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Found 162 results

  1. I've just started IB for 2 weeks and am taking HL Maths, Physics, Economics; SL Eng Lit, Chi lang&lit, Chemistry. I'm in a HLSL mixed Chemistry class and personally I find Chemistry to be easy (up till now), so I'm considering whether I should take a forth HL in Chemistry. I am applying to the US therefore a predicted grade of 42/42 will be definitely much more helpful than taking a forth HL, but I'm wondering whether it is feasible to get a predicted(final) grade of 42/42 with 4 HLs. I will also apply for UK unis and I heard that they basically ignore your SL subjects, is this true? Any kind of advice will help! thanks!!
  2. Will someone who lets say gets 24 points be eligible to go to university?
  3. Hi everyone, Because we are writing our mock exams in about two weeks I've been wondering whether they are essential for applying to university in Canada or not. I have been studying for approx. two weeks now and I am simply scared because I don't feel like I am ready for it and I'm scared my life depends on it. Any explanations on that matter would help me a lot! Kind regards, Amekara PS: Of course I'm talking about the predicted grades while referring to the mock exam.
  4. What's up guys Just wanted to ask if anyone here is studying his/her university endeavor in Taiwan. For past few months, Taiwan has gotten my attention with their extremely cheap tuition and living costs but pretty high prestigious education. I honestly want to inquire to people who are studying there. I would really appreciate if you who are studying or knowledgeable about Taiwan are willing to help me up. Thanks in advance! Have a nice day people. :^)
  5. the problem is below: I am doing a project called The Periodic Graphics of Elements which basically use graphic design/illustration to visualise and introduce chemical elements. Now I have 30 graphics finished out of 118, and when I hit 50, I am planning to submit the project as a supplementary material for universities along with my art portfolio. (You guys can look at those graphics at my program Alchemy: For that project I have received several good recognition, publication, awards and a handful of followers. My teachers say that this is a 'masterpiece' project and I should carry it on. Specifically, my chem teacher mentioned that people will love my passion and hardwork and no one cares about 4 HLs (I have heard about some people say that 4 HLs could show dedication and hard work as well to the adcoms). So what do you guys think? I choose to keep on my project but I would also like to hear you guys opinions Do you guys think unique extracurriculars or dedication towards an extra subject is more important?
  6. Hi guys, So, I just had my mid years get over and I realized that my math paper went really bad. Note that I take Math HL. I was wondering if I can change my subject from Math HL to Business Management HL. Also, I plan on studying medicine after passing so I was wondering if the change in the subject would affect university prospects and, apart from -medicine I also plan on applying for Pharmacy, Architecture, and Chemistry. My subjects are as follows- Physics HL Chemistry HL Math HL English A- Language and Literature SL Business Management SL French ab initio SL. I was wondering if universities will say anything if Hl Math is switched with Business. PS- My exams are in May 2018
  7. Hello! As a current tenth grader, I am expected to have my IB class choices in by December/January at the latest. I am very concerned that I might pick the wrong classes, so here are my options: English Lang/Lit HL (mandatory at my school) History HL Biology HL Chemistry SL (HL isn't offered at my school) OR Visual Arts SL Spanish SL Math SL OR Math Studies I won't take any precursor chemistry courses until January, so I don't have any clue what the class is like. I am also not super fond of math, which is why I'm wondering whether or not I can take math studs while doing a double science. If I take Chem SL & Math SL along with the other courses, how hard would it be? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi everyone, I would like to know if anybody can tell me about the IB and the American Universities. Does anybody know how many points do you need in order to get to top American universities like Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Berkeley,etc. Is IB therefore considered as priority for admission officers with regards to other high school diplomas? And is AP worth more for US Uni than IB? Thanks
  9. Is there anyone who is studying at Lomonosov Moscow State University? Because their page with a lot of new updates are on Russian and the English one is kinda poor in that way..
  10. I am applying to three different regions, all of which have a different letter format (Netherlands, UK, Canada). This means I need to write various letters with different contents, addressing different things. Most deadlines for applications are in January and I am having trouble finding a way to write all of these letters because they are all so similar yet so different. Each university is asking a different question about different subjects and it's a continuous struggle to write things about myself repeatedly. I don't know when to get a letter in finished and feel like it needs to be very soon.
