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Ivan Denisovich - Key Passage Analysis

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Hello all, for my first major assignment in English A1 HL, I have to do a practice IOP that is also a key passage analysis of a book I read this summer, namely One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn and would like some feedback of what I have so far. I decided to prepare for the presentation by writing a key passage analysis essay, which I have attached, and then reworking it into an oral format. I was wondering if the essay is competent because I showed it to my teacher and he said that I need to add more support for some of the claims I make about what happens in the passage relating to the rest of the novel. To be honest, I'm wondering if this passage works (it's the one where Shukhov goes to the dispensary and gives some insight into how he thinks and introduces the second narrator the author uses) as a key passage because I seem to be hard pressed to find passages that are key to plot development since the book is written in a unique way. Thanks in advance for all help and please note that I wrote the essay in one night and it is a really rough first draft. :P

Ivan Denisovich KPA.docx

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