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Found 19 results

  1. Hi we were told to start thinking about our extended Essays and introduced to the idea. I am interested in subjects such as History and World Religions and I also want to incorporate my passion for technology within my topic. (side question: would the topic "Radar changed the engineering/battle strategy,tactics of WW2" be good enough or is it too narrow or broad?) Thanks for the help. Much love :)
  2. Hello! So I'm doing my EE in gender equality in Baha'i and I am having a really hard time with the question and getting starting on my essay. Does this sound like it would make a good EE topic? Any help would be amazing! To what extent have teachings of gender equality in Baha'i led to social advancements for women of faith?
  3. I'm struggling with the wording of my question and I desperately need help. I am doing my EE in world religions, about gender in Baha'i and was wondering if this question would work? Any help would be amazing To what extent is gender equality an important principle in Baha'i?
  4. Hey guys! So I've chosen to do my EE about Gender Equality in Baha'i. I need to narrow it down however so I was wondering if anybody had any ideas of how I could do that or what I can narrow it down to! If you could help I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much!
  5. Hey! I need help with my question. I'm interested in doing something with Baha'i and equality or Wicca and the four elements. My question would be like these: •to what extent has Baha'i impacted the progress of women? •how do the four elements play a role in worship in Wicca? Please help if you can, really need it!! thanks so much!
  6. Hi all, I was wanting to do my EE on common archetypes across religions, specifically looking at the portrayal of the creator across HInduism, Islam, Christianity and the first nations culture here, i.e., the cree. What do you think about the topic? any changes/ suggestions to be made?
  7. Hi there I've just learned that our's school's IB policy only allows us to do up to 4 certificates. Otherwise, we're to do the full diploma. As of right now, I'm doing World Religions (2nd year), french (2nd year), English, and HL chem. Next semester, I'll be doing HL Bio, HL Chem (2nd year), SL math and University prep Canadian Law. I'm practically doing ALL courses as IB. I'm kind of REALLY stressed, because I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to handle this. My marks (mid-term) were higher than I had expected, but I've have to put in much more time and effort, and I've had to "sacrifice" many activities simply because I cannot find the time. I don't particularly love the IB courses, but my IB class family and some of my teachers are the BEST... so I've got both "sides of the spectrum." What were your experiences with IB? Is it possible to get all 6s and 7s? Is there an advantage given to IB students (ie. university-wise?) Is it too late to start documenting my CAS hours? Any and all advice is appreciated! Thanks! -Maggie
  8. My research question (until now) is: What are the reasons why traditional churches loose their young members in the last X years, while independent churches gain those in Germany? (The "X" will be substituted with a specific figure as soon as the ordered book containing statistics has been delivered to my place - our post is on the strike right now ) Can you help me with: - Is the question good for an EE? I'm a bit afraid, it contains two (completely) different topics.. Or may it be interesting to analyse the relationship between those and if there even is any? - I already did a survey with around 40 teenagers who are regularly visiting services of independent churches. The main question was: "What are the differences between traditional and independent churches for you and why do you prefer the second one?" How can I now include the results of this survey and do you think it's a good idea in general? (That's especially a question to someone who has World Religions as a subject, because I don't ) - How can I make it not too subjective? It might be a difficult research topic.. Most important: - After I've explained all the reasons why independent churches are more attractive, I'd like to disprove my hypothesis saying that there are also many advantages at traditional churches which young people appreciate (I'd have short interviews for that). But I don't know if I can do that, because the question is not actually asking this.. Can I still somehow incorporate it or how can I change my research question in this direction? I'm really stuck on this Thanks for all help!
  9. So I'm looking for anyone who can help give advice about my IA or just any help in general. My topic is how different aspects of Islam are lost in the translation on the Qur'an. Also if you know of any good links to help with my topic that would be greatly appreciated!
  10. My research for the Extended Essay was the following: RQ: To what extent are Sikhism and Christianity similar based on their founder’s actions, words and social circumstances? Now the question arises is that should I focus more on the social or the political circumstances? In the essay itself I speak more on the political circumstances of each religious founder. In specific, I talk about the Pharisees and the Brahmins of the time. Is this research question worth a two? Whenever I speak to the instructors they keep telling me that it is between a 1.5 and 2. This really confuses me.
  11. Hey everyone.! I have to write my World Religions IA, and I was hoping for some help. I'd like to write about the concept of faith or prayer healing in Christian Science. For instance, to what extent Christian Scientists deny traditional medical treatment, how this healing method is justified by Scripture or belief, how effective it has been, or ethical/legal issues that have arisen from parents denying medical treatment for their children. I'm just not exactly sure how to phrase my research question or structure the paper. Any ideas? Help is greatly appreciated!
  12. Hey guys! I'm in Grade 11 (but I guess that's not really relevant...) taking the 2nd year of IB World Religions; meaning that my IA is due in January. I've heard many, many mixed reviews about the IA, so I'm really scared. Anyways, this is my topic... but I have the uneasy feeling that it's way too wordy. Any tips/ overall suggestions would be really appreciated! Why is Speaking in Tongues as Initial Evidence of the Infilling of the Holy Spirit is Important in Pentecostalism? Also, I'll be doing my WR exam in May (along with French). "How" is the exam? Will there a lot of explaining, defining...etc? Thanks once again -Maggie
  13. I'm basically set on doing my EE on the differences in interpretations of the Bible in the different denominations of Protestantism and how these differences influence the practice of faith. I don't know how to word that as a question yet but what I'm wondering is if this EE is okay. I'm sure it's not a great topic but is it doable. I'm basically at the point where I have to start the EE this week or I'm screwed. So is it good enough for me to get like a "C" at least.
