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Found 39 results

  1. Is there a minimum word limit for long answer/essay questions (which are 22 marks, section B in paper 1 and in Paper 2)? My teacher says that it is obligatory to write more than 1000 words, but I haven’t seen such a criteria in the official subject guide. Do you guys have any idea?
  2. Guys yesterday we had to submit in our EE's and today I realized that I did the word count wrong (included the citations but not the titles) and also did my citations wrong (I didn't include the page numbers of the books)! what do I do??
  3. I'm doing my IA this summer, meaning I don't have a way to contact my teacher with questions. Does it matter how many words I have in part A and B and C if the word count all together is 2,200? My total words at the moment are 2,300 and I have 1,600 in my investigation (I know, I've already had like 5 panic attacks about it) whilst the other are shorter but still have everything they need I think? Advice on what I should do? My deadline is on August 10th.
  4. Hello, I am about to submit my final draft of my French B written assignment. My word count is currently 418 (SL word count is 300-400), which means I am over the word limit by 18 words. I told this to my teacher at school, but she says I shouldn't worry about it. Which is why I was wondering whether going over the word limit by a bit is really okay like my teacher says or will this result in a one/two mark penalty? I have been avoiding the submission process as I am worried (I don't want to lose a mark for something as dumb as this)
  5. So I am submitting my extended essay in Biology soon and I cannot find a clear answer as to exactly what counts in the word count. I know the general guidelines that things like tables,graphs, fotnotes and citations don't count in the word count but I don't know about things like headings such as Introduction, Hypothesis, Conclusion etc. as well as titles of tables such as "Table 1: Average Glucose Concentration" etc. count. Do those things count in the word count? Thanks
  6. Hi, I was just wondering how formulas are converted into the word count of a Business EE For Example see attached: Thank You!
  7. Hey guys! I hope you can help me out. (If you dont wanna read the back-story, just go to the ***) So our first draft for the EE is due tomorrow, and I'm done with it! YAY However, the word count is WAAAY beyond 4000! I did an EE in biology which was generally about caffeine and its effects on reflexes; for that I did an experiment, got data, analyzed it and discussed the results... like you would do in any other science research paper. Once done, I looked at my word count...... it was 8,314 So I read the IB guideline about what is included and what is not included in the EE (I attached a screenshot of it to this message). And now, I'm trying to gain the most out of this information. Basically, IB says that the abstract, contents page, footnotes, charts, diagrams, tables, equations, formulas, calculations, citations, bibliography, and appendices are not counted into the word count. So I removed these from my word count and got 5,789 words. I still have to remove 1,789 words. ***So I got a few questions: What counts as a table exactly? Because I wrote out my variables in table form, which was worth 750 words. So would this still count into the word count? Do titles and subtitles count into the word count? Cuz I keep hearing from people and forums that the titles, headings and subheading do not count. But the IB guide doesn't mention anything about it? Would the explanations (in words, not numbers) to the calculations/formulas used count into the word count? For example, what I wrote for calculating the average: (Formula for average will be put here) I used this calculation to find an average of the 5 repeats . This calculation made it easier for me to generalize the results for each group. Example for results from group 1 (refer to raw data from appendix 5) (The table of data will be put here) The average of the 5 repeats was calculated as such: (calculation will be put here) I know that I will obviously have to remove a lot of words... but if I dont have to, it will be great! Thanks guys!
  8. Hi guys, could you please help me with my internal assessment? I just finished the final draft and.... there is an excess of 240 words... could someone message me privately so i can send it and they can read it and help me? Thank you
  9. I now know that the historical investigation has been changed from last years (or a couple years back). Instead of sections A - F, it is now only 3 sections. A - C. A) Identification and evaluation of source (6 marks) B) Investigation (15 marks) C) Reflection (4 marks) Can anyone who scored in the 7 (or 6) range help me out with how I should appropriate the word count? I obviously know that the investigation should have the vast majority, but since it has been shortened from sections A - F to A - C, should I look at last year's HI syllabus and bundle some of the earlier sections together to form A, some of the middle sections together to form B, and some of the later sections together to form C? Any help would be appreciated, and if you could be thorough in detail it would also help as well. Thanks!
  10. Hey, Does anyone know if it is obligatory to write the word count of your essays on Paper 2 in English B HL? I never used to do that when writing trial papers at school, and also the teacher told us that on HL we can exceed the word limit, is it true? For instance, can I write 550 words in Section A or 300-350 in Personal Response on Paper 2 and not get my points lowered?
