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Found 167 results

  1. Hey there, I'm an IB1 in mid-term. I planned to apply to all the ivies (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UPenn, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown) + USC, UChicago, UC Berkely, Rice and Duke for regular on 1 Jan 2018 with Cornell being my early decision but I feel like I should have more on my list which might be more suited towards these grade boundaries just in case my magic trick doesn't work. I plan to study finance. I'd really appreciate it if you could chance me and maybe even give me some recommendations. Below you'll find all my stats. School's internal predicted grades: HL: English A:LAL - 5 Biology - 5 History - 5 SL: Math Studies - 5 Business and Management - 5 Norwegian B (anticipated) - 4 SAT Subject Test Practice (taking the real tests in 2 weeks): 570/800 Literature 450/800 World History SAT Practice (taking the real test in 3 months): 1000/1600
  2. My School is so f**ked up that form half term of grade 11 it changed the board to IB from a really easy one, so the transaction wasn't smooth and I had to pick some rough subjects as HL: Maths, Computer science, B&M SL; English,Second language(Hindi),Physics So now I am worried for my PG and I don't think so that I will get more than 30 points so can anyone suggest some Canadian universities which accept less than 30 pointers. THANK YOU ADVANCE
  3. subjects

    I'm playing on doing law in college, and the subjects I plan on taking are English HL History HL Economics HL French B SL (anticipated) Math Studies Biology SL Are these subject good? Some people told me that it's better to do math SL. I suck at math but I don't want to loose an entry just because I took math studies. Please help me out.
  4. Hi! I'm currently in 10th grade and I will be doing IB diploma for the next 2 years. I am not really sure of my decisions on the courses for IB. These are the courses that I have in mind. - Math HL - Chemistry HL - Biology HL - ESS SL - Korean SL - English Lang/Lit SL I believe that this is kind of rigorous and I am not so confident in chemistry but I want to do medicine. Should I really take Chemistry as HL or can I take it as SL and do English B HL instead? What career prospects do I have for this? Like This: - Math HL - English B HL - Biology HL - ESS SL - Korean SL - Chemistry SL Also, I'm planning to take study hall but do you think I should or nah? What other course do you think would be better instead of study hall? Please Help. I don't have much time left :/
  5. I made a mistake and conformed myself with Math Studies in 10th and 11th grade (my current year) but just now I am noticing that many universities require SL, or simply don’t accept Studies. Would it be wise to change to SL next year (Senior year) if possible or should I just stay in Studies? I get 100’s on Studies, but I feel like the gap between Studies and Standard is immense. I’m planning on doing mechanical engineer (which yes I feel like I can take) or computer science, two courses / majors which require a minimum of SL. Is there any other alternative (other than VHS) that could allow me to enter top universities with Studies? Extra: I’m doing well on every other subject, so I feel like Math is the only thing bringing me down from achieving my dream university.
  6. I'm taking my third chance for re-take this May, throughout the school year some teachers thought that we were able to retake one subject up to three times, but they didn't say the actual retake amount. So, without knowing this I didn't take the one subject that I failed until now, my last chance. I'm certain I'm going to fail it because I have been working, not studying as much. I have already been in contact with a few good universities in the US, which said that they do not care about my IB diploma they only want the SAT results. That was before I knew I was going to fail, does anyone know if there is still a chance that even with the fail diploma, they will still not look at the results? Or does anyone know if there is any possibility at all to retake the exam again, like an exception?
  7. Hello, I was wondering if the options I choose in my HL subjects affects my admissions in universities especially USA. For example: I have taken Sets as my option for Math HL, but I was wondering if it affect my admission, because sets is comparatively easy to calculus. Would taking calculus give me an advantage over sets when it comes to applying for colleges? Thank you, Abhishek
  8. Hello everyone, I am a first year IB student and I have some questions about ITGS course. Becasue of lack of teachers, we were forced to either choose ESS or ITGS as a group 3 in my school. I was wondering how does this lesson benefit while applying for an engineering branch?
  9. Hey guys, What university do you think I should go for? I have applied to English Literature and Creative Writing in the following institutions: University of Kent and Lancaster (in which I got from both an unconditional offer and could try to easily go for a 2.000 pounds a year scholarship), Warwick (conditional and requests 38 p), Surrey (34 p) and finally Edinburgh which hasn't replied yet. Honestly, I am more inclined to either Kent or Lancaster. My main criterion isn't the prestige, it has never been, otherwise I could have applied to institutions considered to be more prestigious such as UCL or St. Andrews, but I prefer a cozy and passionate environment, for I am a foreign student who is applying to a rigorous and very specific course. On the other hand, prestige isn't relegated totally, I mean the institutions I applied to might not be the most illustrious but indeed are not below top 20 of the UK. I also checked the UK univ ranking and Warwick was considered to be the best with lancaster on its tail. I also dug in to search for the best at the literature area and all were astonishingly well, with Lancaster, Warwick and Kent excelling. What is also encouraging me to go for Kent, besides the rather positive reviews I got from students I know there and the cozy environment, its the degree: it s slightly different its English and American Literature and Creative Writing with a year abroad. The US is one of the main destinies I am thinking about going to to live and knowing about its Literature or incurring in a year abroad in the US would be an auspicious factor for me to then settle there as a writer. What do you think I should do?
