year I had quite serious health issues which resulted into more than 70% absence at school and very bad grades - including Cs and Ds. This school year my grades are quite average, depending on the effort I put in now they can result into either As and a few Bs (even straight As if I rewrite a few exams) or a mixture of As, Bs and Cs. I can prove the health issues from last year, but I have no excuse for this years grades. Do you think its worth the effort or should I just let it slip as its the last month of the school year? This depends very much on whether the unis consider these grades as well. Do they consider them? Are bad grades before IB an disadvantage if they choose between your and another applicant with the same IB score? Thank you all. PS: We don't do GCSE or anything like that in the country I live in (which is currently not Israel). We only get normal school report cards.
  13. So, I really want to go to Yale. It's been my dream for a long time. I'm also applying for Harvard and Princeton, because those are the only Ivy Leagues that offer good financial aid to international students (I'm from Canada). If I get in, I plan on majoring in history or political science. The thing is, I'm in Math Studies SL. I don't plan on doing sciences or math or anything like that, I only want to do humanities. Do I have a good shot at getting into Yale, Princeton, or Harvard's history or political science programs with a 7 in Math Studies, given that my other grades, extra curriculars, and standardized test scores are perfect? Is it required of me to take Math SL to get into a humanities program? Thanks!
  14. So I applied for a Bachelor's in Psychology to the Universities of Maastricht and Twente in the Netherlands back in February, and I got an offer almost instantly from Twente, but now a month and a half later still no offer from Maastricht. I don't want to seem impatient, but I'd just like to have received all my offers or rejections before my final exams in May so I don't have to keep thinking about it and can concentrate on studying. I'm just wondering from any of you who have applied to Maastricht or the Netherlands in general, how long did it take them to give an offer? I've also heard that sometimes you have to apply using the actual final grades you get in July for them to give you an offer (which seems kind of late?) That would probably be too late for me since July is when I'd be actually going to the Netherlands to find apartments and all that. Thanks!
  15. Hello people! This is my first post so apologises if I break any forum rules. Today, I just want to see your opinion on my university chances. I am looking to apply to the US (I am an international student) and I am looking to apply to an economics course. However, I am very likely to recieve a predicted 5 for HL Maths and I was wondering how do you think this will affect my chances. Talked to a few of my teachers and this is what my predicted will probably looks like: Chinese B SL: 7 English Lang/Lit SL: 7 or 6 Physics SL: 7 Math HL: 5 Econ HL: 7 Chem HL : 7 Furthermore, our school always predict a 2 for TOK. Do you think high quality schools like Columbia is still a possibility for me or too much of a reach?
  16. Hey guys! I figured it might be time to start a thread for this in anticipation of the 15th of October - deadline. I straight up copied Erudite's format from last year, because it was pretty great. Fingers crossed! Will send/Sent Application on: 12th of October (scariest thing I've ever done) Course: Geography (mostly BA) Unis: Oxford - Conditional offer: 40 points with 766 at HL LSE - Rejected Durham - Edinburgh - Manchester - Conditional offer, 35 point + at least 5 in English A SL Terrible excited and scared to death! So, what about you?
  17. Hey So I'm done with my first year of IB (Grade 11) and received my result for the second semester about an hour ago. Happily or sadly, I've managed to score 37 points (Keep in mind that these points are ONLY for the second semester. My average score for both the semesters is 34/42). Here's the break-up: English (Lang and Lit) SL : 7 French B SL : 5 Math HL : 5 Computer Science HL : 7 Physics HL : 7 Business HL : 6 I have ambivalent feelings towards my scores. Although they seem high, I'm not really sure if I'm cut out to be one of the best or above-average IB students since many I know have scored between 34-38 points and there are a few who have got 39 or above. Now my question might seem vague so just bear with me : How great are 37/42 points in IB and where can they take me? (Keep in mind that I have an SAT score of 2000 and am looking for unis in the US). Thanks
  18. Hi IB-ers I'm an Indonesian student currently about to finish my first year of IB Grade 11, and I really want to apply to the University of Pennsylvania (my dream school). However, I'm completely lacking in my extracurricular activities..I've done a few things here and there, volunteered for a few events, taught English to underprivileged students, had an internship, etc., but I still feel it's not enough and I've only got one summer left before Grade 12 begins and I have to take the SAT subject tests (which I've never taken before), do my application essays, so on..anyways, I'm pretty stressed out right now and worried about the whole university process thing, so do you have any suggestions for what I should do this summer to boost my suckish resume? Your input would mean a lot to me Below is a total of what I've done so far throughout my high-school life: Grade 6 (private school) Editor of class newspaper Frequently contributed to the school newsletter Won the Creative Writing award and distinctions in French and English Grade 7-8 (public school) Maintained good marks Contributed to the school newsletter Graduated Grade 8 with Literacy award and honors Grade 9 (pre-IB) Nothing much, really, I struggled quite a bit academically during this year I participated in a few clubs, but did nothing of real worth Grade 10 (national plus school with a mixed curriculum) Maintained good marks Volunteered teaching English in public schools Grade 11 (IB) Average marks Member of the girl's rugby team Member of the swing team (dance) Volunteered with some organizations Journalism internship with the Jakarta Student Globe P.S. How much of a chance do you guys think I have in getting into UPenn? I'm taking the SAT Reasoning next Saturday, so I'll update then.
  19. I'm looking at applying to some of the UK's top unis, and was wondering if it make that much of a boost to your application? Will it be a deciding factor to whether or not I'm accepted? Is it worth going through all that extra responsibility, time and effort?