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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, everyone, I'm a bit new to the forum so sorry if the post might be a bit complicated/unclear. I have a question supposed to get simple and nice/easy however it gets complicated sadly, about my IB choices... So first of all, I think I'm a really good student this year (I like to think), so my grades are decent (mostly As). The thing is, I'm really not sure of what I would like to do in the future, and this is causing problems in terms of choices for my IB subjects. The topics in which I am the most interested in general (after high school, as a potential degree or something) would be the following: Psychology, Business Management, Biology, Economics, Engineering. For the moment, in terms of my choices for the IB, I still have 9 subject choices open and need to cut down the options to 6!! Here are my options still left/which I think I'll take: French A Lang. & Lit SL English A Lit. SL Physics/Chemistry/Biology HL Economics/Psych/Business HL Mathematics HL Taking an extra subject (probs HL), no arts, so it would be an extra from the choices above. My school told me they would authorize me to take 4 HLs if needed at the beginning of the school year and then drop one if I want to, or not, depending on how I would feel about it. Sorry for the post being so long, but thanks for the help!! thanks for answering!! and thanks for reading!!
  2. Hey, everyone! I'm in IB1 right now and have my first ever presentation soon. Since its the first presentation of the year, we were given a research question by our ToK teacher, which is: How do different Ways of Knowing interact in the Area of Natural Science? My partner and I chose "reason" and "language" as our WOK's and I will be exploring reason, and the are of natural science is astronomy, specifically Newton's Law of Gravity. My question is, how in the world do I connect reason to Newton's Law of Gravity? Language seems pretty straight forward, but I just can't wrap my head around reason... Any, and every, help/advice is greatly appreciated in advance. Thanks x
  3. Hi everyone, I just got my letter of acceptance for the I.B program, which I will be attending next year for grade 9 (I'm going to be doing the french immersion program as well!!) I really want to start off on the right foot, so I was wondering if any of you had some tips you wished you had known going into the I.B program? I know it's a very difficult program to be in, but I really want to do well and succeed so I would really appreciate your help! Thanks!!! P.S, Thank you all so much for your advice and tips for I.B! I've been really freaking out lately about the program and you all helped so much. I will definitively be using all your tips to help me prepare for the program! Let the studying begin!!!
  4. Hello, I'm curious if anyone restarted the ibdp? I mean from the beginning for ex. after a year, half of the semester, etc. Because you didn't like the school, chosen wrong subjects or had poor marks. How do colleges treat that?
  5. Hello all , I am a student who is in IB2 and who has recently decided to take up HL Maths due to the fact that I believe I made a very wrong decision by taking SL Maths due to the fact that HL Maths is more or less required everywhere in the UK for engineering. The reason for this very bad decision was mainly due to the fact that I was encouraged to get as much points as possible not focus less on requirements for courses. I have now been told by the HL Mathematics teacher that I will have to sit a test on the 13th of October for Complex and Imaginary numbers and I will be able to join the HL class only and only if I attain something above a 4. May I please have some tips? I do feel sad that I have made this decision soo late into my life and it is quite overwhelming however I am trying to keep my mind on track. Aside from studying the content in the book and doing past papers are there any other tips you wonderful mathematicians may advise me ? PS: I have my mind up so please do not sway me from my decision for I have had to try and ignore enough of this already Thank you very much guy.
  6. Hey guys i just finished my first year of ib with a score of 31..... My subject are: psychology HL, Biology HL, Business management HL, maths SL, Spanish ab/initio, English SL. Not the hardest subjects in terms of trying to understand the theory. That year i obviously didnt work at all, and when i'd study i didnt give in my full effort, i proscastinated a ****load...... and i really didnt care although i knew it was important i just didnt bother i dont know why.. Now its august 20th and im sorta struggling with my extended essay. My parents were really pissed, and so now ive got to give all my effort for the 2nd year of ib. However will good grades, by good grades i mean like 36-39; will it make up for my ****ty first year?? and the thing is when i chose my ib subjects, i chose them in a really irrational way, so the combinations may not work however im sure there are courses revolving around my subjects.. If the effort to get good grades in the 2nd year wont make up for the 1st year then i have the option to not study the ib, and move to australia where my parents live, and there in australia most likely ill repeat a year and not do the i.b. but undergo the australian educational system in which i have no idea what it is... im 17 now.. and people in austarlia finish school at this age. i know i can do it it'll just take alot of commitment in the 2nd year which is the hardest thing, commitment. my grades: Bio HL- 4 Business mngment HL - 6 Psychology - 4 MAths SL - 5 English - 4 Spanish - 6 TOK - B = 2 bonus points during the mid year of my first year, i gotta 7 in business and a 6 in english i dont understand how that happened, oh well, but as i mentioned im didnt work at all that year... its really pissed me off now i gotta catch up and ****.
  7. Hello, i would like to ask people who know whether the detailed marks on each subject will be sent to the universities. Meaning that whether after the results are published they will receive a report with only e.g. 7 physics 7 economics 7 ... 2 extended essay tok or they will have a detailed view like : 7 economics hl percentage 79% or even more detailed like: economics hl 7/7 total 75% paper 1 78% paper 2 69% .... Thanks
  8. Hello everyone, I haven't been on here for a while, but now I need your thoughts on this. So i'm about to finish Year 12 and i'm not satisfied with my performance this year. I knew I could have been 10 points up ( yes 10 points) by having correct organization and not being in a catch up state constantly. Now, my results for the first two terms were 25/42. Which is unacceptable for me. I want to be getting 35 minimum and know I can get it. So I basically have two possibilities. 1) Work like one crazy mother****er from now until the exams in year 13. There is a very high chance I won't carry this out fully and will end up getting less than I should have. It is very possible for me to achieve a 35 on my final exam if only I kick my sorry ass for June, and the summer, and next year. 2) Start yr12 again next year, with previous knowledge of the IB functioning and what they ask for. Maybe even switching one subject around. I would have to face certain humiliation from a few people but that is the least of my worries. I think I would be able to attain 35+ if I choose this option. What do you think? Again, this is only discussion and I am taking no drastic measures for now.
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