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What are you procrastinating on?

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Procrastinating with my boyfriend we're revising anatomy for mock exams in January. OK? :P


Are you studying theoretically or practically?

Theoretically, I mean we are doing IB here with practical breaks for deeper understanding hahaha



Seriously :P

We do get quiet a lot of revision/work done together because we understand and both want to get into the same career - medicine. Shagging is great procrastination though...

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Hmmmmmmm let's see. Ahhhhhhh yes I'm procrastinating on ALL of my winter break homework but I still have two weeks so for now I'm good. Oh and studying for my psych exam in May.

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Winter break is almost over and Ive accomplished one thing annotating the Interpeter of Maladies

What I still have to do:

Chem assessment statements for chapter 5

Chem lab write up for a lab I dont get, at all

TOK project with an essay

TOK study guide

Time frame? I go back to school on Jan 3rd so not a lot of time.

Ugh curse you procrastination!

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- EE draft due on Monday!

- Chemistry design lab due on Monday!

- Studying for my Organics quiz on Monday!

- WL2 outline/draft for .. soon-ish

- catching up on reading chapters for ToK!

- uni applications :lc:

- scholarship applications

- studying for final exams in January :lc:

And of course instead of actually working I logged in here .. hmm ...

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