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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I need to write a written assignment for the external assessment which is the 1500 word literary essay on a work studied in part1. I'm writing my essay on Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman. My guiding question for the essay is "How does Dorfman create conflict between Paulina & Gerardo through the use of dramatic dialogue and how is it resolved?" I plan to constrain it to act 1 scene 1 while linking it to other parts of the play. Do you think that this is an appropriate topic? And I'm not sure about the structure of the essay. What do I start writing with? Please help ASAP!! Thanks
  2. Hey! I'm an English HL student and my first written task 1 is due... tomorrow! You guys have any ideas for a good written task in the topics Bad Language, Rhetoric, Bias in News media, Imperial Legacy or Translation, I would be, like, super grateful! Thanks:)):):)
  3. Sup people of the IB. I found a short guide that I wrote a while ago that deals with stress and procrastination. I'll add more to it later (the irony but it is late ) so hopefully it's helpful. There's more to come if I remember Stress Firstly stress at school is mainly caused by lack of organisation. So sorting that out could half or even eliminate your 'i want to rip the hair out of my head' feeling! How to organise work: Invest in a folder if you write notes with a note book and use folder separators to make things easier.This makes losing notes a lot less likely because they are in a named folder. Plus it makes you feel really professional If you're feeling that things are getting to you, just step back for a little bit and think. You don't need to be getting overly stressed because that hinders your work and can result in tears, this isn't helpful to your development because it lowers your confidence. Try drinking some water, taking a short break from revision or going for a walk. Clear your mind. Procrastination This thing is horrible. I hate it loads and i have a half decent way of sorting it out. Just know that you cannot get rid of it completely otherwise you'll probably end up not enjoying life. No one can seize EVERY SINGLE opportunity they have to work. It's just not realistic haha The reason why procrastination happens is because there are two parts of your brain that helps this. ( I cannot remember their names, forgive me for that) One part see's the short term benefit of everything, like going on facebook or staring into the sky. This part is much bigger than the part that see's the long term benefit of working now. Plus the long term benfit part (the determined one) gets tired quickly. Ok, imagine yourself as two people. 'present' you, and 'future' you. 'Present' you wants to put off work and say i'll do it tomorrow until your you've started everything too late. This would make you think, 'yea i promise i'll do it tomorrow but now i'll watch tv' or 'now i'll stare at pictures of yoda riding a cat'. Do you notice this trend? It happens a lot. What you need to remember is that, it isn't now you that will be feeling the consequences of your procrastination, it'll be future you. (i hope this is making sense so far) You need to look to future you and think that you want to have less work so you'll do it now. Procrastination isn't because you're lazy, it's because you're weak in the sight of distractions (that sounds mean but everyone gets distracted for the reason i stated above) Keep your work neat.You don't want to be revising and realise that you cannot read half of anything that you've written. Some care will go a long way.You don't need to write full sentences when making notes, just something that can remind you what was taking place in class.Try organising your work daily.This further reduces the chances of losing sheets and notes, hole punch it and keep it safe. You'd be surprised how much they can help Lessen the distractions!Disable facebook or move the facebook app from the homepage of your phoneMute your computer so you aren't hearing all sorts of notificationsClear the cookies from your computer so you have to enter your password in everytime you want to log into something (but make sure you remember them haha) This makes logging into stuff an added effort so you're more inclined to just not bother and start your work.And if you need to just ban yourself from IBS and TSR (if you use it too)Give yourself motivation!Put pictures up of what you want to achievePlan a little treat you can have ONLY if you've completed a certain amount of work... not if you've done something for a specific timeIt's too easy to say 'i've read for half an hour, time to chill'. You could've just been sitting there [*]Look into what you want to do and what you need to do to get there My next point is that not all procrastination is bad! So when you feel lazy instead of refreshing the facebook homepage, read an article from the news or a page from a book relating to your subjects. Plus don't mistake procrastination for having a break, breaks are good! they keep your sanity in tact Ok the end is here! After multiple facebook references, unnecessary emoticons, incomplete sentences and poor humour that is. I really do hope someone finds this helpful as this took me a while to write but maybe it'll be worth it Just remember, a little stress isn't bad and taking breaks isn't the same as procrastination. I'll be adding more to this as things come to me. **** Here is a prioritized to do list: PrioritizedToDolist.pdf You list all your tasks and label them A - F, with A being the most important and anything after D generally something you can put off until you've finished everything before that. Stay concentrated and it won't seem like that much of a daunting task!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm struggling to write my English Literature Written Assignment, so any help at all will be very appreciated. My title is "How does Dorfman use the relationship between the gun and light to examine the theme of empowerment in "Death and the Maiden"?" I need help on structuring my essay like what should my three points be? Thank you so so much.
  5. Hi IB Survivors! I would like to do my Written Assignment in a form of diary leaded by Holden or Phoebe ( his young sister, ?maybe when she grow up?). How can I carry it on? Is it appropirate form and creative writing? Need opinion. Any ideas, which I can make use of would be nice and helpful Best Regards
  6. Hello IB Survivors! I'm writing my Written Assignment, and I want to know what you think about my Topic “Who was Holden Caulfield behaving as more: an adult or adolescent?†it is based on "Catcher In the Rye" by J.D Sallinger. I wrote 540 words is it enough ? Looking for the feedback Take Care
  7. hello, i need help in my English A Sl written assignment on a work in translation called "the thief and the dogs" its a nobel prize wining novel written during the Egyptian revolution. summary: http://www.enotes.com/topics/thief-dogs http://www.neabigread.org/books/thethiefandthedogs/readers-guide/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Thief_and_the_Dogs im asked to submit my draft on saturday, i wrote a draft as im talking about womens roles in the novel, but my draft is only 700 words. the minimum is 1200. i need help in making it longer and better as the first few paragraphs arent that good. i also need someone to fix the grammar please, as english isnt my first language but im doing really good at it so far (on exams and stuff and i got 7/7 on my oral commentary) who is willing to edit and help?
  8. I have SL French and we're writing our first Preambule and I only sort of understand it. She told us it's basically an abstract to our writing, so like a rationale in Written Task 1 in English or the Abstract in the EE but is there a specific format, specific elements to be added...etc.? Please help, thank you!
  9. Hi, I've written a WT which is 930 words long (Rationale + Task itself). Is it inside the acceptable extent? Thanks!
  10. Version .ppt