  10. hi if I got internal suspension will that affect university accepting me ? and does it goes on record ?
  11. I'm in the first year of IBDP and we have our first mocks this year that help determining our predicted grades. Are these the grades that we use to apply to university? I'm in a British school in Europe.
  12. Hi Everyone, So I'm a Canadian student and my goal is to get into the Life Science program at Mac. I initially really wanted to do Health Sciences but it seems very competitive. Are there any Canadian IB students here who are doing the Life Science program? Has IB helped you with admission or just generally throughout Uni? I want to become a neurosurgeon and I guess this would be my starting point, not sure if the Health Science program would be more ideal for this occupation as well? Any advice and tips would be appreciated!
  13. Hi, I applied to US university and got offers. When I applied, my transcripts were shown in ib grades and I also gave my predict. The ib policy of the school I want to go is like this: Students in IB programs may receive up to eight semester credits for each higher-level (HL) subject passed with a grade of five or higher. We encourage IB students to earn the full IB diploma. -Those who earn the full IB diploma with 30 or more diploma points may receive eight semester credits for each higher level (HL) subject with grades of five or higher -IB students may receive up to two semester credits for some standard level subjects with grades of five or higher. so does this mean that even if unfortunately I fail to get diploma (hope this won't happen!?), my offer won't be rescinded since the school just encourage us to earn diploma? Btw, I know us university take seriously on students' senior grade and high school graduation certificate, but my school doesn't grant final grades+ certification based on our final ib results Pretty curious about this question because I heard US universities don't really care if you really get the diploma. They care more about ur gpa and sat and Ib is for credits. Thanks for the reply!!! ?
  14. Will I be in a disadvantage if i apply for the top universities and want to do business? My subjects are Bio HL, Eng SL, Norwegian B HL , Global politics HL, Math SL and Economics SL. Will I face any difficulties while applying for top universities for business studies ?
  15. So, this year is my first year of IB, and i'm taking Maths SL and Physics HL. I've always wanted to study Physics and Mathematics in the UK, and i've started looking into universities in the UK. I'm really interested in attending Strathclyde Uni, but i'm not sure if it's a good uni? They ask for a very low mark (32), and I'm not sure if that's good or bad... If anyone knows anything about this uni, or knows another uni with a good programme, I'd be very thankful!
  16. I am looking for a university to go to in 2018. I am planning to go to med school once I finish the IB. However, I cannot afford to go to an expensive university in the UK or America. Does anyone know any places where I could go to university to do medicine in english at relatively low cost. Thank you.
  17. Gahhh, I've taken an interest in applying to Irish universities in 2018, and then I see this (I attached the screenshot of the entry requirements page at one of the unis above). What do you guys think? I'm super stressed as it is, and honestly, I am so afraid. Do you think that the change will be positive or negative? With positive, I mean lowering the requirements and making it easier for IB students? I have absolutely no idea what to expect and I keep thinking about it every single day, which makes me incredibly stressed :(( Also, sorry in advance if this is in a wrong section or anything, I have never posted before so I'm a bit unsure about this whole forum!
  18. Hello, I am in 12 grade at an international school. I am a diploma student but am extremely worried about passing the diploma. The school I go to is located on a small island and only offers the IB program. It's very weird because the school offered one AP course in 10th grade (Spanish). My school is an American school and we have been taught the American system. In 11th grade, we suddenly changed to the IB curriculum and it was a big jump because we were never prepared for it. It was a big change and we couldn't catch up with classes such as math, chem, and physics (mainly because we had teachers that didn't prepare us well and we never did precalculus and jumped to calculus directly from algebra II). I take HL math, psychology online, and history and SL spanish B, English Lit, and chemistry. I deeply regret taking HL math because it's hard and the highest grade that someone has ever gotten at our school is a level 4 HL math. I'm also kinda worried about psychology because online is hard.... But I have gotten an acceptance from Trent University and University of Windsor. Windsor requires me to have my diploma and Trent requires an 80% average in my final transcript. I am extremely scared of not passing my diploma. Do Canadian Universities accept IB certificate? Someone please help? The other situation is similar to mine. My friend is doing the diploma, but she is scared of not passing HL physics (the 3 HL kids got no higher than a level 3 for their midterm which was an IB paper 1 and 2). She has applied for Waterloo, Victoria, Ottawa, and Trent. Do any of these schools accept the IB certificate?
