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ESS Car carbon footprint lab help!

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I was assigned an ESS IA which deals with cars their impacts on environment, carbon footprint etc...

The problem is:

My school is in need of a new car and itt is used for school business such as picking up important visitors from the airport, drive staff to local appointments outside of school and available for use by the Head of School. On occasion it has been used in off-road conditions such as scouting out new field trip opportunities.

The new vehicle needs to meet the following requirements/features listed below and be the most environmental model available.


• Seat 6-7 people (at least 4 doors)

• Flexible seating (able to remove seats to increase/decrease luggage area/seating)

• Separate access to luggage compartment/area at back of car

• Comfortable (enough head space) for tall people

• 4 wheel drive but will be doing mostly city driving (40-60 km/hr)

• Fuel efficiency - Consider hybrid, electric, hydrogen, biofuel, or juse t good fuel efficiency (gasoline)

In addition to collecting and tabulating the above data you should also consider the following:

• Transport distance - Distance from where it is made to here in Vietnam

• Life of the vehicle - the longer the vehicle can run without any major repair, the smaller the replacement carbon footprint.

I already have my cars but I have no idea how to find information about carbon dioxide emission in the following:

1. Manufacturing

2. Transport (to market)

3. Use

4. Life of the car (Warrantee)

5. Disposal/recycling (includes transport from market)

The file is attached here, please help me! This is due in a few days :blink:

Edited by Mahuta ♥
Attached document removed, never put your work online before it's graded!!

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