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Found 28 results

  1. Hello, I'm planning to do my EE on art and have consulted my teacher. I've come up with the question "How does the difference in posting artwork on social media vs putting it in a exhibition change the value of the artwork?" When I proposed this to my art teacher she said that it was an interesting topic but told me I should first have a rough idea on what arguments I will have and what conclusion I will draw. I have no clue how to do that. PLEASE HELP
  2. Hello, I was wondering how does the IB check for plagiarism in the Visual Arts course (for the visual content, like photos and images). I take Visual Arts HL Photography, and I am just worried that some of my content might show up online because I tend to publish stuff on Tumblr and such. My friends reblog my content and it's a heavy chain of reblog-repost action. Do you think I'll fail my diploma? It has been getting to me lately. If caught, they do contact you first, correct? I mean, you must be given a chance to explain yourself after all. Someone help out a sister! I can't even focus on my exams...haha
  3. stressing

    IB Art Help

    Hi all, So I'm now half way through my final year and I am the only IB Art student in my grade, my teacher seems to know absolutely nothing about the IB and keeps telling me to do it similarly to the OP system the other students are doing (a Queensland education programme, Australia). I can't help but feel like my comparative study is completely wrong, but the IB being the IB theres practically no help online that I can find. I am very worried about failing the IB due to the lack of any help at all from my teacher. If anyone knows anything about the CS or has any tips about IB Art, I would love to hear them. Thanks.
  4. Hello, a friend of mine is in art IB and was wondering how IB check if the art piece is actually hers or not. Thankyou
  5. Hi! I want to pursue a dual degree in Computer Science and Fine Arts and have my eyes set on the Brown University and RISD dual degree program. The problem is that I did not have the option of doing this course earlier and therefore took Math Studies because I thought "eh I'm gonna be a photographer why do I need math" But now it is too late to change my subject. My predicted for the final exams is a 7 on math and got a 710 on the SAT math section on my first attempt. I'm taking a gap year and and going to retake the SAT along with the Math subject test. Does my subject choice hinder my chance of getting into Brown? Any suggestions for gap year activities which might strengthen my application are welcome! P.s. I have a lot of extracurricular activities, if that helps. (Creative Editor of all the school publications, Director for Rotary Interact, Student head for Cultural Exchange programs, LGBTQ+ rights activist, Fluent in four languages)
  6. Hi everyone! If you do art and your exams are in May 2016 or later, you're probably aware of the new Comparative Study. Basically, our art teacher didn't tell us much (I don't think he knows a lot about it himself) and I was just wondering how other people around the world are getting on with it (I personally haven't even started mine and the first draft is due on the 1st of September, so I am starting to get a little freaked out)
  7. I am kinda stuck. Our teacher changed half way through the course, and now i am approaching the final deadline for all my art and I really need to do some sketchbook work. but I have to idea what to do, and my teacher isn't helping either. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME TIPS!!! The theme that I'm basing my exhibition on is the female body - ish
  8. I'm kinda confused about the structure of my comparative EE, so I'm going to discuss about the representation of some events in two artists' artworks, so I want to know is it worthy to discuss, analyze the first artist/ the second one/ and compare, or I need to compare them all together?
  9. I am submitting 10 of my sudio works for assessment and I have to submit various workbook pages for assessment as well. I created workbook pages for various other art projects that I never followed through with due to limited supplies, models, and time. My question is can I submit workbook pages for art projects that I am not submitting or do I have to submit the workbook pages that directly correspond to the works I would be submitting?
  10. Hi guys! I'm taking up IB Visual Art as part of my SL and we were asked to submit an artwork exploring the theme of poverty. Mine was on people's ignorance on the rampant case of poverty in my motherland. What I'm finding really hard is to show through my artwork this very side of the society. Do you have any idea or an art inspiration that could help me? My mind's thirsty for some creative juices T.T/ Thank you!
  11. Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to take Visual Arts at both HL and SL at the same time? Because I'm planning to move to Environmental Systems and Societies, which counts as group 3 and 4, and leaves me to study an additional subject from any group of the hexagon. So since I've already taken Visual Arts at HL, for the additional subject, can I take Visual Art at SL, so I have "6" subjects.
  12. Hi! I have developed an art theme about identity (maybe coming of age). I have started creating my first piece which is a series of mask depicting emotions I feel I need to wear in public around certain people. I was wondering if you had any ideas for more art pieces down the line?
  13. Guest

    IB Visual Arts HL or SL?