  11. Subjects: SL: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics. HL: Psychology, English A Literature and Language, Swedish A Literature. So, I'm about to start my last year of IB and I've finally started to figure out what I want to study after the IB, which is to study Computer Science. However, when I searched for some Universities, all the ones that I searched for required higher level mathematics. Is higher level math required for all Computer Science programs at all Universities? Does anyone have a suggestion? The location is not a priority so any suggestion would be highly appreciated. (btw im sorry for my english, havent slept that well lol tried my best to write a formal text pls dont judge)
  12. Hi, I simply want to study at a University which offers good economic Courses, in europé. An University that has low cost tuition or free. Please leave suggestions. Subjects HL-Economics, English, History SL-Swedish, Enviromental studies, Mathematics.
  13. I am looking for a university to go to in 2018. I am planning to go to med school once I finish the IB. However, I cannot afford to go to an expensive university in the UK or America. Does anyone know any places where I could go to university to do medicine in english at relatively low cost. Thank you.
  14. Hi! I currently need to choose subjects for IBDP year 1. I am having some difficulties since I am not exactly sure what I really want to do and I understand that choosing right subjects is very important when applying to universities. I think I am pretty much into engineering and computer science. However, I am also very passionate about Arts so I want to keep the industrial design as an option. So here's my question: 1) Do universities usually require Visual Art HL for industrial design? What are some requirements that I would need to fulfill in order to take ID? 2) What subjects would you recommend me taking if I am interested in ID, engineering, and computer science (I know my area of interest is quite broad now... I would love to keep it open for two years tbh because I change my mind a lot) 3) Would it be possible to do engineering/computer science as my undergraduate course and do ID as a postgraduate course? Thanks
  15. I heard that the acceptance rates of IB students into institutions are higher compared to the total population acceptance rates? I wanted to know if this is actually true or not because I also heard that its not...If this is true, does it apply to USA and Canada universities ?
  16. Hii everyone I need some help I'm thinking of applying to med schools in usa and canada next semester but my school only offers either ib chemistry or ib biology. I don't know why but there are two separate programs in our school and you can choose only one. One offers chemistry, physics, maths, literature, english and ess and the other offers maths, literature, english, french, biology and titc (turkey in the twentieth century) as ib classes. As I had to make a choice this year I chose the second one because I wasn't certain with med school but I had a keen interest on biology alone. Now I don't know what to do. If you know anything pleaaase help me? Thank you in advance.
  17. Good day guys! Is anyone here familiar with European universities? I am currently at the end of IB1 and I was wondering if most universities accept Physics SL as one of my courses. I am currently taking Physics HL but I am in great doubt that I can finish the course successfully as my Physics teacher is highly unfamiliar with the IB and can't teach. We covered 3/4 of the syllabus but none of the topics in great depth. I tried attempting past papers and found it extremely difficult (this includes the rest of the class) and most of us couldn't score past 30%. I am on the other hand taking Math HL with a predicted grade of a 5 which makes me wonder if Math HL (5) and Physics SL (5-6(with a lot of extra work)) would be good enough for Engineering for most European universities. I will replace Physcis HL with Psychology HL as there are no additional HL topics discussed yet. Additionally, the only math-related subjects I take besides Mathematics HL would be Economics (SL) and Physics. Will the lack of Math related subjects at HL decrease the chances for me getting into any university in Europe as well? And is it recommended to drop down to Physics HL for a higher total IB points at the end of the IBDP without reducing my chances of getting into European universities? Thank you so much guys!