  14. Hey everyone, My first month marks just came out and im doing good in everything except economics and my school called my dad to tell him to come to the parents meeting on saturday (i got a 2 in economics) perhaps theyre gonna tell him that i should change it and my options are european history sl, world religions sl, and the history teacher told me that its really difficult and i already missed out on lots of the material so what should i do? need quick replies and thanks in advance
  15. I am having trouble choosing a group 3 and a sixth subject. I have to choose 2 out of the 3 subjects that I am interested in taking. I can't decide between World Religions SL, Psychology SL, or Physics SL. All 3 interest me equally. It just worries me that world religions may be viewed as an easy choice to universities being that it is one of the easiest IB classes from what I have heard. The subjects that I am for sure taking are: Maths HL Chemistry HL English HL Spanish SL Which two would you choose and why? Thank you for your response in advance! I have to decide before September 5th when school starts so a speedy response would be great!
  16. Let's talk about the World Religions internal assessment! Yay! I've received my assessment to start over the summer and as I am feeling sick with nothing to do I might as well start it. I have no idea where to start though,; not even the religion I'd like to study in. So I started this because I didn't see another topic like this; however if there is one please had me in the right direction as I'd like help with my IA. What was your WR IA topic? Or are you in the same place I am? How did you come about picking something to investigate? I'd love to hear all about it -Katie
  17. Version PDF


    Here I attach the official curriculum guide for the subject "World Religions" first examinations 2013. Hope it is useful. I know it's a very rare subject almost no school offers, but for those who do take it, I think this will be of much help. I got it because I asked it to my IB coordinator, since my EE is going to be on World Religions.
  18. Hi guys, I'm starting IB1 and the worries about the Extended Essay have broken out all over the school, and I'm not the exception. I have been looking around for first, an area to base my extended essay on and second a related topic. I downloaded the oficial EE guide from an unknown page some days ago. And I haven't fely any special interest for any subject, but for this odd one called "World Religions" I had never heard of such a thing, and have never known of anyone taking that as part of their curriculum. I guess it might be quite diffiult to make it since I have little academic background on it. However, I have a large backround on precisely, a religion. I'm a follower of Wicaa and I would like to do an in-depth study about it. Please, bomb me with all the possible suggestion on this journey I'm about to undertake. I really want an A. I have decided to create this topic because I noticed no one has even noticed about the existence of it, but if you do know anything, please support me. I have brainstormed a lot of ideas still to be further defined and modified. Do not take them as final and definitive titles, but as general ideas. 1a) To what extent has urban development contributed to the modification in the practice of Wiccan followers' rituals ? 2a) How can it be explained that Wicca currently continues being practised underground in spite of the reforms in favour of freedom of religion enacted in most of countries? 2b) Have reforms in favour of freedom of religion, enacted in the last decades throughout the world, contributed to the emancipation of Wicca worshipping? 2c) Have legislations against its practise, been the the main factor for Wicca religion to be currently practised underground? Otherwise, was it an underground religion in its origins due to any other cause? 3a) To what extent do Wiccan rituals resemble Satanist ones in order to be colloquially associated? 3b) Do Wiccans consider Stan an influential element within their religious idiosyncrasy? 3c) Does the colloquial association of Wicca with Satanism effect the way non-wiccans perceive the former? 4a) Does the lack of official religious status in Mexico affect the way in which Wicca followers regard their religion? 5a) Is it possible to affirm that there are analogous relations between Traditional Pagan Druidic Pre-Roman religion and Pre-Hispanic Mexican religion by observing their consequences in today's world? Otherwise, are modern versions completely unlinked from traditional ones? 5b) Are similarities between Modern Wicca rituals and Mexican Neo-Prehispanic religion only *** (I don't know how to stablish the last part of this title, I'm trying to ask if both religions rituals resemble only in the way they are executed, or also in the aim itself. Example, Wiccans greet the sun as well as Mexicans, however it is to be stabilised the relation in the inner meaning of each ritual by in the way individuals from each religion regard it)*** 5c) Do deities from modern Wicca and Mexican neo-prehispanicism share comparable elemental traits influenced by their pagan condition? 5d) To what extent is it possible to stablish that Mayan cosmology matches with the way traditional Druidism regard animist deities? 5e) What is it owed to that modern Wicca worshippers favour symbolic representations of gods instead of personified deities as in its origins? 5f) Why has modern Wicca evolved to become a non-theist religion, and how has the left-behind of deities occurred? Please, review the list and vote the three best ideas accordingly to how well they would fit into the EE statements. I know most of them are vague or obscure, or that some topics sound completely like a descriptive topic. that's why I ask you to help me tailorng them the best in order to look interesting and complying with IB requirements. Also, please give me suggestions about how I could get the best of interviews to followers of the religion, and what you think I should avoid in order to make the work look either descriptive, or oriented to another subject. Thanks.
  19. I had originally opened this topic to request help about my EE on World Religions. However, I realised this post was off section so I decided to move it here: http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/18959-ee-on-world-religions-here-my-top-topics/ Now this space is open to discussion about World Religions, your expectations and thoughts. For all i know, first examinations on it will be held on this year. tat's another great reason to share your feelings. We all want to hear about that strange subject called WL
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