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Found 21 results

  1. Hey! Does someone have any notes on the history books IB called "Authoritarian States" and "Cold War" Thank you
  2. "The only way to prepare for peace, is to prepare for war." We discussed this in class recently. What do you guys think? Is war and peace mutually exclusive? Or should a country have an army to be at peace?
  3. 17 downloads

    Notes about the causes and results of the Great Depression in America.
  4. I am doing research about the soviet-afghanistan war and I have sort of problem to finalize my question. Currently my question is "To what extend did Amin's actions pushed Soviet Union for military intervention." I want to write about Amin, but I have problem to form a question that would deal with him. For this question that I have now, it sounds weak as his actions completely caused the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions where I could go with Amin and his role in the starting the war. Thanks EDIT: is anybody here? EDIT2: I would greatly appreciate any suggestions
  5. SinkingShip

    World War I

    This topic shall be an area for discussion, HI help, and propaganda discussion. Feel free to leave any questions and answers. We are okay with anyone posting anything in here, pertaining to WWI that is... -The Lusitania
  6. 'Analyse the role of China during the Cold War'. My teacher set this as an essay title, although we were asked just to write a detailed plan. She said it is very important that we identify the argument but I'm struggling with that. I cannot skip that part as it would also help me write the introduction. Can someone please help me identify the argument and expand a bit? Thanks !!!
  7. I want my EE History topic question to be: "Why did the Red Army win the Russian Civil War between 1918-1921?" Some of my points include the role of Trotsky, the weaknesses of the Whites, and strengths of the Reds. If you can offer any revisions to this topic question, help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  8. I know I am a bit behind on my History Extended Essay as my first draft is due in september and I haven't got a definite research question. I was initially considering to research about the Pearl Harbour Conspiracy involving the President but then a lot of people said that too many people have based their essay on WW2 and that I should try something unique. So I chose to research about the American Civil War and so far I have come up with 2 questions. What was the most important effect that the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln had in the Civil War? To what extent did the Dred Scott v. Sandford landmark decision result in the American Civil War? If you guys have any objections toward these question or any other corrections please let me know. Let me know which question is better and also if you have any ideas please feel free to share. Also do you guys have any tips on writing the main body of the essay from your own experience. Thanks
  9. Version PDF


    This an average essay for my History SL classes. I got 14/20 for it which would be a 7 on Paper 1 but I'm not sure what the grade would be on an average essay, I guess a 5... I live in Poland where we have a different grading system so I got a 4- out of 6. I have written it by hand so I will also try to put my essay with teacher's suggestions, there are plenty of them and they are quite helpful. As my history teacher suggested the "Wordcount" written at the bottom isn't neccessary because it does not contribute anything to writing an essay but I don't remember other mistakes. Anyway, good luck and sorry for my grammar and spelling errors. English is my third language so yeah...
  10. Hello All My EE question is- Why did technological superiority not enable the U.S to win the war in Vietnam? (1964-1975) I would like to know anyone's thoughts: Is it narrow enough? Is it appropriate to write a history EE on? Further, I would like to know if anyone has further ideas for areas to explore during the essay. Keep in mind I'm focusing on U.S involvement. Here are a few I'm thinking about! The escalation of conflict, any flaws and uncertainties with the initial commitment. Limitations/flaws in U.S tactics. Bombing campaigns in the North/Hearts and minds in the South.Guerrilla Warfare- It's effectiveness in the face of a superior enemy.Support for the NVA and VC. (PRC and the USSR) Ho-Chi Mihn. The ideological and nationalist drive behind resistance.Limitations of U.S public support for such a prolonged distant conflict. Open to any constructive comments, Thanks
  11. Okay, so I know this is very late but I have chosen history as my EE topic. I chose the period of the Easter Rising up to the creation of the dáil. (Irish history) Anyone who has knowledge of Irish history please feel free to help me. My rough questions are: To what extent did the Easter uprising lead to the creation of the First Dail in 1919? or To what extent did the Easter uprising in Dublin lead to increased popularity for Sinn Fein? How do I structure a question? And, if anyone has any knowledge on this topic, do you think it is a good way to go?
  12. I'm planning on doing my EE in History, specifically focusing in on the Korean War. After reading a few articles on the war and events prior to it, I've decided that I want to focus my search on how Stalin was dragged into the war. As such, I've prepared a question and I just want your guys's feedback on it. To what extent did Mao's victory over the nationalists in the Chinese Civil War prove to be a catalyst in Stalin's decision to enter the Korean War? It probably needs more polishing and it may be to broad still...but how does it look so far?
  13. Hey, it is my firts time here. Do you have some books about Korean War? If you can help me thanks a lot
  14. 44 downloads

    Notes on the causes of the Spanish civil war and the results. Also included are the reasons for foreign intervention, and the impact of the foreign intervention. Several historian views are included throughout the document. This is good for revision not if you are just learning about the Spanish civil war right at this moment.
  15. 83 downloads

    Here are some notes on certain important events from the start to the end of the First World War with review question. This file has been created by an experienced history teacher so they are entirely reliable.
  16. I'm really curious as to what others think of this. I, personally, believe that the rebels should be supported by the UN, but I'd really like to hear from other perspectives.
  17. Version 1


    IB History HL/SL notes on Germany in the interwar period.
  18. Version 1


    IB History HL/SL notes on Hitler's foreign policy.
  19. Version 1


    IB History HL/SL notes on Hitler's domestic policy.
  20. Version 1


    IB History HL/SL notes on the Cold War period.
  21. I am planning my TOK oral presentation and I am not sure if my question is good enough, even though I have found many examples and can connect it to ethical issues and demonstrate different ways of perception. "To what extent is misleading the public by the use of PR to make a war more popular justifiable?" I always have had some problems to put my ideas into the form aof a question or a single sentence, so does anyone maybe have an advice for me to sharpen it? Thanks in advance
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