  18. I was looking for requirements for IB to be accepted in Germany. For a person who will study film / design is it required to have a science topic in HL? This is the document I read, it says that in page two section b) :
  19. Hello, I'm an international student currently living abroad doing the IB program. I'm in Grade 11 and I have a few concerns about university. I'm fluent in French but English is my first language. I have plans to study either international relations or psychology in university. I'm very worried that I won't even get admitted into any college or Uni... I messed up in MYP (grades 9 & 10) honestly I didn't think the first two years of high school would be that important. After grade 10 I moved schools, I started out the first semester pretty well I was trying harder but then all of a sudden my grades fell and I don't think I did too well on my end of year exams. I am doing the full IB diploma so I have started my IA's and my EE is going pretty well I haven't missed any deadlines.. I want to know if there is still hope for me to get into a decent university with my lowish grades.. this summer I plan to do nothing but work, I'm getting a tutor for my weaker subjects such as math and bio. Next year I know I can improve but I don't know if it will change anything considering I have already messed up grades 9-11..I'm usually a 4/5 grade student with the occasional 6 or 3. I know I can do so much better though and I'll try my hardest. On the other hand I have good extra curriculars, also this summer I plan on taking SAT classes I'm aiming for at least 1200! I have done MUN I'm on the tennis team Volleyball team Track team Yearbook Debate team I took part in a Global youth summit for international schools (in 2016 and in 2017) And I also have good Community service record due to CAS. I have also volunteered at an animal shelter and an orphanage several times My uni choices so far are: USA: UCLA NYU The New School (NY) Lynn University Loyola Marymount university Roosevelt University DePaul University Wake Forest University Elon University Florida International University Colgate University Northeastern University American University Canada: UBC Uni Manitoba Uni of Toronto Western University Uni of Waterloo York University Queens university Do you think that there is still a chance I can get into these schools if I do better next year? I know next year is senior year and that colleges usually look at junior year the most but please please please give me your inputs. Please note that I'm not applying to all of these schools.. I'm trying to narrow down my list. My Subjects are HL: Literature Biology History SL: Spanish Ab ESS Math studies
  20. My School is so f**ked up that form half term of grade 11 it changed the board to IB from a really easy one, so the transaction wasn't smooth and I had to pick some rough subjects as HL: Maths, Computer science, B&M SL; English,Second language(Hindi),Physics So now I am worried for my PG and I don't think so that I will get more than 30 points so can anyone suggest some Canadian universities which accept less than 30 pointers. THANK YOU ADVANCE
  21. subjects

    I'm playing on doing law in college, and the subjects I plan on taking are English HL History HL Economics HL French B SL (anticipated) Math Studies Biology SL Are these subject good? Some people told me that it's better to do math SL. I suck at math but I don't want to loose an entry just because I took math studies. Please help me out.
  22. Hi! I'm currently in 10th grade and I will be doing IB diploma for the next 2 years. I am not really sure of my decisions on the courses for IB. These are the courses that I have in mind. - Math HL - Chemistry HL - Biology HL - ESS SL - Korean SL - English Lang/Lit SL I believe that this is kind of rigorous and I am not so confident in chemistry but I want to do medicine. Should I really take Chemistry as HL or can I take it as SL and do English B HL instead? What career prospects do I have for this? Like This: - Math HL - English B HL - Biology HL - ESS SL - Korean SL - Chemistry SL Also, I'm planning to take study hall but do you think I should or nah? What other course do you think would be better instead of study hall? Please Help. I don't have much time left :/
  23. I made a mistake and conformed myself with Math Studies in 10th and 11th grade (my current year) but just now I am noticing that many universities require SL, or simply don’t accept Studies. Would it be wise to change to SL next year (Senior year) if possible or should I just stay in Studies? I get 100’s on Studies, but I feel like the gap between Studies and Standard is immense. I’m planning on doing mechanical engineer (which yes I feel like I can take) or computer science, two courses / majors which require a minimum of SL. Is there any other alternative (other than VHS) that could allow me to enter top universities with Studies? Extra: I’m doing well on every other subject, so I feel like Math is the only thing bringing me down from achieving my dream university.
  24. I'm taking my third chance for re-take this May, throughout the school year some teachers thought that we were able to retake one subject up to three times, but they didn't say the actual retake amount. So, without knowing this I didn't take the one subject that I failed until now, my last chance. I'm certain I'm going to fail it because I have been working, not studying as much. I have already been in contact with a few good universities in the US, which said that they do not care about my IB diploma they only want the SAT results. That was before I knew I was going to fail, does anyone know if there is still a chance that even with the fail diploma, they will still not look at the results? Or does anyone know if there is any possibility at all to retake the exam again, like an exception?
  25. Hello, I was wondering if the options I choose in my HL subjects affects my admissions in universities especially USA. For example: I have taken Sets as my option for Math HL, but I was wondering if it affect my admission, because sets is comparatively easy to calculus. Would taking calculus give me an advantage over sets when it comes to applying for colleges? Thank you, Abhishek