  11. URGENT, Guys, can anyone tell me the word count for ESS IA, or how much can be the appropriate word count for it??
  12. Is there a strict page limit on the math exploration. I know of the 12 pages limit but if you go over it do you just get a small penalty on the communication criteria or do the examiners not even read beyond the 12 pages? Thank you.
  13. I have exactly 1600 words for my TOK essay - doesnt include KQ heading, footnotes, bib and cover page. and I have exactly 4000 words for my Eco EE - doesnt include headings, diagrams, diagram labels, calculations, formulas, footnotes, bib, appendix, abstract, table of contents and cover page. Is it okay or too risky? I've re-checked the word count at least 3 times.
  14. My word count is 4300 with all the tables, graphs, table titles and graph titles.. Should I cut down 300 words or keep it as it is? So eventhough the tables and graphs are included in the main body, they aren't counted as words?? Thank you very much for your answers, I was just confused by my supervisor who saaid I should put all of the graphs and tables in the appendix...
  15. Hey guys, So I was wondering if I've done the ratio analysis for a firm, would the calculations be included in the word count for the research project? Thanks in advance!
  16. So I know that for science EEs tables with numerical data aren't included in the word count. But what if we use tables to put written stuff, like variables, qualitative data, design of procedure or evaluation? Will they be counted in the word count as well? And also, are figure, graph and table labels (like "Graph 1: effect of..." that appears under the graph) included in word count?
  17. Hello, I have read many posts in IB survival but found no absolute answer as concrete evidence (such as documents or hyperlinks) were provided. I do read EE guidelines but maybe I missed this key point. Even my EE coordinator said it is included. Though I a being skeptical to his answer. Is it really true? Me EE is going to become 4079 words if including in-text citation. Without, its going to be 3957. This is my very-very final edit, so I don't think I can cut on words anymore. I am thinking of going for the option of writing the word count as 4000/399x words even though if including in-text citation, it is going to exceed (though might not be ethical) as examiners have the option of counting the words. For you people to get a much clearer view of what I'm talking. Eg: shfdjhshf (Miller, 2013). This is in text citation. Does Miller, 2013 count as word count?? And please do not suggest me to use footnotes because this is FINAL.. Someone please give me answers with concrete evidence. (provide links/documents if necessary)
  18. Hello Quick question: do quotations from a book count in the word limit? I have several rather long quotations that are kinda limiting my word count at the moment. Thank guys Keep surviving, it'll be all over soon.
  19. Hey everyone, I am currently writing an extended essay for Economics. I heard from one of my friends that if you put examples and things like that into brackets, it is not included in the word limit. I mean the text that I place in brackets, within the body of the essay. Is this still counted in the overall word count. I read on one of the threads here that it would be better to footnote this, but more applicable for definitions. Thanks!
  20. I am planning on beginning to write my physics and chemistry IAs this summer and am wondering on how many words it should be. I know there isn't an exact guideline to the word count system of the IAs but does anyone know what amount of words may be best recommended and suitable? Heard some wrote 4000 words+... which is longer than the extended essay... Thanks in advance!
  21. what would be the minimum word count to obtain a good grade in the ee for biology? because i have finished my final draft and have 2700 words aprox. but i do not know if it is a very low amount to obtain a good grade as for the humanities you should have 3500-4000 words. thanks!
  22. Hi, I have several questions about my HI. First, I'm writing it in French, so does that mean I have to translate all quotes etc. into French? I know to translate the shorter ones, but if I have a longer one, the type that isn't included in the word count, do I have to translate that too? And what about documents in the appendix? Another question about the word count: Do in-text citations and subtitles count? Also, I'm having trouble keeping my word count short in the B section. It has about 900 words now and so the entire thing is about 2300... Any advice for cutting it? Thanks
  23. So I'm doing a geography extended essay with quite a few maps in it and my annotations for each map are around 100 words. At first, I was told they don't count the annotations in the word count but I was recently told that they count it if it goes over 180 characters or 10 words or something ridiculous like that. I'm at 3996 words right now so I really need to know if I need to cut down on my annotations. Does anyone know the rules for the EE word count?
  24. Hey guys Could someone explain to me how words are counted in French? It sounds quite stupid but I had heard that some words are not accounted for in the word count for paper 2 Thanks so much!
  25. Hi guys, I was just wondering, do your quotes count in your word count? What if I'm planning to use long quotes from my book? Especially because I have two books. Thanks
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