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starting the HOA IA

this is our 3rd year of IB.

2nd year of having IB year 2 people.

We're starting our IA's and with previous assesments I've had issues with teachers passing off topics I'm not allowed to do.

In general what are we NOT allowed to do?

I kinda want to do something with Asia. is that disallowed?

Also, our teacher is telling us we are allowed to use the topics last year's Year 2 student's topics...

I thought this would hav been a big no-no...

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which history syllabus are you studying first of all? you need your IA to be in one of the topics you cover. This is based on my knowledge from the history syllabus back in the day (may 2007 exams) I'm pretty sure not a lot has changed except adding middle eastern history as an option?

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AFAIK you are allowed to do whatever topic you want, a girl in my class did something in ancient history even though we are doing 19th/20th century Europe.

Having said that, I think that it is recommended you do a topic related to what you are studying in class as this will help you in the exams.

So yes you can do your IA on Asia, although it would probably be easier to do something that you are studying as part of the course.

I am not sure about re-using topics, but I would have thought that that would be a bad idea :S

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I'm in History of the Americas, route 2 peacemaking.

Most of the topic options that have been given out pertain to some war.

I'm not really a fan of war.

I tend to analyze peoople (in books, anyways)

I wanted to do "were the 1960's constructive or destructive" but she said it was too broad...

I'm going to pick one aspect of the 60's, i guess...

I kinda wanna do something with Russia. except I know nothing about it.

I can't find anything that could be phrased "To what extent did..."

Ironically enough, I kinda wanna do something maybe with Stalin and his effect on the Russian music.

"How did Stalin impact/influence Russian "classical" music"?

Is that still a history topic?

new topic: To what extent was racial prejudice the most contributing factor to Japanese Internment in America?

Is there a less awkward way of wording that?

We are starting our summaries of evidence and I'm lost.

How should I go about doing this?

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