    Should I do IB VizArt in HL or SL? I'm already entering my second year of IB Art and I originally chose HL but now that I fully know what to do I'm not sure about HL. My first year I sort of knew what to do with my IWB but I've realized that my stuff isn't sufficent enough and I'm going to do it the right way this year but is it even possible to do HL in one year? I'm kind of scared. I feel as if I could do it but i'm scared that I wont score high enough considering how the people who HL at my school in the past did not score high enough (and they were great artists too). My art teacher isn't really much help so I'm on my own here. Any suggestions? C:
  14. I'm going to do my EE in visual art but I have some questions. I'm going to do my EE about Frank Gehry but I haven't form the research question yet. I just want to know of what kind of architecture does Frank Gehry make? I researched and it says that he is known for deconstructivist architect. Are his buildings related to surrealism? Thanks:)
  15. Hi, I was reading through examples of extended essay visual art questions and the ones that I found came up with argument like question (e.g.: To what extent has the design of federation square been a success?) where they debate whether the design federation square was or wasn't a success. So far my question has developed into: The repeated use of the colour yellow in the work of Gustav Klimt, Vincent Van Gogh and Ellen Gallagher: is there any link that can be found despite their very different socio-cultural backgrounds? I was wondering if this question was alright and if it is, how i have to go about structuring the essay. Thanks
  16. My art teacher makes us do assignments in our IWBs even though it isn't part of the syllabus. Does anyone have this as well? Thanks!
  17. hello! my visual art teacher told me to use more art language in my ee and workbook. does anyone have any helpful sites that can give me some terms and definitions?? especially terms to do with material and fabric. help much appreciated
  18. Hi, for my extended essay i wanted to do something with the media like commercial advertisement , because it really interests me. i came up with a research question : what are the artistic significance in commercials / campaigns ? is that too general? because I've checked out other peoples extended essay topics and most of them made connection with a specific artist. Moreover i worry that its not related to visual arts, its more of a film ee?..so should i explore a few commercial / campaigns and compare them? how can i make the question better? sorry, I'm kind of lose on what i am doing please help !
  19. Hey everyone, I've left to do my EE a little too late and I really need help. My question is "Is there a difference of perception of beauty within other cultures?" Im stuck and im not sure how i can relate this to actual art pieces. I just, really dont know what to do. I live in Fiji, and so I dont have any access to Museums or anything like that, but i really apriciate any help that i can get!
  20. Hey guys, So i've been brainstorming some possible EE research questions and I don't know if they'll work well as EE questions so if anyone could help me improve them or give me some feedback that would be amazing (: Is the increasing popularity of tattoos turning it from an art form to a trend? How is the social acceptance of tattoos influencing the art? Tattoos: Trend or culture?
  21. deliriuma

    Art EE

    what is the best way to approach an art EE? iv read many places that there are unlimited ways of doing this but how Exactly do you start?? should we focus on issues that are historic or would it be better to do something contemporary?? unfortunately im in an area with a shortage of libraries in general.. so the internet is the primary source of info. for me so would that reduce the grade average?? help appreciated!!!
  22. Hi, all Recently my art teacher told me that the art class would have an art history exam about some famous painting or sculpture like "Raft of Medusa" and "Grand Odalisque" etc. I am a little bit confusing is it an official requirement by IB? Do you guys who choose either HL or SL VA need to take an exam about art history during the two years study? It seems like this test is just my teacher's personal preference and is not necessary at all. We already have studio work and investigation workbook to do. It is not fair to make more tests……
  23. Hi there, I am currently doing an EE on arts subject, regarding the influence of american comics to local comics in my country. All this time, I have been doing online research, but my supervisor keeps saying for an art extended essay, primary research is required to get high marks. Also, my supervisor is completely meticulous about my formatting, and I'm just freaking out because I have no idea how to format an Art EE, (never had to) and i find that my pictures are creating this clutter that prevents easy reading. I also found that my word count had exceeded the 4000 limit but I have no idea how to cut it down. I am currently contemplating whether to do my EE all over again since its being too descriptive, or to edit in several areas. but doing my EE all over again would mean suicide, since this EE was supposed to be due on the first week of this december and it actually got a one month extension before being sent to the IB. Can anyone help me to state some requirements of an IB Art extended essay? especially with a topic like mine? and what is IB usually looks for in art EEs.
  24. I am a senior IB student, and last year I took the first year of visual arts HL, but this year I do not want to take art because it prevents me from staying in orchestra because of class scheduling. I really want to drop this second year of visual arts, and be considered a visual art SL student without taking the class... Then at the end of year do the showcase and get the grade. I know it sounds silly, but is it possible?! I cannot give up orchestra..
  25. i really need help in finding a topic for my EE, if anyone could suggest artist who have similar styles to investigated or any other topics for an EE in art, so please help me in anyway u can.
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