    This breaks down what each type of texto escrito requires you to do. This was created by my teacher, an IB grader with a Masters in Spanish.
  11. My teacher is giving us ten days to write the draft of our Written Assignment for English HL!! I'm completely lost as to what it is. I have read the course syllabus but its very confusing for me to understand. Please explain to me (IN SIMPLEST TERMS), of what the Written Assignment is. What are the goals of it? What is the reflection? And also please explain any further very important details. I have already picked my book and have done the supervised in class assignment as well as the Interactive Oral for The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. PLEASE HELP ME!!
  12. Fellow IB'ers, For wednesday, I need to hand in my written task 1, part 2, language & mass communication. The written task has to be linked with the MTV documentary: "Merchants of Cool". If anyone has already done this similar task, can you please please please give me some great ideas what sort of written task I have to make. I was thinking about an "interview" with the director of the MTV switch documentary, but quite a lot of people already have this same idea. And I want it to be a bit authentic and original. Please, help me, if you have seen the documentary and have done the similar task already. Give me your ideas! Many thanks, Bye! Steijn
  13. I am going to write a Written Task type 2 on part 4 of the Language and Literature IB. It is going to be about the lyrical ballads by William Wordsworth, with the following question: How could the text be read and interpreted differently by two different readers? I am thinking about comparing the interpretation of a person in 2014 to someone in the industrial revolution. I just don't know if I have to pick one of the lyrical ballads, and then which one. And I also have difficulties creating a thesis for this question. I tried to find some other written tasks with the same question, but they don't seem to have a one sentence thesis... Please help me
  14. Hi, I am currently working on my HL written task (Task 2) for English. Since I have done my other WTs on Part 1,2,3 respectively, I have to work on Part 4 for this task. I plan to do "If the text had been written in a different time or place or language or for a different audience, how and why might it differ?" under Reader, culture and text and use poetry by Robert Frost. What I noticed from the IB guide is that the example questions for this question in the guide are all "an article", "a comic", "a literary work". My questions are, will it be ok if I include more than one comic with the same theme for this task? Also do you guys think my topic is workable? Thanks~!
  15. So, it's the night before my Written Assignment is due and I'm making final revisions to my paper. Is it graded on the 1-7 scale or by letter grade? If 1-7, what is the minimum score needed to achieve a 4?
  16. Guest

    Summer Assignment WT1

    I have a WT1 due in three days and I haven't started. I had to read the book Zaat by Sonallah Ibrahim. (This unusual and much lauded novel tells the story of the life of an Egyptian woman the eponymous Zaat during the regimes of three Egyptian presidents: Abdel Nasser, Sadat, and Mubarak. Imbued with an Egyptian sense of humor and deeply rooted in the culture and politics of the modern period, the novel takes a humorous but often black look at the changes that have occurred in Egypt over the past few decades. Zaat's life experiences and relationships are set against economic and social upheavals in a style that is both sophisticated and bawdy, highly ironic and often extremely poignant. Zaat's story is interspersed and illustrated with extracts from newspapers of the day headlines, articles, captions, death notices, advertisements reflecting events and incidents contemporary with her life. Beautifully put together with bitter and cutting irony, they tell of corruption, financial scandals, torture, foreign debt, and social problems. The heroine epitomizes the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of simple folk tossed about on the stormy sea of modernization, consumerism, and the ever-present mirage of new wealth. Zaat is a brilliant social commentary that provides keen insights into how Egypt has come to be the way it is today). While some of its ideas were amusing it was overall, confusing and not anywhere close to the culture that I understand. I have two options that I can write about: 1. Choose an episode from Zaat and place it in another setting. This setting can be in any city! Consider the idea that the literature unites us as human beings; although we are seperated by borders and geographical distances, are we really that different from one another? Common human experiences connect us to each other. 2. Imaginee that Zaat is working as a journalist for a feminist organization. What would she say and what type of writer would she be? Consider who her audience would be and what her message or intent might be. Write an essay that would be published in a newspaper. You decide what newspaper, what audience and what the content of her essay would be. Thus far I have decided on the second option but I am still skeptical and not sure what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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