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TOK presentation's knowledge issues

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Me and my group want to do a topic on the perception of beauty

I don't know if we should add this to the end of the sentence: "and the cultural (and/or biological) ramifications"

to make the topic: The perception of beauty across time and the cultural (and/or biological)ramifications of it.

Can any one advise me whether to include the last part of the topic, and if so, should I do both cultural and biological ramifications, or one, and if so, which one over the other and why.

And we haven't come up with knowledge issues yet (or anything really), but we're thinking about how emotion and perception define beauty (ie/ different people see beauty in different ways)...

any other knowledge issues?

Also to connect it to other areas of knowledge, we're thinking of in the arts (obviously) perception and emotion changes the view of the art piece, and, a bit more abstract, would be how in science, different people understand methods/ideas in different ways (some prefer notes, some videos, some pictures, some a mixture, some it has to be colorful, etc...) and in math, there are different methods of solving the question, and you choose which method you find easier,

and basically all these situations, you are using perception, emotion (and reason) to define the best "thing" (ie/ art piece, learning ability, method, etc)

Anyways any help on this topic will be greatly appreciated. Please help with this creating more knowledge issues, and evaluating our effectiveness of the connecting areas of knowledge.

And since apparently we need to start with a real life situation, which leads to knowledge issues, we are going to find a news video about someone (most likely a girl :P) who ...did something bad to herself... because she didn't fit the definition of beauty portrayed in the media.

i think this a great video to use........... :)

Anyways please help, we need to hand in our presentation proposals after the weekend.

And to all you Canadians out there, HAPPY THANKSGIVING :)

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Don't capitalize whole sentences

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