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extended essay

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im doing mine on italian, im thinking "how to learn italian for beginners"

to brief to stupid?

everyone else is doing theres on a history base question but i want to go furthur

any ideas, or what did/are doing yours on


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Sorry, I'm a little confused. Are you doing your essay in Italian or in History? If the former, it might be better to look at aspects of the Italian culture. If the latter, learning Italian for Beginners is probably not such a good idea... it doesn't seem particularly historical for one, and it's not original either: there are thousands of courses and books and teachers that are teaching italian for beginners.

Two links that might help you devise a suitable (wow, I hate that word. sounds officious) topic.

If you're focusing on history, try to pick a historical event that you are connected to in an unusual way (we are all connected to WWII, but I'm connected more intimately than a non-Hungarian to the uprising of '56). Maybe connect it to your nationality or hometown/region? You will need to justify the topic's importance and relevance when you're writing it, so think about that as well.

Feel free to ask here if you have any more questions.

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