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Tok essay HELP!

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Hello there fellow cyber space peeps

I really need some help on my TOK essay. I have no idea what to do and my teacher just said the due date and then left it at that.

The question that I am looking at is 'To what extent is faith a legitimate basis for knowledge claims in religion and different Areas of Knowledge?'

I am completely lost could anyone or someone please help me


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Check the link given at the top to see if you can find that title, just find out what exam session it was prescribed for.

If not, then you have to do what everyone else did, we didn't get any help our teacher did exactly like your teacher did.

What you have to do is sit down and right down all the things you understand from that topic.

Then identify the areas of TOK it's dealing with and read TOK books, you could also search through philosophy websites, we used those quite a lot.

We have noway of helping you this way. Right down all the ideas of this title and the TOK areas like I said. Once you do that, come ask for opinions from other IBers here. We will be happy to help you. :P

It's much easier to help you when we see you actually tried to understand. :P

Good luck!

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