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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, fellow IBSers! I am currently editing my first draft of my WL essay; however I am not sure if my question is good enough. I am doing it on Chronicle of a Death Foretold, and my RS talked about Vicario remorse, honour, and machismo. My current essay title is Vicario Remorse: The effects of Latin-American machismo in Chronicle of a Death Foretold and my 'question' is How is Vicario remorse depicted and to what extent is this a result of machismo? Is my question okay, or do I need to make it tighter?
  2. Version pdf


    Reflective statement sample for World Lit. Full marks were received.
  3. Hello, I am searching for someone who has finished the world literature essay in the past and has some time to potentially read over my essay. If it is permitted, I would really appreciate someone to peer edit it. It is on The Metamorphosis and Other Stories by Kafka. Thanks, - Merging
  4. Hi. I'm writing my WIT essay on Lorca's symbolisms and its representations of repressed groups in "Blood Wedding". I've written about Mother + Bride as repression of women, red/blood as repression of people who desire freedom/repression of 'sinners', Woodcutters + Moon as repression of freedom and individuals. I am aware that the Beggar Woman is a major symbol, however I've only mentioned very VERY briefly about her in my essay and my essay have already exceeded the word count. Is it silly to not write about the Beggar Woman? Thanks.
  5. So, my question is: What is the effect of the dual voice of Dante the Pilgrim and Dante the Poet in Inferno? How exactly should this paper be written? Is it an argument, or just research? Should it be in typical five-ish paragraph format or what? My Junior year ends in like 4 days or something and I have half of an outline done for this... Please help! #dead because my rough draft is technically due tomorrow, but you all know how IB is...
  6. Hey fellow IB survivors! Mind reading my WL paper and giving me some comments? I know it's over the word limit, I haven't done the final draft and edits yet. Greatly appreciated!!!
  7. I never finished my supervised writing during class for the Works in Translation essay. I have a clear enough link with the points I did write to write the actual essay, but just want to be sure the supervised writing doesn't count for anything? Will the IB mark it or even read it?
  8. hey people, if you've got a minute please give me some advices/views/opinions on my *potential* world lit topic How is the suppression of women’s intelligence amplified through Firdaus’ passivity? If you must know, this if for the novel, Woman at Point Zero
  9. Hey, Over the summer we've been asked to complete a first draft of our World Literature essay but I am still unsure on several things regarding how to do the essay, and I was wondering if anybody could help 1) Are we expected to use and cite secondary sources in our essay? Or is it ok to just use quotes from the text? 2) In terms of the question, I understand that it has to be narrow, but if you are going to be talking about characters in the book, how many would be the right amount to talk about? The text I have chosen is Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel García Márquez and my original idea for my question was 'To what does Márquez use the characters of the text to display aspects of Colombian culture?' But after reading through some of these threads, I thought that would be too broad a question, so I have now narrowed it down to 'To what extent does Márquez use the characters of Angela Vicario, The Vicario Brothers and Maríá Alejandrina Cervantes to express aspects of Colombian culture?' So do you think my question is narrow enough, or too narrow, etc.? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks
  10. SO heres my topic: Strindbergs portrayal of misguidance and deception through Jean and Julie's relationship in "Miss Julie". I want to know how to tackle this topic What to avoid, what to include etc And other tips Thank you (I'm in English HL)
  11. Hi guys, New the to forum (great site btw, I don't know how I didn't find this before). I need some help in strengthening my WL topic. From my research I've gathered that the WL title need to be fairly narrow to score well. I've already started writing on my topic which is : "Ibsen uses symbols and motifs to define the identity of women" But feel that this topic is way too broad and slightly elementary. Any advice on how I could narrow it or make it more sophisticated? Thanks.
  12. Hey! I am writing my External Essay in Norwegian A1 HL and I need some help formulating my RQ. So Im doing The Stranger/The Outsider by Albert Camus and I want to write about how the surroundings are described and how they mirror the protagonist's thoughts and feelings throughout the novel. If you have any ideas as to how I can do this, please help! And if youre Norwegian I would greatly appreciate it if you wrote the suggested RQ in norwegian
  13. "How does Ibsen use the contrast in Mrs. Linde’s and Nora’s character to portray idealism?" Any suggestions? I'm open to changing the title, but the essay is going to mostly be about how the difference in the two women portrays the "good wife" and the "rebel" in the book. Any help would be greatly helpful. Thank you!
  14. So in my school, we were only allowed one draft, but I've been hearing different numbers from schools across the world. Can someone from a different country maybe shed some light on this topic? Thanks
  15. I need suggestions for topics that I could use to write a World Lit about Romeo and Juliet ? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Hey So my topic is " Examining the elements of tragedy in Jean Anouilh's version of Antigone." Please feel free to express your views, be it good or bad. Thank you
  17. Hello! My class is just starting to develop the rough draft for the World Lit 1 - which this year changed from compare and contrast to literary analysis. I chose to do my paper on Blood Wedding by Garcia Lorca. The topic I chose was the geographical and psychological isolation of the bride and how it drives the main plot. I was hoping you guys would be so kind as to critique my thesis and possibly guide me to make it better? Thanks! (Possible) Thesis: In the play Blood Wedding by Garcia Lorca, the use of geographical and implied psychological isolation in the character of the bride drives the main plot and serves as the reason for the bride’s unconventional ways. too simple or specific? too short/long? not enough depth?
  18. I am just starting my World Lit Paper about Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky and I had a few questions about whether or not I am on the right track. I was thinking that my thesis could be along the lines of "Raskolinikov fights against religion because accepting religion means accepting being ordinary" A few paragraph observations are... When Raskolinikov turns himself in he is accepting religion Being extraordinary means above human and religious laws, therefore religion represents weakness. Ordinary people must have religion in order to be happy. Our school is new to IB this year, and our teacher did not have much to tell us about this paper, am I headed in the right direction with this sort of topic? Or does it need to be refined/completely changed? Let me know! Any suggestions, tips or ideas about the paper at all are helpful.
  19. I'm doing this topic for my world lit and i am completely stuck...any helpers?
  20. Hi everyone, Can someone help me out with a quote in Kiss of the Spider Woman that represents empathy for Molina? My topic is on Sexual Behaviour and this is my sentence it goes after: Puig condemns this and establishes empathy for Molina via his perspective" *quote* I can't seem to find any at the minute Thanks xo
  21. Hey everyone! I'm am beginning to find a passage for my World Lit 2 in English A1 HL and I have to choose a passage from the book Paradise of the Blind. When I read Paradise of the Blind, I did not enjoy it at all and found it difficult and boring to read. I am struggling to choose a relevant passage to write my WL2 on. Do you have any suggestions for a possible passage or a certain part of the book that would be good to write on? I am going to continue searching for passages and I will update this thread when I find possible passages. Thanks in advance, Jackson M. Indiana, USA
  22. Hi, my world lit draft is due tomorrow and I still haven't been able to narrow down my thesis. I am writing about Metamorphosis by Kafka and Oedipus by Sophocles. I was thinking about doing something on family and how in both novels they use the protagonist, only to end up rejecting them. In Oedipus, his mother rejects him at birth and immediately after finding out the truth and in Metamorphosis, he is not rejected at birth Gregor is gradually rejected, first by his father then by his sister. How would I structure my essay? I know I should compare 2 or 3 things. Could I compare the attitude of the protagonists in the first paragraph(s) and then the attitude of the characters around them in the following parahraph. Does this seem good? Thanks
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