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Found 6 results

  1. I am moving and switching schools for my junior and senior year and my new school offers IB. I am pretty interested in getting an IB diploma but I'm not sure which course option to take. Both options have English HL, History HL, Calculus SL, and Environmental Systems and Society SL as core classes. My choice is to either take Visual Arts HL and French SL, or take French HL and either Visual Arts SL or Biology SL. The thing is, I really am not interested in French or Art, but I have taken 3 years of french and averaged over 95% in the class. I took a Basic Art Forms class last year and I found I have not even a slight interest in the subject. As I'm typing this out it seems obvious I should take French HL, but I am still looking for advice because maybe the style of the IB program would make Visual Arts more interesting to me? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. Ok so I'm stuck in a really annoying situation in my arts class. Basically over the course of the past year I've been producing pieces (mainly photographs) that include nude models and have encountered a few problems with my school when I expressed that I wanted to include these photographs in my final exhibition. Basically I was told to alter the pieces or I wouldn't be able to submit them. Whilst I understand they probably want to appease everyone (teachers, parents who may see the exhibit etc.) and avoid any sort of social faux pas, frankly, I found the experience to be patronizing both towards myself and the potential audience. Even more so because the images aren't sexual (no genitals are even visible) and they aren't even really "nude" because they are covered in body paint. Further, no other students found any issue with the images. Also the model is of legal age, gave permission to exhibit and all that jazz. Does anyone know if there are any official IBO rules on nudity in exhibition pieces? In general I really want to hear your opinion on the issue, for example do you think it was a different media the response would be different?
  3. I've been having trouble coming up with EE topics and questions that I can write about and thought that'd I'd be able to find some help or inspiration here! For Chemistry, I was interested in effects in the evorinment, but I'm not sure how to go about the experiment. For History, I was thinking about writing about the LGBT+ movement and what factors lead to changes of said movement in the U.S. While these topics are intriguing, I'm open to other suggestions or ideas as well! Also, I was looking for opinions on a possible Visual Arts EE question: How does the use of Color Theory in pieces affect viewers emotions or feelings towards them and how does it deepen meaning artists try to portray? (Honestly it doesn't seem very good to me, but I love talking about color theory.)
  4. All my studio art work is due in a week and I only need ONE final art project to complete everything. I decided to add something new, which is the 7 deadly sins. That's not my theme by the way, it's actually identity. So I'm using this as a source to finalise my studio art works. Current problems: Ran out of ideas, only have 5 days left (everything's due on June 20th), and my ideas were rejected by my art teacher because they were way too cliché (I agree too...). I'll have 17 art works in the end and I know I don't need more since 18 is the max and 11 (I think) is the minimum. However, it wouldn't seem right if I only have 6 deadly sins, when they're actually 7. That's my dilemma. Any ideas? Please, I'm desperate.
  5. So, I'm taking Visual Arts HL and I chose Teenage Rebellion as my theme (IB One). I begin my last year of school (IB Two) on March 3rd (calender is different here). However, I think my theme is a little too vague and I ran out of ideas for my next 7 paintings (I have 8 so far and I need 15 in total). Is there any possibility that I can change my theme? Let's say changing from Teenage Rebellion to The 7 Deadly Sins (this is just an example)? Or do you have to stick with this theme until you graduate? Please help!
  6. Version pdf


    Here is a Sample CRB for Visual Arts HL, You may refer this but do not completely rely on it. My teacher gave this to me to refer, since its quite old he told me not to completely go by it but yeah 89% I can! Hope it helps, A.
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