  19. Hello to all future Law students, I've been on the forum for a while and I've seen that there are quite a few of you who plan on studying/want to study Law at University. I'm currently a second-year Law student at LSE in the UK and I like to think I have a pretty good idea of what studying Law is about at University and a career beyond. I figured I'd start a thread where all of us can come together and talk about Law, what it actually means to study it, what it's about, what you can expect beyond a vague idea of it being challenging, and such. I'm not saying that I will have all the answers, but I will endeavour to answer as many questions as I can. I'm sure there must be other Law students on the forum or University students who have friends in Law. As future Law students, in a year or two, you guys will have a lot of information and experiences to contribute as well. So yeah, any and all questions/concerns about studying Law or working towards making a career as a Solicitor/Barrister/Arbitrator/Advocate/etc. are welcome. Cheers, Arrowhead.
  20. Hi everyone! We just had an EE launch. I'm a Year1 IB student. I want to do Computer science at university and our school does not have IB Computer Science as a subject. Which courses can I choose to make sure that my EE is useful for my university major as well? My subjects are Chemistry, English A, French B, Maths, Biology and History.
  21. Hi guys! I am currently in the second semester of DP. I have good extracurricular activities. I did graphic design and science writing for a couple of international magazines (one in Spain and one in Lahore) and I will soon get my Periodic Graphics featured on University of Waterloo's magazine Chem 13 News. As soon as I return to school from the Spring Festival break, I will start a STEAM (STEM+Art) program with BUCT-RSC Chemistry Outreach Centre to create materials for institutions, Chinese science media and science/chemistry workshops mainly for teenagers. I will also illustrate (and probably edit) an astrophysics book which I heard will be reviewed by an Oxford professor and published. However, as I have lots of extracurriculars, I don't bother getting really high percentages for IB tests. For subjects like chemistry, design, Spanish, something that could be transformed to a 7 would be OK. And I don't really bother a 40/42. I can get a 39, but I am really not that good at math and I don't want to squeeze lot of my EC time to study math really hard. People are really emphasising on GPA here (like they say GPA is the most important thing; univs are going to admit the students with the best scores, not better extracurriculars; better ECs could not secure you a better place). I don't quite agree with them; I want to follow my unconventional passion in promoting STEAM education and be really outstanding at it. But I don't know if what they said are true. And I also don't want my teacher to get disappointed with me as I get lower percentages because of the ECs. What do you guys think?
  22. Hello, Do I need Maths HL to do an economic degree in the US? If so, are there any universities which does not require them? Which Universities are better for an economic student in the US?
  23. Background: Chinese Indonesian Country of choice: America or the UK IB Predicted Grades Economics HL - 6 Indonesian B HL - 6 History HL - 7 English SL - 7 Biology SL - 6 Math SL - 5 TOK - B EE (English A) - A Total: 40 Highest SAT: (1860/2400) and (1320/1600) Yeah I know Extracurricular: President of Debate Club Chief Editor of Magazine Club Joined WSC (international selective debate and writing competition) for 2 years where I got medals and trophies (team and individual) Member of book club Joined business elective and attended economic conventions + joined 4 week workshop on stock trading Joined badminton elective (won couple of medals) Joined Indonesian Red Cross Society Interned in Indosiar (National television company) Interned in (Online magazine company) Joined Poetry Slams and won a couple Major: Communications/Media Studies Choices For the US, UCLA UC Berkeley USC UC San Diego UC Davis UC Irvine University of Washington in Seattle Boston University Boston College Pepperdine NYU For the UK, Warwick University College London Kings college Newcastle Loughborough Other recommendations for my major in Communication in the US that I can still apply for? Thanks!
  24. Guys, I am in a hurry. I was doing my application for IE University in Segovia to take a dual bachelor of Law and Business Administration, when I "stumbled" in the admission tests. They require either the IE Admission test or other as SAT, LNAT, CAS or ACT. The Cambridge Assessment Test (CAS) includes those Language tests like the First (FCE), the Advanced and the Proficiency, right? Because I have done my First (FCE) Exam and if it does count, then I must use it as I haven't done any of these. Could anyone who knows or has been confronted with these admission tests explain help me? If I am not able to upload my FCE result, then can you explain to me how can I do one of the other exams and am I still on time? Really I need fast answers! Thanks in advance, Richard
  25. Hello, I hope you all are well. I will take a gap year after I graduate from the IB, which means that I will apply to colleges in the US at the end of this year 2017. When time comes, will I have to send my mid-year report card? or will I have to send just my final grades from the IB? Is there a possibility that I can just send my final grades? I would apprecate any response. Thank you, D.